News — December 9, 2007


20071209150028imran_qazi_nawaz_203.jpgAPDM fails to reach a consensus on election’s bycott. BBC reporting PML(N) has decided to contest polls . Earlier The News reported.

The APDM meeting held at the residence of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif concluded without reaching any conclusion regarding their participation in the upcoming elections.

Nawaz Sharif was chairing the meeting of an alliance of 33 opposition parties and political groups in the Lahore Sunday evening to decide whether to boycott Pakistan’s Jan 8 parliamentary polls.

However, they were unable to agree on whether to demand that around 60 Supreme Court and high court judges that Musharraf sacked last month be immediately reinstated.

Qazi Hussain Ahmed and Imran Khan maintained their stance to boycott the forthcoming elections and stressed that there would be no use of participating in the elections without restoration of judiciary and lifting of emergency in the country.

However, PML (N) leader Raja Zafarul Haq said after the meeting that the APDM would continue to remain in the country.

Earlier in the meeting, most of the participating political parties gave arguments in favour of taking part in the elections.