Featured Articles — February 4, 2008


fiber.jpgIranian bourse was delayed due to Internet blackout in Iran, as the 4th international fiber mysteriously snapped. The Iranian bourse, which was scheduled to be launched in the first week of February, would have caused damage to already weakening dollars. Ships at Egypt were originally blamed for the cable damage, but the satellite imaging evidence showed that no ship was present at the time and location of cable cut.

The cable cut has reported to affect both Pakistani neighbors India and Iran, but has left Pakistan unaffected due to the extra link installed in recent years.

Digg Reports:

A full explanation of the Iranian Oil Bourse and how it will DESTROY the US economy and crash the US currency.

Hence all the talk about attacking Iran and why Bush went to Israel to possibly get them to attack Iran. Well, Russia stated about 2 weeks ago that they would nuke anyone who attacked their allies, which Iran happens to be. So that took that whole idea of a straight attack on Iran off the table.

Hence the reason they are now chopping the fiber optic lines the week the Iranian Oil Bourse was to go live. They are trying to buy as much time as possible because the Bourse would have instantly crashed our economy.

Now since the traffic is being re-routed through the US, they are probably trying to infiltrate that bourse and hack it so they can bring it down at a later date.


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