March 15, 2009

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Interviews of Imran Khan and Qazi Hussain Ahmad. (Video_Normalized)


  1. life says:

    Jackals will definately exploit this movement for justice and peace in to chaos!!
    I am from Sindh and I am for Long March target, for the happy and prosperious Pakistan. A Pakistan that we dreamt for.

    Just compare the two:
    1. Zardari+Altaf+QLeague
    2. Imran+Qazi+Lawyers

    Do we still need a magic mirror?

    wake up time!

  2. Anti Jahal awam says:

    @ life

    I live abroad orignally from Islamabad. Its really hard for me to beleive that people of Sindh have support and respect for MQM, obviously apart from support extended on gun point by the MQM terrorists.

    Most of us, actually all of us, think of MQM as a terrorist party, whose politics revolve around force and corceion. Most of us see them as a pack of oppurtunists who have always exploited the oppurtunity with their racist coments and Sindh card, have access to funds through organised rounds of ”bhatas” and least to mention Raw – indian intelligence.

    Irony is that Musharraf offered full support in his time for all the notorious reasons.

    Why sindh is hostage to these crimnals.

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