March 16, 2009

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Speech of Prime Minister performed by Talat Hussain of AAJ TV. (Video_Normalized)


  1. Kamran Anjum says:

    MASHALLAH. Qaum ko Mubarak ho bohat bohat. Ab dua ye he ye faisal khalos e niyat say kiya gaya ho. Or baki jo do number judge bherti kiyaya gaey hen unhain hi farigh kia jaeay.

  2. Usman Latif says:

    If this is true – I congratulate the whole nation and especially the zinda-dilan-e-Lahore and all those who stood by their principles for the restoration of judiciary.

    The revolution has just begun…

    Pakistan Zindabad

  3. freemason says:

    PM proved to be impotent….Shaaaame…..Shaaaame….. Didn’t lift the governor’s rule and didn’t kick out the jiyala judges, didn’t say a word about 17th amendment….Shaaaame….Shaaaame…

  4. Kamran Anjum says:

    I must say this is by no means over. The real struggle has begun today. We have to promise with ALLAH and ourselves and that we will start doing our own ehtasaaab and always stood by the principals even if our own self is at loss.

    As this is the only way we can succeed not only in this world but in the day of judgement as well.

  5. Views on News says:

    it was not a clear and impresive address o
    f PM.he didnt clear that he restore the judges acording to 2 nov 2007.V disappointed.Zardari nai phir aik goli dai di pori quam ko,,,bohat khoobbbbb.

  6. maestrodta says:

    I’ve to say just one thing I always love talat hussain professional approach toward all the matters but this time i think he stole PM’s thunder it was not the right thing to do, he could have just announced that it is confirmed that CJ is restored but should’nt have read his speech the poor PM is allready always under of a lot pressure because of that AISF ZARDARI URF GANDI BARAF BARI. This could have been PM historic moment of his life i personally think talat should have avoided reading the whole speech no offence to his anchor ship.

  7. afzaalkhan says:


    Agreed, but then PMO is stupid to release the whole speech wth so unprofessional. Thats said Talat shouldnt have done that and media has to clearly set some guidelines.

  8. hariskhan says:


    As per my understanding, the long march failed YET AGAIN. We became fools yet again.

    As per my understanding, the judges haven’t been restored. The PM’s speech mentions that Iftikhar Chowdhry will ‘start’ working as Chief Justice AFTER!! Dogar sb. ‘s term expires. This essentially means that the government has won in its campaign. The public, the political parties and the lawyers movement was met with defeat yet again.

    They have not ‘restored’ the CJ. They have given him a ‘new appointment’.

    This was NOT the kind of restoration I was hoping for.

    A band of outlaws who are governing the nation, has restored the ‘constitutional’ judges.

    – Can this happen?
    – Will the CJ not open cases against those in the government who have alot of cases against them?
    – Will the band of criminals in the government be EVER tried in courts?
    – Will the band of criminals in the government EVER be punished for their past acts?
    – Has impartial justice been restored?

    I say no, it hasn’t been. There must’v been a deal under the table, YET AGAIN!

    Only time will tell

    I personally feel, the band of criminals has again defeated the ‘good guys’ and yet again outlawed the masses.

    As my friend says, ‘Pakistan is nothing but a horde of fools’. In my opinion we have yet again proven THIS statement.

    Dua goh’

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