Featured Articles — April 19, 2009



I am doing a story regarding illegal allotment of plots to some journalists by the federal government. For this I called Nazir Naji yesterday (Friday – 17th April 2009) to take his version. Afterwards he called me back two times and abused and threatened me in the words I never heard in my life. plz see his real face

Attached are the three audio recordings.

1st is my call to senior columnist Nazir for taking his version on illegal plot allotement to him in Islamabad despite the fact he already got plots in Lahore.

2nd and 3rd are the audio recordings in which Nazir Naji called me and threatened and abused in a languge I never heard through out my life. Please hear this and tell your viewers about the real face of these “intellectuals”.


Ahmad Noorani

Nazir Naji Audio – 1:

Nazir Naji Audio – 2:

Nazir Naji Audio – 3:

Download Audio Files: Audio 1 | Audio 2 | Audio 3