Featured Articles — May 13, 2009


Dear Visitors,

Government of Punjab has requested to get input from PkPolitics visitors in their campaign to get suggestions for the issue of ‘Nigraan Committees’ as discussed below. It has been advertised in all main Newspapers as well.

Government of Punjab has decided to trasnform THANA culture for resolving problems and ensuring safety of life and property of citizens as per Policy to eliminate corruption and injustice from Police Stations/Thana.

For this, “Nigraan Committees” are being formed throughout the province at Thana Level.

Step forward to contribute to the setting up of these committees through your solid and meaningful proposals on these issues:

- Eligibility for the membership of the committees.
– The method of selection of members.
– How to make these committees proactive and useful.
– Suitable and meaningful title of the committees.

PKP will forward your proposals and suggestion to Government of Punjab. You can share your opinion till 16th May 2009, or you can email to suggestionsthanaculture@gmail.com

Note: Irrelevant comments will be deleted immediately.