May 27, 2009

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Nusrat Javed and Mushtaq Minhas brings today’s episode of Bolta Pakistan.


  1. Kashif says:

    MM is such a medicore stupid journalist. When SL team was attacked he demanded Salman Taseer’s resignation. Thank God today he didn’t demand Shahbaz Sharif’s resignation. Instead he is bent upon Pervez Rathor’s resignation who is probably police chief of Lahore. NJ is right the mess that we are dealing with that MM & co, IK & co have promoted can not be fixed by any individual’s resignation.

    If suicide bombers have 100 kg explosive and 3 gunmen to take suicide bomber to the target there is not much police can do. Ofcourse they could have stopped through before hand intelligence but once Taliban fidaheens were there it was very difficult for anyone to stop them. Police partially succeeded by forcing suicide bomber to change his direction at the 11th hour.

    Instead of spending an hour bashing police they should have bashed Talibans and militants. Media should build anti rebels wave who detonated bomb not just against police.

  2. Muhammad Usman says:

    Mushtaq Minhoos is worst kind of Tang nazar, jamatia mentality jounalist.

    Although Sharifs are from a relaively conseravative family( i would say no fundamnetalist, loves music) were no spared by manhoos on nwaz interview, This guy was looking like eating nawaz and said AUR kasmir ko bho jayen, without even listening to his complete answer.

    Now coming ot rathore pervaiz, i believe is a good officer. This idiot manhoos dont understand this is no ordinary situation and tactics are entirely different, but kept on talking rubbish.

    Guys like mushataq are real culprits who want to give space to to fanatics.

    He cannot even understan BHANGRA. This has nothing to do with religion. Dont we have some cultural values. These idiots dont want to give sapce to ordinary man to relax and enjoy.

    Give our police, rangers, army confidence to m hunt these animals.
    Stop politician bashing. Worry about country.
    Talibs ki aaj ki statement bhi sazish ha . Manhoos ko wazirstan me iski rohani leader ke pas bhej do.

    This is open war.
    We ahve to win this. No other option

  3. anna says:

    MM is 100% right … whenever there is some Mishap , a Responsibility must be put on & there should be someone or some authority who is Responsible ……..this some one /authority ,who is responsible of that disaster either …INEFFICIENT or
    CORRUPT & Nothing else.
    So find out who is Resposible ??
    Either he or that Institution is Corrupt or
    Plz. instead of giving Name to some one eg Manhoos etc etc give some Solid reasons.thank u…

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