June 28, 2009

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Watch another episode of Najam Sethi London Special with MQM Quaid Altaf Hussain.


  1. iEscape says:

    الطاف حسین کی حلیم

    میرے ہاتھوں کی حلیم بہت آسان ھے. چار کلو تعصّب اور دس کلو بھتہ کو تھوڑی سی جرنیلی خوشامد کے ساتھ ملا کر تیز دہشت گردی کی آنچ پر خفیف سی دھاندلی کے ساتھ ہلاتے جایں.پھر کراچی کے کسی بھی تفریحی پارک پر قبضہ کیے گۓ پلاٹوں میں تشریف فرما کر گرما گرم حلیم اپنے ہی حواریوں کو پیش کیجئے. اگر راس آ جاۓ تو بخدا متوسط طبکے کو ایلیٹ حکمرانوں میں تبدیل کر دے. اگر جل جاۓ تو صوبائی محرومیت کا رونا رو کر اگلے آمر کا انتظار فرمائیے

    – الطاف حسین


    Altaf Hussian’s simple recipe of Haleem pkPolitics

    Mix four kilo of racism and ten kilo of extortion with a light infantry nose browning. Stir it with some gentle rigging on the heat of terrorism. By God, this recipie has a magic of morphing the middle class into ruling elites. If it does not work, complain about the provincial autonomy and wait for the next dictator.

  2. junaid sheikh says:

    Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry sahab, Nawaz Sharif Sahab kay raastay khol rahay hain???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Yeh to hona hi tha.

  3. fareed says:

    This mafia head should not be given any coverage. But according to talat hussain this najam sethi is also the part of musharraf’s beneficiaries and is always found tun in Lahore and Islamabad’s RANGEEN nights.

  4. saname says:

    I dont know how to comment really. I dont know where the repute of Najam sethi will lead him. I dont want to say anything about Altaf Hussain because he is just one of the many leaders of this country who have their own way of politics. But what about a journalist who is being exposed so much. So far he has been hidden behind his editorials but now being exposed so much. He is trying to counter the likes of Hamid meer, talat hussain, kashif abbasi, ansar abbasi, shahid masood and many others who have been brave enough to speak to the leaders with eye into the eyes. Its good for the people to know the likes of Najam sethi, nazir naji and shami and abbas athar via electronic media. Its not just the jageerdars and the industrialists and land and drug mafia but also a mafia in the media which has played a devastating role over last 62 years in this country. Its really good to know these people.
    Through editorials the above mentioned people have been trying to twist the situations in the past but they cant hide everything from the eyes of the camera. More all the leaders and the journalists and the anchors come to tv shows , more the people know about them.
    The irony is that these journalists can ridicule the judiciary but in turn judiciary cant come to tv and answer the deeds of these journalists in the past and present. This Najam sethi and his tem was against the restoration of the judiciary. This was a movement where majority of the good people were with the judiciary but still you find such people who want the status quo and dont wish judiciary succeeds. I agree however that the judiciary should open its doors to the poor people like its doing for the big leaders ( so far sharifs have got all the good, it needs to come down to the poor also ). I hope it will. I dont doubt it because if not, the people who helped restore the judiciary will take on the judiciary as well. Similarly the people will take on to the journalists and the leaders as well. Quite interestingly these guys have not talked a lot about Imran khan in the show. Why?
    I am astonished how polite, apologetic and thanda is najam sethi in interviews with Altaf and Musharraf. There was a time when I used to like Najam sethi but for last 4 or 5 years I have had a different point of view about him.
    I just cannot hide my views against the media men in Pakistan, I mean the old media men who have got all the benefits from blackmailing and lobbying. Its not just politicians who benefit by conniving with the army but the journalists as well. Who will expose them. Media is to catch everyone, politicians, army generals after they retire, civil servants but who is there to catch the media men. There has to be accountability in this profession as well. Like politicians these guys have their vested interests as well. The younger lot will take over. The status quo is the combination of politicians, army generals, civil servants, journailts and the small elite in Pakistan. Obviously every group has to be broken by the newer lot and more honest lot in it. I mean the more honest politicians, more honest generals, more honest civil servants, more honest journalists have to rise agaisnt their more corrupt elders.
    Its not just screening of politicians. May be we have some politicians who are speaking bravely about the other in various parties, one party anatgonising the other. But where is the group of journalists who will break their status quo in media?
    I think the time will come only when the people will be cheated and cheated to the maximum. I think people can still sustain cheating a bit more. Still there is a room for them to bear the satus quo. When they will reach their limits, they will rise. The media is much better now, but when it comes to breaking the status quo in media, it has not reached that spot and thats why still morons are still there. The only community so far which has broken the status quo is the lawyers community. When the media breaks its status quo, politicians their status quo and the army its own and the civil service its own and most of all the common people break the status quo of their mind, the change will happen.

  5. maxpk says:

    lolzzzzzzz iski bhi taraqqi ho gai hai ab yeh altaf churan wala say altaf haleem wala ho gaya hai.لو اس كی بھی ترقی ھو گی اب یہ الطاف بھای چورن والا سے الطاف بھای حلیم والا ھو گیا ھے

  6. conscious says:

    beyound comprehension, what this interview was about, neither this one or the day earlier wisth shaukat aziz.

    Altaf thinks creating pakistan was mistak. he should see the conditions of muslims there in india how the are called dallits there. low cast shooders.

    they do all the dirty work in india.

    Altaf hussain was born bastard , created by isi, and he will die as such, bastard.

  7. pak_78626 says:

    najam sethi this ur third consective interview and all three bored, dull, third class interview from third class persons and full TC program.

    WHAT can I say about this valture, donke**y, marasi, just three words for him F…O…Y .. kalia dacoo

  8. SaleemAhemd says:

    I bet most of you haven’t seen the interview because hate is an all-too powerful motivator. Najam Sethi was quite good and Altaf Bhai replied brilliantly.

  9. Saeed Afzal says:

    @iEscape & rafay79

    But the same ‘haleem’ was also presented by Altaf Hussain to Zardari last month on 6th May in London, when Zardari gave a bouquet of flowers to Altaf Hussain and touched his feet and apoligised from him for calling MQM as being the baby of Gen Zia.

    Also Asfandyar Wali gave the same ‘haleem’ with some Peshawari Chapli Kebab to Zardari and told him that Zardari will get more haleem if He does not construct the Kala Bagh Dam.

    Gen Kiyani will also be getting some more ‘Haleem’ from Taliban, as only today(28 June), some 13 Army Jawans lost their lives alongwith a an Army Officer.

    I think the time has come that Gen Kiyani should give some really garm garm haleem to Zardari.

  10. Kashif says:

    Najam Sethi after all those years of tough journalism has evolved into Larry King. In the midst of all light gossip he throws couple of tough questions but do not back those with any kind of cross questions. This approach has earned Larry King over 50000 interviews with all kind of celeberities in 40+ years. Najam Sethi is also able to interview Mushraaf, Shauket Aziz, Altaf Hussein, Zardari, Nawaz Sharif following same recipe.

    I won’t call this conversation as an interview at best it was political gossip. He did ask him about 12th May, speech in India and latest terrorism but w/o any follow up question. After haleem receipe when Najam Sethi asked Altaf “Bahi”‘s permission for couple of tough question I riased my expectations. But I waited till end for those bouncers but it was like Shohaib Malik bowling to Symonds. Its my fault I should not have expected bouners from Shohaib Malik.

    Nadia Khan or Atika Ohudoh could have taken better interview atleast they could have asked whered id you go for one month retreat? What did you do there? etc etc. Mr. Sethi even couldn’t ask that …

  11. Bawa says:

    @ SaleemAhemd said:

    Altaf Bhai replied brilliantly.

    Shukar karo Altaf bhai ne kahin talian bajani shuru nahin kar dain. TA TA TA TA

    شکر کرو کہیں الطاف بھائی نے تالیاں بجانی شرو نہیں کر دیں تا تا تا تا تا تا

  12. Bawa says:

    Brand New drama:

    Quaid-i-Azam’s relatives visiting Islamabad

    ISLAMABAD: The relatives of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Aslam Jinnah and his family, arrived here on Sunday.

    Monday, June 29, 2009

    Chairman Pakistan Baitul Mal Zamurd Khan and a large number of people belonging to different walks of life received the Quaid’s relatives warmly at the Benazir International Airport. Aslam Jinnah, a close relative of the Quaid-i-Azam, while talking to the media at the airport, paid rich tributes to the sacrifices of former prime minister and slain PPP chairperson Benazir Bhutto for the country.

    “She is still alive and lives in our hearts and minds,” he remarked. He urged the Pakistani nation to come forward and play their important role for the progress and prosperity of the Islamic republic.

    Aslam Jinnah said that the credit of his visit to Islamabad went to the Pakistan Baitul Mal, which had made his visit possible. Aslam Jinnah, his wife and daughter have come to the federal capital for the first time in their lives. They are likely to meet President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani during their short stay in the country.

  13. muhammad adnan says:

    karachi votes for MQM.. so people should respect our vote. U guys sound like extreme hypocrites; one hand jamhooryat jamhoooryat… on the other humiliating the mandate of biggest city of paksitan. tat why i say pksitani doesnt deserve democray.. we want general president musharraf back.. long live president musharraf

  14. Kashif says:

    @muhammad adnan

    I respect MQM for promoting middle class leadership and I believe most of us here ‘d appreciate that. I can’t say about JI followers since you guys took over Karachi from them so they may not commend anything of MQM.

    But please tell me how can we or even you support of defend MQM’s militancy? I am baffeled how people of Karachi are voting for MQM consistently despite their militancy. Could you please explain why MQM gets all this mandate?

  15. Munir Solangi says:

    Najam Sethi you are a failed politician and failed TV journalist.You became minister in 1996 for three months and you will not continue your show more than 3 months.You know why?Your mentor is Musharraf and Salman Taseer.Your financer is Zardari.Your master is Obama.Dunyya TV will request you soon “hamari jaan chor do”.

    You cannot become a TV journalist without any experience and training.You cannot compete Hamid Mir,Iftikhar Ahmad,Kashif Abbasi and Talat Hussain.They are far better than you.

    You have no technique how to ask questions,how to take breaks and how to conclude the show.You just say Heeehaaaheeehaaaa—-sir–sir—acha ji—–wah sir wah.Is this your standard?

    What is this?The important thing is your intensions.You are just trying to make PR.

    You first did PR interview with Zardari,then Musharraf,then Shuaki Aziz and now Altaf Hussain.I live in Karachi and i challenge that if a fair election will be held in Karachi MQM will not take more than 5 seats.

    Why you never ask any question about MQM gunda gardi with media?

    I am sure that PM Gillani will not give you interview.I bet.

  16. Deltaforce says:

    Najam Sethi till one time used to be a good journalist but since he has joined Salman tasser Media Group and worked for Daily Times, he has left behind all norms of impartial journalism and now acts as a personal servant of Punjab’s silly and idiot governor named Salman BaiTaseer

  17. areeza says:

    @ Munir Solangi

    what happened today at punjab assembly “Ghunda gardi by PMLN” all parties are doing this by some other means. Shame on PMLN.

    Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor then threw budget proposal scripts at the female opposition leaders which further contributed to the heated environment and the opposition and govt leaders burst into a physical fight.


    this always happens when party ticket were given to those who can give lots of money (jageeradars, sardars, waderas).

  18. muhammad adnan says:

    we can debate for ages about mqm doing militancy and pml(n) doing discrimination against rest of provinces.. quota system provincial autonomy nfc award surplus budget for punjab….. im not a big mqm supporter.. i relatively vote for it amngst PML(N) and PPP.. but i am a big supportter of geenral musharraf and want him back or wil support any one who he will support… sharif brothers are the true leaders of punjab but not sindh balochistan nwfp… they shud be happy enuff to be CM of punjab.. but they dont represent paksitan…..infact they r too biased…

  19. muhammad adnan says:

    solution is more provinces; provincial autonomy, let provinces decide it affairs and then we can have sharif brothers at the top dealing in national affairs… if there is no provincial autonomy..we cant accept sharif bros, or ppp or any otehr party in federal govt…

  20. Munir Solangi says:


    I agree Ghafoor minister of pml-n must be sacked but is there any connection between Najam Sethi and pml-n?

    Najam Sethi declared Pakistan a failed state in 1999 in India but Pakistan is still working.

    Najam Sethi was part of Armed struggle against Pak Army in 1975 with Ahmad Rashid.Both of them became informers of Pak Army and all Baluch rebels were arrested.

    Najam Sethi is a former terrorist and now a MEDIA TERRORIST who is proxy of America in Pakistan.

  21. Bawa says:

    @ muhammad adnan
    karachi votes for MQM.. so people should respect our vote. Paksitani doesnt deserve democray.. we want general president musharraf back.. long live president musharraf.

    Your writings shows how democtratic you are? You are the supporter of same dancer musharraf who sold Pakistan for few $$$$ and same Altaf Hussain who says creation of Pakistan was a mistake. Shame on YOU if your parents and grandparents were Muhajira.


  22. syed1508 says:

    Some of our nationals are so jelous and mean mentality that they have no brain and heart to tolerate any other leader except from their province. This is the biggest problem for Pakistanis and due to which we are one of the worst nation on the earth.
    We all know that all political parties have GHUNDAS, CRIMINALS and LOTAS and they had done worst damage with Pakistan before MQM was born.
    We have people who established Jihadis factory and we are seeing the result now in the shape of Taliban. But we are blind to see those people because they are our people.
    We know the people who caused the separation of East Pakistan and our blind eyes are unable to see them and never held accountable to those people.
    It is very important for us that we do our own cleansing of brain and heart and accept each other as Pakistani like other nations live together.
    Mohammad Ali Durrani has proposed creating for 16 provinces which is a good idea and the servival of Pakistan rest on it. We all should support and educate others about having more provinces.
    We all have done enough damage to this country, now it is time we should talk wisely and for the benefit of Pakistanis only.

  23. bebus says:


    I agree 100% with you. We are really a blind and stupid nation. Look how people on this forum are supporting and patronizing Killer Talibans. I think that with people having such stupid thinking do not need any enemy.

  24. Kashif says:

    @muhammad adnan

    And why ‘d you want Musharaaf back? What good did he do in his eight years. He promised accountability but used that to get support of chaudhrys. He promised restructuring gov to deliver more efficiently by spreading authority at lower levels but failed. Militants grew under his watch. He messed up constitution like Zia, The list goes on and on… Plez present some arguments in his favor.

  25. Bawa says:


    اگرپاکستان کا قیام غلطی تھا تو الطاف کالیا کے بڑھے پاکستان میں ام لینے آ ے تھے

  26. United We Istand

    By: Hakim Hazik

    From the United Secretariat,

    Istation Road,

    Near Edgware Road Tube Istation,

    London, England

    I cannot under istand this. We have called or the destruction of Taliban. We have asked the army action to be istarted. We have called meetings of top Maulanas, who can certify that Talibans are enemies of Islam and can give fatwas for their islaughter. We have been the only secular, liberal party who believes in fireedom. Fireedom of belief, fireedom of ispeach, fireedom for wee men to work and tiravel.

    We have fully isported the pirotection of our Pakhtun birathers and sisters. This has meant that our birathers and sisters had to leave home. But this does not mean that they come istraight to Kiranchi, and istart living in houses made of birick and mortar. This would be against their culture. How can we accept that our Pakhtoon birathers and sisters live in continuous distress, by having a concrete roof over their head? Their health would suffer. They should live in tents. Their fireedom and their health is best pirotected if they live in ispecially made ghettos. Where they can isleep on the giround, and be close to the Mother Earth. Where they can defecate happily in the gireat outdoors. Where they can dirink water filavoured with raw sewage.

    All these measures are essential to sustain their morale, maintain their health and to pirovide them istrength and hope, so that they can fight the peril of Taliban facing the nation.

    This means, that every patriatic Pakistani has to do his best to help. The birave peepil of Muttahidda nation are helping by setting buses on fire and converting the passengers to high quality seasoned charcoal. This task takes outistanding devotion and self sacrifice, but we will do this deevti to serve and pirotect the national interest.

    When my father first arrived in Kiranchi firam Agra, he was treated very shabbily. The peepil of Sind pirovided him with means to live. They pirovided him with a roof over his head. This was an act of unispeakable birutality. I grew up in the Ibne Sina Lines in the Federal B area. My family will bear the iscars for as long as we live. My father died a biroken man. I will not let this happen to our Pakhtun birathers and sisters. I will ensure that they live and die in tents in their own piravince or in the Punjab.

    When I first arrived in this country, I also wanted to live in a tent. The Home Affice did not allow this. They insisted that I live in a house, with running water and central heating. They insisted that Biratain is an easy touch. Pilease take this weekly allowance. They insisted that Biratain is an orphanage for the world. Pilease take a Biritish passport. I istill feel tiraumatised because of this tireatment. This has affected my health. I have to wear dark gilasses, as I can hardly see. I have lost my ispeach. I can only ispeak through the phone. I do not want this to happen to my Pakhtoon brathers and sisters.

    Therefore I isport the istrike. We istand united.


  27. Babo says:

    To admin
    Its good you stop this interview, its not worth watching at all, it was raising blood pressure. I never saw such a third class and big chamcha anchorperson. It seem to me that he was hired by these three guys. Najam sab now take rest for rest of your life and enjoy the bribe money, your carrier is gone under the drain. How you dare to interview such a person who call the creation of pakistan a sin. Najam sab don`t make the nation fool, even kids knew about kalia past and present ghundaghardi. My karachi brothers are very innocents, they are being made fool by kalia, rullinb over them from paradise. If he (kalia) loves his follwers, he should like other politician come to Karachi and set amongst them, and tast the hell… never.. he is a majnoon of milk. At the end I will request to Najam sab to say good by to his profession its not suit you.

  28. gengiz says:

    I am amazed at the hate driven comments. And doubly amazed at the use of unparliamentary language of Mr. Bawa and Co. Mr. Bawa you have not been specific though, except just (galifying) abusing. I think first you should go and take a shower. Cool down. Relax. Then read the history of the struggle of Pakistan. I suggest you read these three books:

    1. Legend and Reality by Seervai published by Army Press Rawalpindi which a book on Qaed e Azam
    2. Jinnah of Pakistan by Stanley Wolpert
    3. India wins freedom by Abul Kalam Azad

    You will come to know a few facts.

    1. Pakistan was made the moment Nehru went back on The Cabinet Mission Plan that gave excellent terms to Muslims of The Subcontinent. Nehru could not take it, as for the first time in a thousand years power was coming in the hand of Hindus. By accepting it he was accepting Muslim supremacy. This comes out amply clearly in all the three books.

    2. When did Qaed e Azam for the first time ever mention the word Pakistan publicly? It was in Madras, that could not have been in the wildest imagination a part of Paksitan. On the way he had gotten so weak that he fell down in the train compartment. Read all about it in Jinnah of Pakistan by Stanley Wolpert.

    3. Qaed e Azam all his life struggled to give rights to Muslims of The subcontinent. He won the country also for The Muslims of The Subcontinent. There is not a single mention if it was made for any tribe of The Subcontinent or any region of it. All books testify to this. It was made only and only for Muslims of the subcontinent. Period.

    Why he never wanted it right till the end until Nehru imposed it on him? Because he knew full well that the Muslim force would be divided into three bits of West Pakistan, East Pakistan and Muslims of India, instead of one solid force. They would be weakened enormously and the worst looser would be the Muslims remaining in India. Now today there are 36% deprived Muslims in India. Now let us do some calculation.

    Pakistan 160 million Muslims, Bangla Desh 200 million Muslims, India 360 million Muslims totalling 720 million Muslims. Hindus, no let me call them non-Muslims, as they are not one block like us, 640 million. Who is more? Muslims. If it all Mr. Altaf Hussain says what he does I am sure he must be referring to this. Now do not conclude that a Muhajir is speaking. I am not a Muhajir for God’s sake. What he means is it was bad for Muslims as a whole. That it was good but excellent for Muslims in the areas of Pakistan is never in question. No doubt. At least some got out of the yolk of Hindus.

    I know lots of Muslims from India, I have met world wide, who are most happy for the creation of Pakistan. They have always prayed for it, just as we pray for Muslims suffering in Palestine. They know they have been discriminated against so heavily that they are happy for us that some of us (Muslims) are not under occupation. I do not think we must look down upon the less fortunate who did not find a country. We should show benevolence. Some of the dirty muhajirs look down on Muslims of India. It is not their fault if they are in that state. We can’t gloat on our own and despise them. It is in very bad taste.

    They could not have come over and we had banned their entry any way. We forgot the two nation theory the moment we got Pakistan. When we found the shore we left those on the ship wreck to face their fate with the sharks. Pakistan first and then Israel were made on the basis of a two nation theory. We stopped Muslims, comrades in struggle, from coming to Pakistan but Israel did not do this. Till today and for eternity they will welcome Jews. Jews have shown a far bigger heart and imagination than Muslims in this case.

    Some comments by some writers here of the fate of Muslims in India was painful and showed selfishness. Qaed e Azam was never selfish. Allah will punish you for this and you would never know how. Muhajirs in Pakistan used to look down upon their Muslim brothers in India and look Allah has 60,00,000 Pakhatoons on their head today in Karachi. How he punishes, you never know. Now they do not know what to do.

    So beware, do not feel happy on others misfortune. It is unIslamic and inhuman. Please take care from the wrath of Allah. Remember He is watching.

    Najam Sethi is a good journalist. Don’t be harsh on him. He is doing a job. As a journalist he has to interview one and all. He may have his point of view, he is after all human. Take the total picture. He is a million times better than many others who have an axe to grind and have an agenda. Believe me he the best we have.

    I hope Mr. Bawa appreciates things better now. Above all chill down man as they say in United States, meaning cool down. I insist you go and read these three books.

  29. saani75 says:

    Quite amazing abb batha khoor b pakistanion ko itihad ka sabaq dainay lagay.
    altaf bhai khuda ra pakistan wapis aa jao .MQM walay kiss kiss ka mun band karain gay.Aik hamdard

  30. Allah_kay_banday says:

    I do not call it an interview at all…..

    Najam Sethi forgot to wear white-topi and fold his hands infront of Altaf Hussain’s sermon..

    rahi baat awaam kay mandate ki…… I was born n raised in khi… I am sure that if fair n free elections r held Altaf wud never get clean sweep…. cuz ppl of the most educated city of Pakistan cannot vote for a Dramay-baaz like Altaf Hussain… they laugh at his dramay se bhari taqreers… they know why the strike-calls by Altaf in past were so successful (obviously, not because of love for him but out of fear)……
    Yes Karachi is the biggest accumulation of Urdu-speakings who r considered to be educated the most educated class of Pakistan, at first had no other platform than MQM to raise their voices for their due rights back in 90’s …. but they are fed up of bhatta-khori of MQM….
    By the way Karachi is also the biggest accumulation of other ethnic ppl like Memon & Pathans….
    Other communities include Bohris, Agha-khanis, Balochi, Sindhis and punjabis….etc etc
    Even most of the educated Urdu-speaking ppl dont like Altaf Hussain n his team of murderers….
    Business class especially the Memon, Agha-khani, Bohri and even pathans r fed up of bhatta-khori and even qurbaani ki khaal collection by Altaf’s team….

    Unluckily every ruling party raised Altaf in most of the previous election by rigging to form or run government.. especially Musharraf….

    as very famous cliche ” if you want to have everything in order in your class-room, then make the most naughty n gangster child/student of ur class as Class-representative or monitor of your class” in old childhood times…. i guess it was firstly done by Musharaf by giving MQM Governor, City-nazim, Ports n Shipping, Interior-Ministry Sindh etc etc n it worked out for him.. n We the karachiites didnt see such horrible strike-calls by MQM for very long time…. in return all those Ghunday started their bhattay khori under the umbrella of all these mojor gov.posts….

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