November 13, 2010

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Watch Fresh episode of Choraha with Hasan Nisar.


  1. pakistanisooch says:

    today hassan nisaar bring his own family members he belongs to originally I mean these bhands and marasi. Sure he is one of them but accidently become journalist but his dress and actions can’t hide his originality.

  2. baawi says:

    The people who in any shape or form support zardari, i consider them to be the biggest enemies of the nation of Pakistan. I would even oppose my own parents if they support a corrupt man like zardari who and his partners are real evils and destroying every fabric of pakistani society if there is left any. So any such debate or argument which is in support of him is from a person who does not love Pakistan. And one does not need an IQ of more than 50 to come to this conclusion. BTW i dont think sharif’s, maulvi diesel or ANP are any different.

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