Featured Articles — March 22, 2011


Dear Imran Khan,

Your telephone call to Altaf Hussain has taken everyone by surprise and most of your admirers and followers have failed to understand the exact motive behind the contact.

At the same time, it hardly surprised anyone after listening to Altaf Hussain on issue of welcoming Taliban, bringing back Aafia Siddiqui, injustice of Raymond Davis, or any other major issue because everyone knows that these Altaf’s statements are meaningless only used for political point scoring.

For example, this nation enjoys the daily jokes of Altaf Hussain that he is against feudal and corruption, while practically Altaf Hussain has been supporting and enjoying every government since 2 decades.

The press release from PTI states that you and Altaf Hussain have found common ground on the following three national issues:

1- Raymond Davis
2- Aafia Siddiqui
3- Drone Attacks

Although I might be unable to completely understand your latest move based on my inexperience, I still believe that these 3 issues are just symptoms of deeper problems for which Altaf Hussain is directly responsible, and I don’t think you will achieve anything productive unless you find common ground on those deeper issues.

You might want think about few of these core questions before finding common ground on surface issues:

Will Altaf Hussain ever support military rule or intervention in future? This is the core issue as all these three problems are direct result of Military-US partnership and decided outside the parliament.

Will Altaf Hussain ever support sacking of judiciary and take part in the process directly through his governor and parliamentarians? This is also very important as the name of your political party is “Tehreek-e-Insaaf”.

Will Altaf Hussain stop the crimes in Karachi and allow peace to take place? More people have been killed in Karachi than by terrorism in rest of Pakistan. Killing is a much bigger crime religiously and legally than corruption and you have been very vocal against killings by Altaf Hussain since 12th May. Do you think it is wise to support someone you accuse of murders against someone you accuse of corruption?

There can be a couple of more questions on core issues, but I would like to highlight Altaf’s current stance on the 3 issues where you found common ground:

1- Raymond Davis – Most of the statements from Altaf Hussain came after Raymond was released, which shows that basis of AH stance is political point scoring rather than principles. Secondly, AH is currently supporting PPP government, most notably Rehman Malik who has allowed hundreds of Raymond Davis to exist in Pakistan. Can you ask AH to quit partnership with PPP and demand RM to get rid of these CIA contractors to prove that AH is really serious on RD issue? Secondly, if AH can hold weekly sermons in presence of healthy audience, why didn’t he bring a huge protest against release of RD?

2- Aafia Siddiqui – She was kidnapped by Pakistani officials along with her 3 kids under government of MQM in both Sindh and Federal, and General Musharraf was empowered by Altaf Hussain, which makes AH hugely responsible for this kidnap, and hundreds of other kidnaps that were sold to the Americans against dollars. While AH was fully involved in worst form of human rights abuse, what makes you think AH really cares about bringing Dr. Aafia Siddiqui back to Pakistan?

3- Drone Attacks – Everyone knows that your stance on War of Terror is totally opposite to that of Altaf Hussain, where you have been vocal advocate of dialogue and stopping american terrorism, while AH mostly supported use of force. What makes you think that you can just corporate on issue of “Drone Attacks” alone while the core issue is the unjust war of terror where your policies are conflicting?

Finally, let me share a short dialogue I recently had with a taxi driver from Khyber-Pakhtoonkhuwa in Dubai:

I asked the driver why people in his province support ANP?

He answered that Pakhtoons of KP like Imran Khan not ANP, but they love ANP because they are the only party in Karachi that can fight back against AH and protect Pakhtoon residents and workers.

I wonder what that taxi driver and other similar minded people from KP thinking now after knowing any possibility of IK and AH alliance.