May 25, 2011

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Tahir Hussain Mashhadi (MQM), Sardar Bahdur Khan (PML-Q) and Azam Sawati (JUI-F) in Today’s episode of Kal Tak with Javed Choudhry.


  1. aa says:

    پاکستانی فوج دال چاول چینی بیچتی ہے زمین بیچتی ہے شادی ہالہے ان کو چاہیے کہ اب اپنا میوزکل گروپ بنا لیں اس سے پیسے اکھٹے ہوں گے دیکھ لیں مشرف کتنا اچھا سنگر ہے میرا خیال ہے ان کا گروپ ضرور ہونا چاہیے

  2. zinat says:

    SI, Army, Naval, and Air Force chief should be resign ASAP. We need fresh minds to redefine our National and International level.

    They must resign,this is Pakistan , not kingdom and if they are sleeping/drunk or already reached retirement age and became senile ,than please send them home or go to any other country ,but leave us alone,beacuse enough is enough,how many more Pakistani has to die,how many more Dr Abdul Qadir Khan /Chief Justice Of Pakistan , has to be under house arrest .How many more NRO must be draffted by General Kayani.
    Nobody is indispensable.This is a fact of life we have to believe like we believe that no one can live for ever.Death is inevitable, likewise nobody is indispensable.Life is a series of phases, ups and downs and various changes.That’s life.So all Retired General must rest,you must be tired by doing nothing and winning no war.PLEASE.

  3. Aik hun muslim says:

    Listen to this MQM guy,he said we are enjoying beloved Pakistani citizenship then why his boss Altaf Bai enjoying UK citizenship,is this double standard or not.Now Q-L defends PPP.Wow

  4. ajamal says:

    I fully endorese Zinat. Both civilian and military leaderships have failed repeatedly. They must accept failure and leave.
    Pakistan needs competent and clean leadership. With present leadership, we will continue to face one disaster after another.

  5. waqarsheikh says:

    We will not get such a Gretatest leader. Field Marshal Ayub khan. Thanx Javed to reveal such a secret which is “Un tolarateable” for Politicans and Mullas.

  6. SCheema says:

    جاوید چوہدری صاحب آپ بھی فوج کی دلالی نہ شروع کریں

    گورا پھانسنے کے لیے یہی کچھ کرتا ہے ۔ پہلا انگریز جو برصغیر میں آیا تھا وہ اکبر بادشاہ کے قدموں میں بیٹھا تھا ۔ بعد میں کیا ہوا ۔

    اس ویڈیو کے بعد کیا ہوا جب ایوب نے اقتدار چھوڑا تھا تو اس نے ایک کتاب لکھی تھی “فرینڈز ناٹ ماسٹرز“

    صدام اور جنرل ضیاء بھی امریکہ کے بڑے اچھے دوست تھے – مشرف بھی پہلا ایشیئن تھا جو کیمپ ڈیوڈ گیا تھا ہمارا سٹیٹس “نان نیٹو ایلائی“ ہے لیکن معاہدے سارے انڈیا کے ساتھ

    ہم صرف اتنے میں خوش ہو جاتے ہیں کہ امریکہ کا صدر ہمیں جہاز کی سیڑھیوں پر استقبال کرنے آیا ہے ۔ ہمارا صدر خوش عوام اور ملک جائے جہنم میں

  7. SCheema says:

    saleem raza said:
    چمیہ جی پھر امریکہ کا تو وہ حساب ہوا
    کڑ ، کڑ، کدرے تے انڈے کدرے
    ہماری فوج بھی تو بیگانی شادی میں دھمال ڈالتی ہے


    میں یو ۔2 بڈا بیر(پشاور ) سے اڑا تھا ۔

    ہماری فوج جنرل گریسی کی اولاد ہے اور اس کی پرورش سکندر مرزا جیسے لوگوں نے کی اور آپ کو پتہ ہے سکندر مرزا میر جعفر کی اولاد سے تھا

    یہ لنک دیکھیں

  8. mustafa6 says:

    Let’s enjoy the green citizenship of my country. My dear MQM uncle, we are famous in the world “Terrorists, Lair and traitors” due to your policy makers. For your kind information, if you will apply for a visa for the smallest country (in size/population/source) of the Africa you will not get easly “GREEN CITIZENSHIP”.

  9. zinat says:

    Pakistan army corrupt Generals from the very begaining were agents of USA, seemed to be so allergic to any form of contact with the Soviet Union that they even refused to accept Soviet medical assistance offered to help combat cholera spreading in East Pakistan in 1958.
    The reason for such shortsightedness was the ideological orientation of Pakistan policymakers and overwhelming American influence in our highly unstable domestic politics. Given this context every potential candidate for high office, in order to reach it or retain it, had to curry favour with the Americans. Policies during a large part of the fifties were made by the bureaucratic “Gang of 4” in Pakistan’s politics: 1)-Ghulam Mohammad, 2)-Chaudhri Mohammad Ali, 3)-Iskander Mirza and 4)-General Ayub Khan. Only three examples will suffice tovunderline the degree of U.S. involvement in Pakistani internal affairs:
    – Prime Minister Suhrawardy’s political adviser was an American Prof. Charles Burton Marshal;
    – President Iskander Mirza’s son was married to the American Ambassador’s daughter.
    – Every official communication from Soviet Union was routinely sent to the American Embassy in Pakistan “for information”.

    In the past a Soviet Ambassador in Pakistan, Mikhail Kapitsa, told General Zia UL- Haq “We support India and Afghanistan against you because they are our friends, even when they are in the wrong. But your friends(USA) do not support you, even when they know you are in the right”.

  10. mustafa6 says:

    Bolaay Badshah Awam!!! This is the joke of the year” Fuj is waiting orders from Civil Government to attack drone.” Badshahoo,” fuj haa joo iss muluk to rule karti haa. Civilian inkaay nazdeek Bstrd hotay haan.

  11. We need to brainwash 50% of our population in Pakistan who tend of think West and India are the source of all the issues in the country. The day it is brainwashed and the day we realize that we ourselves are at fault for all the problems facing the country. We will see a new Pakistan emerging until then keep digging graves for innocent people for losing their lives everyday.

  12. waqarsheikh says:

    @SCheema… Correction required for You. Ayub khan wrote book “friend not master” before 1965, not after 1969…. 2ndly do you know that just after 3 days of U-2 incident USA base was lifted by PAK govt. and USA was much angered on it but Ayub khan said that You are our friend, not master

  13. SCheema says:

    @ WaqarSheikh

    The book name is “Friends not Masters” published in 1967.

    ” Khan, Muhammad Ayub, “Friends Not Masters”, Oxford University Press, 1967″

    Did we learn lesson from U-2 Incident ? Americans are still using our bases, we gave them this opportunity. Now we are saying you are our master.

    By the way what do you want to prove?

  14. waqarsheikh says:

    o yes. An Dady is “husband of mother”, and @SCheema you are right that book published in 1967 but start written by gohar in 1964. Any way now we want leader from middle class whose ancestors lived in Pakistan.

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