July 27, 2011

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Tonight with Jasmeen sheds light on the promises that our politicians have made since the foundation of Pakistan, and what has become of them. How they will shape our future. Will this country achieve true democracy or will the establishment take over? Find out on our show.


  1. mir munsif says:

    I am big fan of Judiciary but I believe in rational approach and I think today Faisal Raza has valid questions and I think wht ever he says…if it is true then this is going to be big dilemma.Judiciary should not do partisan decisions or specific to one party or group.Accountability should be across the board and for every one.

  2. edcoym says:

    her koi anpey political party kay affilation ki roshani may likh raha hey, kissi ki bi party sirf Pakistan nahi hey. apnay makaar tarin aur corrupt tarin logon sahi kah rahay hein?? Afsos kissi ki party Pakistan nahi hey.

  3. khan0864 says:

    Killing of any human-being is not permitted in Islam , as narrated in the Holy Qur’an.
    Surah Ma’idah no.5 and verse no.32.

    “We decreed upon the Children of Israel that whoever kills a soul unless for a soul or for corruption done in the land-it is as if he had slain mankind entirely and whoever saves one
    -it is as if he had saved mankind entirely”

    Keeping in view the above mentioned Quranic quotation, killing of 100 persons at Qasba Colony and Alighar Colony at Karachi in the presence of law enforcing agencies confirms that it is the violation of human rights granted by Allah.

    We , all the Pakistanis ,are inviting Allah’s punishment by disobeying Allah’s commands.
    It is also the teaching of the Holy Quran:” those who are in power must do their work with justice; otherwise they will be punished on judgement day.

    Sindh govt is responsible for this massacre and its responsible persons will be punished
    by Allah for their negligence because Allah knows everything in the earth or the heavens.

    How terrible it will be ! who neglected their duty and disobeyed Allah in the light of the Holy Quran.

    May Allah guide our rulers and those involved in killing of the poor.

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