August 27, 2011

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Asma Shirazi brings a new episode of Faisla Aap Ka.


  1. ali.abbas says:

    MQM is behind most of the target killings in karachi no doubt…see where have they vanished in the given scenario, they are even not coming in any of programs on tv becase they have no answer to what they have done.

    No 2 they are about to be booked in killing of Dr imran farooq.

    No3. Altaf Hussain was arrested and sent back to home under custody in London after he was trying to flee UK to South Africa…

  2. sheepish7 says:

    There are five districts in Karachi. I suddest that each district be given to an anchor. the police rangers should be placed under them, they should be given two months to bring lasting peace in karchi.

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