Press Conference — September 11, 2011


Altaf Hussain’s 9th September press conference.

39:00 Looked like my favorite Zakir Khalnayak
38:00 -44:00 – Religious Q&A session by Pir Sahib
44:42 – Allama Talib Johri explaining the word “Iqra” and Nabbawat
55:00 – How to get your news published in newspaper
1:00:00 – Yeh kia hai… Quran hai bhai…
1:02:00 – Abay bhai Quran sharif hay tu….
1:04:00 – Referring to Asma Jahangir (Human rights kee champion)
1:11:00– hahaha… matchless… I am sorry I am sorry…
1:14:30 — Unmatched kissing……. bachoon ko kissing pasand nahi aayee.
1:59 – 2:02 – Burke mein rehne doh

Thanks to pejamistri and Shirazi.

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