September 15, 2011

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  1. edcoym says:

    if it is azab, why elite class, president (for little foot infection, he ran away to London), PM, MNA, MPA and wazirs are safe from this azab/flood affections and only poor people are suffering??? I don’t understand this azab???

  2. stinger says:


    I think you have not understood the timing of the Zardari’s visit to London. He assumed that Chief Justice would take harsh decision against MQM. He chose that time to get an exit from Pakistan and lay down on the luxury bed in one of the royal hospitals in London. He will not loose his pocket but poor Pakistanis will pay for his “sickness”. When the medical report at the first day declared him fit and healthy why he was insisting to stay over there ?. They all choose the time by their own to stay out of the country for their so-called medical check ups either he is Zardari or NS or Shahbaz. They are not sick (yes sick of mind) but it is all political moves of these looters.

  3. edcoym says:


    I agreed with you, what I meant is that this azab is not touching to our elite class, just affecting our poor awam, and this is a test for both classes, in their given situation, that how much poorers have saber and rastgi, and how much elite has pain for these people who are in miseries, and whether they have chicken heart or big heart for helping them from their pockets and with their phsycal afforts?? Like PM has Rs. 75B in his fund (public money) for his useless things, whether he gives it to flood victims (which can help all these flood victims) or uses on “alalay talalay”??

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