January 13, 2012

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Aftab Iqbal presents a hilarious episode of Khabar Naak from Geo TV.


  1. faheemkurashi says:

    you should shame of yourself you should not to insulted the president of pakistan and you gave the dialogs of demy of president like why you gave me 126 seats you should shame of this words because of pakistani awam always voted for the bhuttos shaheeds your cheap comedy will not stop the pakistani awam to votes to ppp and if i know that you said that you are good friend of zardari why you insulted the your good friend
    hong kong

  2. stinger says:

    @ faheemkurashi,shahkaar:

    I agree with you. This program should be replaced by a reasonable comedy show. This guy Aftab Iqbal has crossed all the limits. He does not have respect for any body. This program gives a very bad impression about GEO itself. GEO’s owners should take some serious action, otherwise, this guy will create mess every where for them. Better not to be late.

  3. max786 says:

    And as for people who like hase be haalare totally thick. It waste of time and its not comedy. I have been watching Khabur naak for last one year and I think it best comedy after fifty/50 of early eighty. This chor zadari show be made exemple of postion he hold.

  4. stinger says:

    max786 said:
    All the above people have no sence of comedy. Its the best show of all of pakistan comedy show. I think Aftab is one of best writer today.
    Congratulations you have a great sense of humour, we enjoyed. So there is some body who understands this comedy……….. may be Aftab Iqbal himself. He can also come to this site with a hidden name !

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