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Poll: How do you see Imran’s patch up with MQM?
Imran Khan hugged leaders of MQM at wedding of Arif Alwi’s daughter in Karachi and also received the warm wishes sent by Altaf Hussain. Imran Khan also informed MQM leaders that he has successfully controlled the lions (PMLN) in Punjab and hinted an alliance in next elections.

This move seemed impossible just a few years ago when Imran Khan’s launched his aggressive opposition against MQM after the carnage of 12th May 2007 in Karachi, where Imran accused MQM of killing his party workers. Imran also contributed in the movement for restoration of judiciary until 16th March 2009 against MQM & PPP and it is difficult to understand what made Imran Khan think that he could hug the people he claimed terrorists and murderers. At the same time, it is beyond understanding that the party (PMLN) that successfully resolved the biggest issue of Pakistan as claimed by Imran Khan just a few months ago has now become his worst enemy.

So many other questions comes to mind … like:

– Imran Khan claims that President Zardari is the root cause of the problems faced by Pakistan today but he hugs MQM that voted for Zardari as president and has been fully supporting Zardari’s government since 4 years in parliament and cabinet?

– What was MQM doing at wedding of Dr. Arif Alvi’s daughter in Karachi and how his son Dr. Awab Alvi would justify this latest move when he has been actively writing against MQM on his blog since several years?

– Would Imran’s possible alliance with MQM hit him with votes in Punjab where MQM has not been very popular?

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