Featured Articles — June 14, 2012


Last night, an exclusive live interview of Malik Riaz was broadcasted on Dunya TV, hosted by Mehr Bokhari and Mubashir Lucman of PTI.

Sources in Dunya TV have shared offline conversation in which it is clear it was just a planted interview to make the audience fool.

Before the interview, Abdul Qadir Gillani, son of PM Gillani, also called Mubashir Lucman on his cell phone and then Mubashir Lucman handovered his cell phone to Malik Riaz.

Mubashir asked Qaadir Gillani to advice Malik Riaz to let discuss role of Hamid Mir.

Reports are circulating on the internet in which both anchors are accused for getting bribes from Malik Riaz; such as: Salaami of 50 Lac Rs on Mehr’s wedding.

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