September 30, 2012

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Watch today’s episode of Lekin with Sana Bucha.


  1. truefriend says:

    Yar her admi working for money. So I think admin of this site has right to earn money where ever it’s come from. Let him enjoy the money. Pakistani politicians ki therah her businessman kay pasay Pakistan say baher he hian and they are duel national. Ya log sachay log hian appnay watan say wafadari kartay hian. Planet372 app samaj gay hoon gay in ka watan kon sa ha.
    Nawaz Sharif wo bastard ha jo gastakh-e-rasool kay khalaf to baher nahi nikla lakin zakaam ki medicine lanay kay lia london tak ka safar kar lata ha lanti…….

  2. PMLn is gaining popularity and people who envy the party will soon realize how bad they have misused their new fame. The next election will bring no big change as people are not ready for a change and not only that pppp will come back with same popularity not because of zardari but because of Bhutto’s love. They might not be forming the next government but they will still be in power indirectly as their master zardari will get re-elected as the president of an unfortunate nation.

  3. xxxpaki says:

    Pakistani Inqilab will come through women.

    I just had an hour long conversation with Pakistani born lady, very active in American lifestyle yet somewhat conservative and religious.

    No, I don’t base my opinion by one individual.
    My prediction is that It would be a collective efforts, think, 52 and growing percentage of educated women getting sick of the existing state of affairs.

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