Featured Articles — November 17, 2012


A milestone has been achieved in history of Pakistan few days back by Rawalpindi Bar Council, who passed a resolution in support of arresting the corrupt Generals of Pakistan Army. The resolution also said that COAS Kiyani’s message against Judiciary and Media on 5th November 2012 was also violation of constitution of Pakistan as it interfered in political matters. The resolution also demanded that DHA and other commercial organizations controlled by army should be shut down and demanded inquiry on the contracts given to brother of Army Chief Pervez Kiyani.

In other developments, on 13th November 2012, the Islamabad High Court accepted that the application by a retired Army officer Colonel Inam-ur-Rahim against the extension of General Kiyani was maintainable. His petition is based on the fact that the Army Act does not allow extension of complete tenure and there is age limit of 60 for the post.

On Wednesday 14th November, as expected, the petitioner was tortured by Military Intelligence after his taxi was surrounded by 3 cars and pushed off the road.

New York Times Reports:

On Wednesday night, as he returned from a family funeral to his home in the garrison city of Rawalpindi, three vehicles surrounded the taxi in which he was traveling and pushed it off the road, he said.

Six unidentified men leapt out and attacked Mr. Raheem, raining blows on his head and upper torso. “I resisted, so they attacked me with punches and sticks,” he said during an interview at a nearby hospital, where he was treated for cuts to the nose and head. “They said they were teaching me a lesson for what I was doing.”

What Mr. Raheem, a 57-year-old retired colonel, had been doing was challenging the validity of a three-year extension of service for Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani in 2010. General Kayani, the army chief, turned 60 this year, which Mr. Raheem argues is the age limit for his post, thus rendering the remainder of his term extension invalid.

Mr. Raheem believes the beating, which occurred just 200 yards from the military’s general headquarters, was a clear attempt to force him to back off. “No one except the army chief and his military intelligence chief can be behind this attack,” he said.

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One of the other issues that could be causing pain to Kiyani could be the recent judgment of Supreme Court in Asghar Khan’s petition, where it was made clear that army officers were themselves responsible for their actions if they get involved in politics despite the illegal orders of their superiors.

Since Kiyani was illegally involved in negotiations of NRO with Benazir Bhutto in 2007, there is a possibility that someone may put a petition in court against Kiyani in future for directly influencing in politics, which resulted in current government.

The tensions within the Army Generals are clearly evident from the recent press briefings of Brigadier Haroon Rasheed and Colonel Kamran Khan.

Haroon Rasheed thinks that resolution by Rawalpindi Bar Council was originated either by some mafia or foreign powers who wanted to sabotage the relations between Army and Judiciary.

Similarly, Kamran Khan claimed that the situation was very fragile due to recent judgments against Generals and all parties need to be very “careful”.