Featured Articles — January 16, 2013


Imran Khan announced his “7 Point Agenda” at a Press Conference today. He criticized the government for creating the situation in Islamabad and warned them not to use “force” against the “peaceful” protestors.

As per majority of media analysts, the opening speech of Qadri was insane, revolt against the state and his orders clearly broke their agreement with Islamabad administration. The government has been very accommodating with protestors and it is Qadri who is being unreasonable.

Here is a brief summary and analysis of Imran Khan’s demand:

1- Immediate elections and announcement of date:

The current assembly will dissolve as per constitution after completing their terms in few weeks. The election date would be announced by election commission.

2- Spirit of Constitution, “Muk Muka” between political parties and demand of consultation with all political parties:

Well, the constitution is very clear in this regard that consultancy is between PM and opposition leader. However, just like they brought a respectable Election Commissioner with broad consultation, the parties should be given chance to conduct their duty within framework of constitution.

There are currently 182 registered political parties in Pakistan and it is not possible to involve and develop consensus with every single party. Once PTI comes into power, they can change the constitution to have mandatory consultation of every single political party.

3- Resignation of President Zardari:

This is unconstitutional demand, but lets assume Zardari resigns and presidential elections are announced immediately from current assemblies, would Imran Khan accept a new President for next 5 years from the assemblies where PPP, PMLQ and MQM have majority?

Imran Khan should let the President complete his constitutional term. After 18th amendment, President does not have any executive powers. Under a neutral caretaker government, neutral election commissioner and free judiciary, there should be no interference from President.

4- Election reform agenda only mandate of elected government:

Agree, but this does not mean that this is “Muk Muka” of parties in parliament.

5- Election Commission should be “Reconstituted”:

This demand is unconstitutional as Election Commissioner is constitutional position with fixed term. He can only be removed through reference in Supreme Judicial Council as per article 209.

The Election Commissioner has taken some bold steps like voters verification in Karachi and all political parties have faith in EC. Is this a coincidence that this is also the first demand of Qadri as well, and MQM is dying to stop the verification process in Karachi?

6- Implementation of Supreme Court order on Rental Power:

The court has already taken action on assuring implementation. But why Imran Khan forgot several other important cases like Asghar Khan petition, where Supreme Court ordered to take action against 2 ex-Generals of Pakistan Army? What about the other NLC case where Generals were found to be involved in billions of rupees of corruption?

7- Arrest Quetta Killers:

Good demand and killers of Hazara community they should be arrested immediately. But why not put another demand for arrest of killers in Karachi, where more than 2,000 people have lost their lives in 2012 alone? Is there any Muk-Muka in Karachi?