Dr. Tahir ul Qadri

News — February 13, 2013


Shiekh-ul-Islam Molana Tahir-ul-Qadri was effectively removed from Supreme Court after he failed to justify his motive and eligibility behind his petition against Election Commission for three days. The petition had put the entire nation in state of uncertainty over the upcoming elections, which have now been thankfully removed by Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court dismissed Qadri’s petition on grounds that he could not prove that he was the affected party and that his petition was submitted in good faith.

This decision was expected, as someone who is not eligible to challenge anything inside Election Commission due to his dual nationality, how could he challenge the existence of whole Election Commission?

Qadri’s attitude was extremely hostile in Supreme Court and he came to the court with picture of Chief Justice taking oath from General Musharraf and claimed that taking oath from General was same as the oath for Queen. The court said that they were exercising restrain by not taking contempt of court action against Qadri.