Pakistan National Assembly

Featured Articles, News — March 16, 2013


The National Assembly of Pakistan has completed its 5 years today for the first time in history under a civilian President. The PPP led government completed its term through policy of reconciliation with alliance parties, however it was haunted under the threat of NRO ordinance, the same NRO under which it was formed. Pakistan Peoples Party tactfully handled the NRO with delay tactics through shameful and systematic replacement of law officials, however it consumed its first Prime Minister Gillani and the issue was concluded when PM Pervez Ashraf finally had to implement the verdict of Supreme Court.

The NRO implementation was not the only issue where PPP used the policy of delay, or what we call as “Lamkao” in Pakistan, at expense of creating national crisis.

The restoration of Judiciary was done only when the Long March led by Nawaz Sharif was on the way to Islamabad despite protests of more than 1.5 years in the country. Similarly, Governor rule was only imposed in Balochistan after massive attack on Hazara community despite earlier verdict from Supreme Court that the government in Balochistan had lost its right to government due non-functioning government. All the issues could have been avoided and resolved with wisdom if dealt in timely manner.

The country is currently going through another crisis when we have reached the day of completion of Federal Government’s tenure but they have not yet finalized the caretaker government despite repeated calls by opposition for several months, which reflects the height of incompetence and criminal ignorance on matter of prime importance.