Featured Articles, News — April 19, 2013


Once the most powerful and ruthless dictator of Pakistan, faced music yesterday when Islamabad High Court cancelled his bail and ordered his arrest on charges of terrorism. He was today formally put under house arrest.

For the first time, the history is taking its poetic revenge with ex-ruler of Pakistan who took over the country in 1999 with power of gun and continued ruling for almost a decade.

Here are few of the events that come to mind on how this ruthless and cold-blooded tyrant treated anyone who tried to oppose him:

- Head of triple-one (111) brigade entered Prime Minister house and arrested the elected Prime Minister on gun point. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif then kidnapped and the nation kept in dark about his location for several weeks

- Sons, brothers, nephews and all close relatives of Prime Minister kidnapped by armed mafia and transferred to unknown locations

- Several senior parliamentarians arrested and physically tortured for several months in order to get their loyalties changed

- The legal team of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif shot dead in their offices in Karachi

- Prime Minister locked in 14th centuray attock fort for 14 months. He was transported in armored vehicles to anti-terrorism courts and handcuffed even inside flights between Islamabad and Karachi

- Chief Justice Siddiqui and other senior 18 judges fired after they refuse to kneel before Musharraf

- Hundreds of citizen and residents sold to the United States against dollars in name of war of terror.

- Rigged the elections and put the nation to the hostage to ones holding no mandate

- Kidnapped Dr. Aafia Siddiqui with her 3 toddlers including a few months old baby and sold her to the US. Dr. Aafia was shot by American terrorists in her detention and she was later sentenced to life for trying to kill americans inside a prison in Afghanistan

- Publicly tortured the families and children of missing persons when they tried to march towards GHQ to protest against disappearances of their family members


- Killed popular leader of Baluchistan Akbar Bugti and declared it a victory. Bugti was promptly buried and even family was not given access to his body

- Conducted a military operation against Lal Masjid with hundreds of civilians and children inside and ruthlessly killed everyone inside by overriding the peace negotiations

- Brutally arrested Chief Justice of Pakistan forcefully by pushing him inside car by his hair

Iftikhar Chaudhry Arrested

- Shutdown entire Pakistan and performed mass arrest of political workers in Pakistan when Nawaz Sharif arrived in Pakistan with court orders. Prime Minister forcefully thrown in bus by armed men and later deported out of the country

- Fired entire superior judiciary from Supreme Court amd High Court, all senior lawyers arrested, TV Channels shutdown, pro-democracy anchors and journalists banned. Trashed the constitution the second time in order to secure his upcoming 3rd Presidential term

- Benazir welcomed with two mighty explosions in Karachi that killed hundreds. She was later assassinated in Rawalpindi and crime scene evidence washed away within minutes

We hope that Musharraf faces the justice for the crimes he committed against the state and his opponents to block any future adventures by military adventurers.