Featured Articles, News — April 22, 2013


Supreme Court finally published the list of beneficiaries of secret funds. The list contains few genuine expenses, but most of the expenses looks dubious and can be definitely considered misuse of tax payer money for political benefits.

Here are some of the biggest beneficiaries of the secret fund:

61.4 million for Institute of Regional Study (IRS)
4.0 million Media Commission Report for Supreme Court
3.7 million for Benazir Bhutto Song. Paid to Midas Ltd
3.5 million to CNBC for program “Pakistan This Week”
2.5 million for Hotel payments for B/L journalists
2.0 million Narowal Press Club
1.2 million for tickets to UK for journalists for PM trip
1.0 million for Public Relation activities during Sindh flood
0.7 million for publishing of book Mufahamat
0.7 million for Public Relation activities for Quaid-e-Azam day

Other than this, millions of rupees have been paid in salary for EMR W and R&R wing and countless support have been provided to journalists for unknown reasons. Many prominent journalists are included in list, like Nazir Naji, Rauf Klasra and Saleh Zafar.

Please download the list below for full list of beneficiaries.

Beneficiaries List from Supreme Court