Imran Khan Shiekh Rasheed

Rawalpindi would witness an extensive battle between between heads of 2 parties, PTI and AML, who are in alliance against PMLN. Imran Khan is contesting against Hanif Abbasi of PMLN on NA-56, while Shiekh Rasheed is challenging Shakeel Awan of PMLN on NA-55.

Neck to neck competition is expected between Hanif Abbasi and Imran Khan, while situation is not so good for Shiekh Rasheed, who was counting on Imran Khan’s wave and his final jalsa in Rawalpindi.

Sheikh Rasheed seems to be the biggest casualty of Imran Khan’s accident and Shiekh can’t attract any big crowd alone with solo Jalsa.

Nawaz Sharif did a huge jalsa in Rawalpindi yesterday in presence of a highly charged crowd of Rawalpindi and the atmosphere seems to be going in PMLN’s favor.

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