The nation gave its verdict in favor of Stable Pakistan led by PMLN, in one of the highest turn-out elections in history of Pakistan.

The nation rejected the combined abusive campaign of PTI, PPP, PMLQ and specially all Media Anchors and Columnists against PMLN, and selected the mature leadership to take Pakistan out of crisis.

Some lesson learned from this elections:

– High turnout, Validated Voter List, Free Judiciary, Free Election Commission does not mean that all tradition parties will be wiped out
– Majority of youth came out and voted in favor of PMLN
– PMLN spent the least money on Media Campaign as compared to PTI, PPP, PMLQ, which proves money can’t win elections
– Presence or popularity on Social Media has very minimum impact on ground politics
– The Pakistani nation is more intelligent and aware. They watch everything on media, yet they know what to accept and what to reject.
PKPolitics was the only forum that was closet to ground political realities in Pakistan

Lets hope this change brings us a Better Pakistan.

Pakistan Zindadad!

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