Elections — May 14, 2013


by Rabia Zia

Typical of PTI & all PTI supporters to start complaining when it doesn’t go their way and this goes for polls, bi elections, anchor persons who do not agree with IK, weather etc etc. However this time it’s more serious. PTI needs to keep IK invincible status in front of the voters hence this whole rigging & agitation plan as an after thought to elections.

For National Assembly PMLN has a lead of 127 against 31seats for PTI surely this is hard for PTI & its jiyalas to digest but this the decision of the people of Pakistan where turnout was 60% and it is clear that the Awaam has rejected PTI. Surely you are not suggesting that all seats where PTI lost i.e. FATA, Sindh, Baluchistan, KPK or against PPP / other political parties were also rigged. Even big shots who had spent alot of money on these elections eg Jahangir Tareen lost. PTI should write White Paper and analyse the reasons of its Wipe out in Punjab, Sindh and FATA.

FATA is where PTI claimed to have laid its foundations, is Chairman IK’s mother’s area and where Imran Khan claimed to know the people, their tradition and their values. So why did PTI only win one seat in FATA? What happened to the remaining 11 seats. I may add that PMLN also took one seat from FATA. We’re elections rigged here too? Not heard PTI complain.

And if PTI really believes that there was rigging especially in Khwaja Saad Rafique’s NA125 then it should take the Legal route (as PTI stands for rule of law and believes in independent judiciary or NOT) rather than doing a Media trial. It will also be advisable to not incite the Youth / Women to come out on the streets and cause chaos – no one wants Lahore to become like Karachi and no parent would like their child to learn aggression. Again it would be advisable for PTI to produce evidence instead of sending email chains of self created videos / cut and paste pictures, which can be used in the courts for legal proceedings. PTI has unleashed the Youth on Social Media as ‘Trolls’ who will abuse anyone who differs from PTI and spread news without evidence which they are doing in the case of NA125.

Some facts regarding PTIs allegation on election rigging in NA125. This was between Hamid Khan & Khwaja Saad Rafique. Evidence presented by PTI against Saad Rafique:

1) Khwaja Saad Rafique standing in the Polling station. To clarify, by Law, Khwaja Saad Rafique who is the candidate and who appointed the Polling Agent has every right to be present in the Polling Station & can be there till counting. However it seems that PTI was involved in violation of rules as Farhat Abbas, MPA was inside the Polling Station.

2) A torn ballot paper that does not belong to NA125. Also PTI could have torn it.

3) Contentious area is DHA. Total registered voters in NA125 is approx 4.3 Lakhs. In DHA we have 53k registered voters. PTI took 75% of votes from DHA (out of total who voted). Majority of remaining registered votes, approx 3.5 lakh belong to middle and lower class areas eg Choong, Madina. So even if PTI takes 100% of votes in DHA, Khwaja Saad Rafique is still a clear winner.

4) Hamid Khan’s video recording: Hamid Khan takes fees to fight cases so why is he fighting this battle on the streets? As he knows that he will loose as he knows that he needs solid evidence in the court of law. Fabricated / distorted evidence will not work

5) Saad Rafique asking women to leave: PTI used women to demean & insult PMLN candidate.

Other facts to be noted:

1) Hamid Khan had 70 presiding officers changed 3 days before the Election. Saad Rafique did not get a single one changed.

2) Majority of PTI workers did not accept Hamid Khan as Chief Election Officer for the Intra party elections as all know that Hamid Khan does not believe in Free & Fair elections.

3) No vote was challenged by PTI at 265 polling stations

4) Around 1000 officials were present at different polling stations across the Constituency & no one complained about misbehaviour or rigging.

5) Hamid Khan has asked for recounting. Will Hamid Khan accept the results of recounting?

6) Hours after the election process, Hamid Khan did not lodge his complaint with the Returning Officer, nor to the DRO, nor to the Election Commission. He started a media trial

7) Hamid Khan a senior lawyer & the Chief Election Commissioner of PTI intra party elections was caught violating Election rules as had supporters chanting slogans in the polling station & was holding a press Conf with the media. However no one challenged him

8) Hamid Khan takes fees and defends clients in the court of law. Hamid Khan knows that he does not have evidence to take this to the courts. Hence he has started a media trial.

PTIs verbal, social media and written attacks on journalists, anchor persons, other political party workers etc points to Intolerant & Fascist tendencies which no one wants in Pakistan. Another example is taking a BAT as a weapon to get a visa from a Passport office – sign of aggression.

We also hope that PTI does not play the ethnicity card…. PMLN has not called PPP a Sidhi party or MQM a Mohajir party. Staring to use the ethnicity argument eludes to division of Pakistan. If there are differences of opinions between parties then they should be resolved without harming Pakistan or demeaning the people of Pakistan including the Youth for choosing the party that they believe is mature and capable to take Pakistan out of the current crises.

This is a real chance for PTI to turn KPK into Punjab with roads, hospitals, bridges, schools, universities, technical colleges, clean water, projects to help,small farmers etc etc. For IK to put his Taliban and Army theory in practice and for PTI to see how they can stop the drones – maybe shoot them down if needed as per IK. This is where PTI can deliver and show the Awaam how it can wipe out corruption in 90 days, put power plants to make KPK self sufficient in electricity, solve load shedding in 6 months, improve the Province’s economy and rebuild KPK. Also get rid of the weapons and the Thana Katcheri, implement Rule of law and excellent Governance so that KPK becomes a model province. PTI should also use alternative energy sources ie Pakistani coal to generate electricity. PTI should depoliticise police and implement one syllabus for all and ensure that all madarasas and public schools are upgraded and make education compulsory for primary and secondary school going children. They can do all this in Karachimas have won seats there too. However IKs proposal of Parvez Khattak’s name as the Chief Minister for KPK is the first sign where Imran Khan has done away from PTIs ideology and promises of promoting the youth, not appointing those who have been part of hereditary politics and not appointing those who have been part of All governments i.e. part of Government Club.

NA125 Polling Station Votes