Imran Khan - Altaf Hussain

Featured Articles, News — May 19, 2013


After violent and rigged elections in Karachi, where many polling staff was absent from the polling station for most of the day, Election Commission arranged re-polling on 43 polling stations in Karachi. These polling stations belong to NA-250 and the two provincial seats under it.

PTI supporters started to perform a sit-in from 13th May 2013, when London based MQM leader Altaf Hussain gave death threats to PTI supporters, journalists and media owners. Thousands of complains were launched in London against Altaf Hussain over his violent threats.

After election commission announced re-polling on 43 polling stations, MQM announced boycott of this constituency as they were surely going to loose from these area. The re-polling was scheduled to be held today, 19th May 2013, and a sad incident happened just hours before the polling where Vice President Sindh PTI, Zahra Shahid Hussain was murdered at her home in Karachi.

Imran Khan immediately condemned the murder and held Altaf Hussain directly responsible for the murder based on the earlier threats. MQM’s leader Farooq Sattar just held a press conference saying that MQM would sue Imran Khan on defamation charges and also raised the decades old Sita White issue.

History of Love and Hate Relation between PTI and MQM

On 12th May 2007, when Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry arrived at Karachi, more than 50 political workers supporting the deposed Chief Justice were allegedly killed by General Musharraf’s supported MQM.

Imran Khan announced that he would take Altaf Hussain to courts in the UK and as a consequence, Imran Khan was banned from entering Karachi several time and MQM filed a reference in the office of Speaker National Assembly to disqualify him under article 62-63.

Later, there was a patch up between Imran Khan and Altaf Hussain following multiple telephonic conversations between the two leaders. This friendly relation between PTI and MQM continued till the election day.