July 17, 2013
Gas Theft Raid Punjab

Punjab Government’s task force, Sui Gas and LESCO have started conducting joint raids on mills and factories involved in gas and electric thefts.

Many owners of mills and factories have been arrested with their factories sealed and meters disconnected. Several owners had made sophisticated underground networks of pipes for stealing gas. Many were running hidden gas generators for electricity. The task force also arrested some agents that were involved in providing illegal gas connections.


  1. muslim says:

    Punjab has the least electricity and gas theft,specially the central Punjab.but n league is only doing operation in central Punjab to punish those people who pay the most bill.why not n league govt do operation in Sindh and kpk where 80 percent of people don’t pay any bill.is “democracy” tying up n leaguers hands or are shareefs afraid of ppp abd pti?
    unless kpk Sindh and south Punjab people start paying electricity bills,pakistan can never ever even in 100 years end loadshedding.

  2. deevav says:


    I agree that Punjab has the least electricity and gas theft but it still is good to stop some thing which is illegal and a crime. Others are responsible about their own provinces and they are to take action against this theft themselves.

    We are PROUD residents of Punjab Province which has governance left otherwise rest of the provinces are totally unaware about governance in their provinces.
    This include KPK of PTI CHANGE as well.

  3. Deevav says:

    Those who are calling this drama bazi are the same who call Metro bus as Jungla bus.

    They are victim of their own heart disease and can never be helped.

    KPK is the biggest electricity theft province of Pak. Let us see what the Burgers do there. Besides Burgers are also involved in electricity theft. They cannot live without AC and that too with kunda.

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