Pakistan Railways

News — July 24, 2013


As per Saad Rafiq’s message on FaceBook, the daily revenue of Pakistan Railways has been increased 10 times, from 1 million to 10 million rupees. Saad says that Railways is trying best to make sure that existing passenger trains follow schedule and more freight trains are added since they generate more revenue.

New passenger services like E-ticketing and SMS alert services are being launched.

Railways has also scrapped the plans to buy new locomotives from China or USA and announced to repair the existing engines and build new ones locally. The 100 acre locomotive factory in Risalpur is being leased to a private party to be upgraded to state of art facility where it would produce up to 25 engines every year.

Pakistan railways has great potential and as per sources, it was intentionally headed towards collapse by previous regime. Unconfirmed reports say that ex-Railway Minister Ghulam Bilor did not want to revive railways, particularly the freight trains as his fellows risked loosing revenue in trucking business. There are also unconfirmed reports that railway engines were destroyed by corrupt officials by using recycled dirty engine oil.