Imran Khan Defiant

News — August 2, 2013


Contrary to his defiant mood on media yesterday, Imran took a u-turn in Supreme Court and claimed that he deeply respects the judiciary and his statements against judiciary were only limited to “Returning Officers”. Imran claimed that he never said anything against the superior judiciary, while reminding the judiciary that he was part of the movement for restoration of judiciary.

The bench asked Imran Khan if he knew the meaning of “Judiciary”, which as per constitution, means the High Courts and Supreme Court, not “Returning Officers”.

Imran Khan requested supreme court to take back the contempt notice. The answer submitted by Imran Khan and his legal team was rejected by Supreme Court and they were asked to resubmit a reply by 11:30am. The second reply was also rejected and Supreme Court has now given Imran Khan till 28th August for submission of another reply.