Elections — September 3, 2013


PMLN has won Punjab Assembly seat PP-150 by 452 votes after recounting by court orders that continued for 3 days. PTI had earlier blamed the presiding officers for rigging through incorrect counting and challenged the result in election tribunal.

In the original results, PMLN’s Marghoob Ahmad received 18,870 votes and the runner up from PTI, Mehr Wajid Azim received 18,494 and PMLN won by 376 earlier.

The by-election was done under strict presence of Army outside and inside polling stations and PMLN bagged 5 national and 11 provincial seats.

Imran Khan who alleged rigging in general elections did not directly blame PMLN of rigging in PP-150, however he pointed finger towards presiding officers of siding with PMLN in counting process.

These results should put an end to allegations of massive rigging in elections by PMLN.