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  • Kite Fly January 12, 2017 11:30 am

    Saudi Arabia is mislead by Israel, to think that Saudi money can buy soldiers to destroy Muslim countries in the region. Israel certainly wants Muslim countries destroyed & weakend- Iraq, libya, Yemen, Egypt, & Syria have been destroyed & weakend. The Focus is on IRAN & PAKISTAN, if Saudi Arabia pays to attack Iran with Pakistani army- then Pakistani nuclear assets will quickly go in the protection of NATO, and Pak., Iran & Saudis…all will be weakened and millions of muslims killed. Pak govt. media & public all totally unaware of International policies and Israeli / USA/ Indian plans.
    Iraq was destroyed for WMD, Libya for Democracy, & now it is planned as Shia /Sunni WAR to destroy – Pakistan & Saudi Arabia and weaken Iran !!! Sad but Saudis are puppets of Shayateen

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