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NA122 – Tribunal Orders Repolling

Election Tribual Judge Kazim Malik has deseated PMLN and PTI candidates from NA122, PP147 & PP148 constituencies and ordered repolling. This is a significant blow to PMLN as Ayaz Sadiq was the Speaker of National Assembly of Pakistan.

Ayaz Sadiq has decided to challenge the verdict in Supreme Court on legal ground that candidate and voters cannot be punished due to mismanagement of Election Commission.

As per election law, an election cannot be declared void based on mismanagement of Election Tribunal.


Saad Rafiq

NA125 Tribunal Judgement Suspended

Saad Rafiq was automatically reinstated by Supreme Court as member National Assembly and Railway Minister after it suspended the judgement of tribunal of NA125.

The attorney for Khawaja Saad Rafiq, Khawaja Haris, argued that the tribunal verdict was not lawful. The bench suspended the judgement and adjourned the case for 4 weeks.

Reasons Why 2013 Elections Were Fair

The 2013 elections were most fair and satisfactory compared to recent elections. The primary reason is that constitution was suspended in both 2002 and 2008, which means that every governor, CM, ECP member, judges of Supreme Court and High Courts were handpicked by single person named Musharraf. Since he was also head of a political party PMLQ, therefore any layman would know this as a rigged arrangement even before poll.

Now coming to 2013, it was the first election that was held under constitution and full tenure of a civilian government to another. Every single doubt of Imran Khan was dealt with his satisfaction, even though it was constitutionally not required since he was not in assembly.

The following are the key elements that were completed as per full satisfaction of Imran Khan:

– All elections before 2013 did not have NADRA ID card as voter requirement. For first time in the history of Pakistan, the voter lists were prepared through computerized NADRA database with photographs and NIC numbers. The Election Commission ran vigorous campaign to urge people to verify their votes through SMS and/or through advertised locations

– Imran Khan was involved in Judicial Movement and had full trust in Judiciary led by Iftikhar Chaudhry

– Imran Khan welcomed the appointment of Fakhruddin Ibrahim as Chief Election commissioner and had full trust in him

– The voter turnout on 11th May 2013 was the highest in recent history of Pakistan

– The Prime Minister and 4 Chief Ministers were proposed by PPP, who was the main opponent of PMLN in last elections. Imran Khan himself met CM Najam Sethi and his expressed his confidence and trust in him in conducting free and fair elections. Unlike the federal and other 3 provinces, Punjab was the only province where the interim CM Sethi re-shuffled the entire bureaucracy of Punjab that was functioning under Shahbaz Sharif

The returning officers that used to be from bureaucracy under command of Chief Executive were changed to Judges that reported to CJ on demand of Imran Khan.

– 2 Army officers were deployed on every sensitive polling station also demanded by Imran Khan

The reason Imran Khan lost elections is that he was only media hype. On ground, he did not have candidates on 50% seats of Pakistan. PMLN starting finalizing candidates 3 years before elections and Imran Khan was doing that just 10 weeks before poll and selling party tickets to highest bidders. Justice Wajiuddin report highlights these exact reasons why PTI lost elections.

Saad Rafiq

NA125: Tribunal Orders Repolling

Election Tribunal for NA125 has given verdict finally and ordered re-elections to be conducted in the constituency. Tribunal said that they did not find rigging in the constituency however mismanagement was found by the Election Tribunal Staff.

Judicial Commission Asks Questions

The Judicial Commission probing rigging allegations on 2013 General Elections asks precise questions to all political parties in attempt to stay within terms and reference of ordinance.

The most relevant and important questions are:

– Who made the plan/design?
– What was the plan/design?
– Who implemented the plan/design?
– How was the plan/design implemented?

For each of the above, the Judicial Commission as asked for supporting material and witnesses to be presented.

The copy of full questionnaire is as below:

Judicial Commission Questions

Tiger PMLN Roar

PMLN Sweeps Cantt Elections

PMLN has proved its popularity today by sweeping in cantonment elections today and winning seats in all provinces.

The following are the latest results and subject to change official results from Election Commission:

IND 55
PTI 42
MQM 19
JI 6

Rawalpindi is the home constituency of Imran Khan and PMLN won 19 out of 20 seats from there while 1 seat was won by JI.

MQM Flag

MQM Convincingly Wins NA246 By-Elections

MQM proved its popularity in Azizabad area of Karachi today as they won by-elections of NA242 with convincing and comfortable margin against PTI and JI.

The latest results for NA246 are as follows:

MQM 93,125
PTI 16,932
JI 6,386

The following were the results of General Elections in 2013:

MQM 137,874
PTI 31,875
JI 10,321 (boycotted at mid-day)

In comparison, the following are the difference in percentage of votes that each party reduced from the general election.

MQM = -32%
PTI = -47%
JI = -38%

Normally all by-elections have reduced voter turnout as compared to general elections, however it seems that PTI reduced their vote bank despite 2 visits of PTI leader Imran Khan to this area and heavy media pro-PTI media campaign.

The elections were held in strict and tightest security of rangers, however it didn’t change the results significantly as compared to general elections.

ASWJ PTI Alliance

PTI Wins Election in Mirpur in Alliance with ASWJ

Former PPP member and Prime Minister of AJK Barrister Sultan Mehmood won by-election in Mirpur today with margin of around 2,800 votes against PPP candidate. Barrister Sultan had recently joined PTI and did a Jalsa with Imran Khan in Mirpur for his election campaign.

Barrister Sultan also took support of banned outfit ASWJ (Ahl-e-Sunnat Waljamat) whose leaders supported him in a Jalsa and also congratulated him after winning the election and called PTI’s victory as their own victory.

ASWJ PTI Mirpur Victory

Dr Shezra Mansab

PMLN Retained NA-137 Seat In By-Elections

According to the unofficial results Dr. Shezra Mansab candidate of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) convincingly won the by-elections from the National Assembly constituency NA-137, Nankana Sahib.

The seat was vacated due to the demise of Rai Mansab Ali Khan Kharl of Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz). Dr. Shezra is the daughter of the deceased MNA.
Dr. Shezra secured 70,890 votes whereas the runner-up Brigadier (R) Aijaz Shah backed by Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) and Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) took 39,635 votes.

Turn-out was recorded at 45% from 256 polling-stations. The winning candidate, Dr Shezreh Mansab postponed the celebrations of her victory due to the suicide blasts at churches. She thanked the voters for casting their votes in her favor and expressed her determination to conform to their expectations.

Imran Khan Head Hurt NA122

Ayaz Sadiq vs Imran Khan – NA122 Tribunal Update

It is a common complain raised from Imran Khan that he didn’t get any justice from courts and tribunals, however the following details of court proceedings should put some light on the deceptive and propaganda raised by him for political purpose.

Sardar Ayaz Sadiq is a popular personality due to his charity project of free eye hospital in Lahore Zaman Park area. He was a friend and class fellow of Imran Khan at Atchison College and stepped into politics based on request of Imran Khan in 1997.

  • In 1997, both Ayaz Sadiq and Imran Khan were in PTI and they contested elections from provincial and national assembly seats respectively from Zaman Park area. Both lost against PMLN, but Ayaz Sadiq got 4800 votes on provincial seat while Imran Khan got just 3200 votes, despite being on National Assembly seat, a celebrity and head of a political party.
  • Ayaz Sadiq left PTI in 1998 due to dictatorial attitude of Imran Khan in party affairs and joined PMLN in 2001 when it had collapsed under General Musharraf.
  • In 2002, when PMLN could barely win a few seats, Imran Khan lost election from Ayaz Sadiq in NA122 with margin of 18,893 votes, despite Imran Khan being a popular candidate for Prime Minister.
  • In 2008, Ayaz Sadiq beat PPP candidate with a massive lead of 54,543 votes, even though PPP won the elections on sympathy votes after assassination of their leader.
  • In 2013, Ayaz Sadiq beat Imran Khan with a margin of around 9,000 votes.

The following is the summary of NA122 Court/Tribunal case proceeding based on the rigging complain filed by Imran Khan:

  • On election day, not a single polling agent of PTI reported any form of rigging in the polls and they accepted free and fair polling with their signatures. Imran Khan filed a complaint in tribunal couple of weeks later about rigging.
  • Imran Khan’s lawyers did not appear in the court for 8 months, which led to 11 adjournments. The Chief Justice of High Court gave final warning to Imran Khan to present himself.
  • When asked for evidence, lawyers of Imran Khan submitted affidavits of his polling agents claiming that they saw rigging in 11 polling stations only out of 284, which represents just 3.87% votes of NA122.
  • The case was delayed as affidavits were only photocopies and originals were missing, which is some sort of a mistake that even a fresh lawyer does not do.
  • Case was delayed again as the original affidavits were produced but they were not attested by oath commissioner.
  • Then attested affidavits were submitted but found to be forged, as a female polling agent submitted affidavit for a male polling station.
  • Later it was found that the oath commissioner who attested the affidavits did not exist and a fake oath commissioner had attested documents.
  • Then the court called the witnesses from PTI and all claimed that they did not see the rigging in front of the judge.
  • Finally Imran Khan came to the court and claimed that he does not remember anything since his head was hurt on election day. He also claimed that all proofs of rigging were in the bags.