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Thank You Saudi Arabia 43 curiousity 1 hour
Government is protecting terrorists while innocent Pakistanis are a being killed 11 curiousity 1 hour
Pakistani government and army is turning a blind eye to real threat to Pakistan. 9 curiousity 1 hour
Pak team’s Saudi visit postponed on Riyadh’s call 1 wazirabadi 4 hours
مقدس روحانیت مذہب اور چیف جسٹس فیر صاحب کے فکری غوطے 3 lota6177 6 hours
Pakistan’s Identity Problem 26 Parvez 7 hours
After two dictators, now an elected Pakistani PM couldn't also say No! 17 ItemSharif 12 hours
Next Cricket Captain ??? 32 Anjaan 13 hours
World Cup 2015 578 ukpaki1 13 hours
Imran Khan congratulates Arif Alvi on Ptv attack 18 Anjaan 14 hours
Hello! Hello! 3 osakaboy 19 hours
مباشرت لقمان کی مباشرتیں 25 gulraiz55 1 day
Mob lynching - who is the culprit? 24 curiousity 2 days
Congratulations Pak Army Conquers Nine Zero 85 wazirabadi 2 days
Iran expands regional ‘empire’ ahead of nuclear deal 1 Shirazi 5 days
Why dont Pakistani Christians and Qadyani make their own TTP? 15 Sweettruth 5 days
Murdered people on direct orders of Zardari, Sharjeel, Z Mirza & Tappi - Uzair B 9 Sweettruth 5 days
altaf hussain killed imran farooq in 1998---saulat 2 Sweettruth 5 days
What a fake drama on 23rd of March!! 8 Anjaan 5 days
Exercise Eagle Resolve 2015 8 Anjaan 5 days
تحریک انصاف نے 19اپریل کو جناح گراؤنڈ میں جلسے کااعلان کردیا 3 Anjaan 5 days
Daya Ram Gidumal of Sindh — a silent servant, a silent sufferer 1 Shirazi 6 days
Is it morally correct to hang a person who committed crime while minor(14)? 77 Sweettruth 1 week
شیر دل جوانو کی جے آی ٹی 9 foveuvygbb 1 week
Dr. Imran Farooq Killers?????? 3 gulraiz55 1 week
لگتا ہے کے امپائر انگلی دیکھا دی ہے 17 gulraiz55 1 week
The future of God/Deepak Chopra 105 curiousity 1 week
110 most wanted terrorists in Punjab 12 Ghost Protocol 1 week
Is another "Raymond Davis" escape from Justice at works by government? 18 curiousity 1 week
My OpenLetter to Urdu Speaking Educated Youngsters... 20 Ghost Protocol 1 week
Invasion of Iraq led to rise of IS, says Obama 8 Afshan 1 week
Shabaz Badmash aur izzat-e-nafs 3 bsobaid 1 week
His master`s voice 2 J.A.Khan 1 week
فوج کے خلاف ایم کیو ایم کی حمایت - شکریہ زرداری 41 Shirazi 1 week
MQM MNA & his goons beat up NADRA staff for not obliging dual CNIC card holder 25 Imran Qadri 1 week
Punjabi-gardi urooj pay 147 bsobaid 1 week
The East India Company: The original corporate raiders 13 J.A.Khan 1 week
Rangers raided MQM headquarter, recovered the killer of Wali Babar 119 Shirazi 1 week
The Lahore Churches Attacks 3 سلیمان ڈار 1 week
فوج کے چمچوں کی سنئیے 2 gulraiz55 1 week
This Madness Must End 8 Afshan 1 week
cut deal with TTP as long they didn't conduct operations in Punjab 6 expakistani 2 weeks
اقبال اور اس کے طالبانوں کی مجلس شوریٰ 3 gulraiz55 2 weeks
THE BITTER TRUTH, MIGHT IS RIGHT 3 gulraiz55 2 weeks
Now Altaf does not recognise.... 1 alltrue12 2 weeks
Smart Girl, used her human right to reject / select groom. 4 curiousity 2 weeks
Pakistan successfully tests first indigenous armed drone: ISPR 5 curiousity 2 weeks
Mysterious # 90 3 Anjaan 2 weeks
'Jihadi John' or the boy next door? 18 ItemSharif 2 weeks
Senate Of Pakistan 2 curiousity 2 weeks
ISIS: New Ideology of a caliphate. 9 adnak 2 weeks
Crocodile tear sheding of Altaf 4 Parvez 2 weeks
Bargaining for release of Shabaz Taseer 2 Aay Khokar 2 weeks
Is this allowed in Islam? 16 Anjaan 2 weeks
U.S. Commerce Secretary Pritzker Kicks Off U.S.-Pakistan Business Opportunities 1 centcom 2 weeks
After seven-teen years 18 zufi 2 weeks
Raza Rabbani - Chairman Senate 31 Parvez 2 weeks
Female TV host shuts down scholar; it’s beneath him to be interviewed by a woman 16 J.A.Khan 2 weeks
Still in Denail! Please let us live in security & peace, accept responsibility 9 Anjaan 2 weeks
Shahbaz Sharif Negotiations with Taliban / AlQaeda Come to Light 1 runaway 2 weeks

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