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Is Imran Khan becoming Suicidal? 77 gulraiz55 2 hours
Who are current day Dr. Frankenstein(s) responsible for creation of this monster 1 sipahi 4 hours
PAT / PTI Agreement with Administration 34 sipahi 6 hours
Jashne-E-Azadi Mubarak 37 Javed Sheikh 6 hours
چوھدری نثارصاحب سے معذرت کے ساتھ 36 Shirazi 13 hours
PML N going down...Sana may fly abroad 4 adnak 14 hours
نام نہاد عظیم جمہوریت یا پھر سفید فام نسل پرست متعصبی ریاست؟؟ 4 adnak 14 hours
DG ISI and four others to retire in October 4 Dr. Zafar Malik 14 hours
Is using thumb impression to ascertain rigging technically possible? 37 Dr. Zafar Malik 14 hours
Brave Sheikh of Lal Havaili got scared as stones hit his container. 20 Dr. Zafar Malik 14 hours
پرویز رشید اور حاصل بزنجو کے چھکے 9 Dr. Zafar Malik 14 hours
A Pakistani legend passed away from this world. 8 Dr. Zafar Malik 14 hours
Trouble Makers of Pkpolitics Forum 101 Dr. Zafar Malik 14 hours
Is "Hate" Essential Feul of all Pakistani Political Parties and This Blog? 38 Dr. Zafar Malik 14 hours
What's the difference b/w Lal Masjid Danda Brigade and TuQ Danda Brigade 10 Dr. Zafar Malik 14 hours
Dr. Qadri Introduced Infamous Khar As A Heroic Person 12 Dr. Zafar Malik 14 hours
عمران خص ھو گيا- سونامی بس ھو گيا۔ 38 Dr. Zafar Malik 14 hours
An Extremely Dangerous move Behid Imran and Qadri Protest. 80 Dr. Zafar Malik 23 hours
پگڑی سنبھال بٹآ 8 Dr. Zafar Malik 23 hours
PTI to resign from NA, Punjab & Sindh assemblies 17 Dr. Zafar Malik 23 hours
PML-N plans pro-Nawaz rally 26 Dr. Zafar Malik 23 hours
Last Great Hope 33 Dr. Zafar Malik 23 hours
What's different b/w what IK plans to do vs what is done in military coup 41 Dr. Zafar Malik 23 hours
بادشاہ ، باغی ، چھوٹے راجے ، منصب دار ، فوج اور رعایا 86 Dr. Zafar Malik 23 hours
First major causality of IK stance on fairness of 2013 Election 10 Dr. Zafar Malik 23 hours
Imran Khan falls down from lifter while climbing on stage in Lahore 217 Dr. Zafar Malik 2 days
ماڈل ٹاؤن کیس: وزیر اعظم، وزیر اعلیٰ کے خلاف مقدمہ درج کرنے کا حکم 32 Dr. Zafar Malik 2 days
Five examples of civil disobedience to remember 20 Dr. Zafar Malik 2 days
پوری دنيا ميں یھی ھے- بل نھيں تو گيس اور بجلی بھی نھيں 2 Dr. Zafar Malik 3 days
Unfortunate 5 نادان 3 days
بچہ گائے دے رہی ہے درد بکری کو ہو رہا ہے 7 نادان 3 days
Flop March 37 Imran Qadri 3 days
Without judicial reforms, electoral reforms will be zero. 9 msyedh 3 days
لانگ مارچ کے شرکاء کی تعداد 67 Imran Qadri 3 days
پاشا پارٹی بمقابلہ بادشاہ پارٹی بمقابلہ باباپارٹی 1 gulraiz55 4 days
Minster Rana Mashood of PML N Caught Red-Handed 5 BitterTruth 4 days
Imran Khan Demands for Mid-Term Elections 14 Anjaan 4 days
GAZA - The Political Problem 487 lota6177 4 days
Great Position by SHC after IK / PTI and others demonized sumpreme judiciary. 1 sipahi 5 days
Self-beleaguered prime minister - Running out of options 136 pakistan_21 5 days
Is March to Islamabad modeled after Marcia Su Roma with common objective? 3 Javed Sheikh 5 days
TTP faction-claims-responsibility-for-attack-on-airbases-in-quetta 3 paksherazi 5 days
ڈيجيٹل آؤٹ ريچ 10 Hussain Farooqui 5 days
Government based on Technocrat versus Government based on non-political persons 11 sipahi 6 days
United States is air dropping aid in Iraq to help victims 25 Shirazi 6 days
Constitutional March versus Unconstitutional March 21 BitterTruth 6 days
لوگوں کا خوف 40 fear 6 days
Is There Any Moral Ground Left For Long March? 81 A Abdullah Shah 6 days
جہاں سورج غروب نہ ہو وہاں روزہ کیسے ممکن ہے؟ 348 Anjaan 6 days
آزادی مارچ کنٹینر تیار 3 J.A.Khan 6 days
عمران اور صوفی محمد میں مماثلت 1 Qarar 1 week
Islamic State of Iraq and Syria - ISIS 93 sipahi 1 week
'تُم روتے ہی رہنا' 5 gulraiz55 1 week
LHC prohibits PTI, PAT from 'unconstitutional' march and sit-in 3 sipahi 1 week
سعودی عدالت نے ویلنٹائن ڈے منانے پر5 افراد کو 39سال قید اور8ہزارکوڑوں کی سزا سنا 31 Qarar 1 week
اب تاج نھیں کنٹینر اچھالے جائینگے 50 xtra 1 week
Imran and Qadri become hand in glove 28 Anjaan 1 week
وہ عمر کی کونسی بہار ہوتی ہے؟ 65 Anjaan 1 week
وہابیت سے وہابیت تک 62 zindadil! 1 week
Imran Does Not Protest Rigging Against PTI In Karachi 35 alltrue12 1 week

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