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Murder of Sunni Deobandi most respected leader Mailk Ishaaq and its consqequence 20 pakistan_21 1 hour
Three Pronged Strategy of the Establishment against Mohajirs and the MQM 14 Anjaan 2 hours
PTI Stupidity on Judicial Commission Repor - Open Challenge to PTI Supporters 10 rambler313 4 hours
Khalistan 2020 - ??? 3 rambler313 4 hours
In 28 years what MQM gave to people of Karachi? 116 wazirabadi 5 hours
Reasons for Pakistan's failures 44 wazirabadi 6 hours
Karachi Cleanup News - The Final Round 19 wazirabadi 6 hours
Pakistan's MQM 'received Indian funding' -- BBC 134 wazirabadi 6 hours
IK,TUQ and ISI... 10 Javed Sheikh 1 day
What does China Cutting mean? 23 wazirabadi 1 day
AI (Autonomous) Weapons - Choice between Ethics and Power / Control! Which side will prevail? 1 curiousity 1 day
The fight against terrorism has been a success 2 Anjaan 1 day
دہشت گردی کے انمنٹ نقوش 82 Anjaan 1 day
The felons; they Love this Judiciary 2 imtiazahmed 1 day
Hypocrisy! 5 Qarar 1 day
Prime suspect in Imran Farooq murder arrested in Karachi: Nisar 46 curiousity 2 days
Thank You Saudi Arabia 147 curiousity 2 days
Classical false flag op 1 geelemitti 2 days
اے خضر کچھ تو ہی کر۔ 5 imtiazahmed 2 days
When misrule backfires 23 Anjaan 3 days
Government is protecting terrorists while innocent Pakistanis are a being killed 28 curiousity 3 days
Great Genius Of PMLN 16 adnak 3 days
Judicial Commission rejects PTI's election rigging claims 41 adnak 3 days
Sharif brothers reptilian brains 1 zufi 3 days
Three Great Nations Turkey Pakistan and Egypt 1 waseemca 4 days
Are Bahria Town is a sinking ship .......another point of view may be wrong 50 tahirnaseem 4 days
“ Kalabagh Dam: A Symbol of Victimization of Punjab By Other Provinces”. 21 Anjaan 4 days
Who is more powerful in Pakistan? Govt, Army or this group? 38 yasirjamal 5 days
What Is DHA Role? Is the DHA accountable to the government? 1 A Abdullah Shah 5 days
I (MR) do welfare with money acquired via bribery and that's how God has rewarded me! 46 Anjaan 5 days
Allah Don’t Like to Mention Women in Quran - Junaid Jamshed 22 minkza 6 days
MQM chief to go on hunger strike 12 wazirabadi 6 days
Pakistan A Reform Story 2 A Abdullah Shah 6 days
The volatile fusion: Origins, rise & demise of the ‘Islamic Left’ 1 Shirazi 6 days
How To Enable whatsapp Calling Feature 3 rahulsolanki1818 6 days
Government Employees Versus Common People of Pakistan. 6 M.AKRAM 1 week
Fruits of Prosperity in Pakistan have reached the general public 3 curiousity 1 week
Love of Taliban doesn't leave even when Taliban & their friends continue to kill 2 Shirazi 1 week
Britain owes reparations 1 Shirazi 1 week
A Marvelous Pakistani Revolution 54 abdulqayyumrao 1 week
An appeal to Gen. Raheel Sharif 14 Ghost Protocol 1 week
America and Iran, can foes be friends? 59 Afshan 1 week
Why Ain ali was bailed-? 6 imtiazahmed 1 week
Intimidatory tactics 1 expakistani 1 week
Iran's strategic port offer to help India bypass Pakistan 2 Parvez 1 week
15 persons ended life every hour in India 1 Parvez 1 week
زندگی کیسے وجود اتی ہے 5 fear 1 week
Modi vs Lakhvi... 21 Parvez 1 week
World's 10 Greatest Inventions 13 wazirabadi 1 week
مغرب میں بچوں کو اسلامی تعلیم دیجئے مگر اپنے رسک پر 20 Qarar 1 week
Eid Mubarak 12 wazirabadi 1 week
Mohammad Hafeez banned from Bowling after failing assessment 2 Shirazi 1 week
Justice Javed Iqbal on Indo-Pak and Kashmir 10 Shirazi 1 week
مومن ہے تو بے تیغ بھی لڑتا ہے سپاہی؟ 1 Ghost Protocol 1 week
A Case of fake degree in journalism by Reham Khan 23 Ghost Protocol 1 week
nwfp govt announces roet halla comitte meeting 25 azizi 1 week
The looming IS threat 1 Shirazi 2 weeks
Barack Obama is one of the most consequential presidents in American history 1 Shirazi 2 weeks
Greece heading towards financial collapse - Any lesson? 39 Shirazi 2 weeks

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