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Attack on Hamid Meer 81 سلیمان ڈار 54 minutes
Why Saudi prince is allowed to trample all over Islamic, Pakistani and Int.laws 18 سلیمان ڈار 1 hour
Allama Iqbal, My apologies on what nation has done to your dream. 105 sipahi 1 hour
Shut GEO News - Minstry of Defence to PEMRA 15 سلیمان ڈار 1 hour
Hindutva leader asks Hindus not to let Muslims buy property 15 سلیمان ڈار 2 hours
Presidential elections in Afghanistan and its impact on Pakistan 19 sipahi 2 hours
PTI will have local bodies election in KPK within 90 days - SM 16 sipahi 2 hours
Aesthetic sense -some observations by mustansar tarar 21 bsobaid 4 hours
What is good journalism? What is news? What is opinion? 1 sipahi 7 hours
رحمتہ اللعالمین کا مطلب کیاھے 42 sipahi 8 hours
پیپلز پارٹی - ایک تنقیدی جائزہ 1 Qarar 14 hours
سعودی عرب میں شوہروں کو تشدد کا نشانہ بنانے والی 4 خواتین پر مقدمہ چلانے پر غور 2 adnak 15 hours
Duplicate 2 sipahi 15 hours
!قوم کو بادام کھلائے جائیں 1 Qarar 16 hours
متحدہ قومی موومنٹ سندھ حکومت کا حصہ بن گئی 2 Qarar 16 hours
White-washing the white terrorism 4 Shirazi 18 hours
پاکستان میں بائیں بازو کی تحریک کی ناکامی کے اسباب 38 fear 1 day
طالبان کے ساتھ مذاکرات جاری 23 sipahi 1 day
Raza Roomi attacked by TTP target killers for his views against TTP 38 sipahi 1 day
They can't provide food, shelter, security, education, medicine,etc , but .. 8 sipahi 1 day
The evolution of Mohajir politics and identity 1 Shirazi 1 day
Islam In Islamabad 13 Hussain Farooqui 2 days
ایک تھپڑ کے بدلے قتل معاف 19 sipahi 2 days
باوا کو رہا کیا جاۓ 375 fear 2 days
musharaf is liability 5 Achoota 2 days
Is this ethnic cleansing being done by TTP & Co with support of KPK/Fed govts? 16 sipahi 3 days
Strength of Woman and Islam!! 8 Hussain Farooqui 3 days
Are there common thoughts between religious and non-religious scientific humans? 12 hypocrite 3 days
Rumors that turns into facts 2 hypocrite 3 days
Is this playing with exchange rate good for Pakistan and Pakistanis? 2 imtiazahmed 3 days
Is USA feeling a great setback in Syria proxy war? 2 Hussain Farooqui 4 days
Blast in Islamabad! Who dun it? Initial reports are 23 martyred. 21 sipahi 4 days
The Wrong Enemy America in Afghanistan, 2001-2014 3 expakistani 4 days
Yesterday vs Today 50 Hussain Farooqui 4 days
Vison 2025 - Opening Speech by Ahsan Iqbal 6 Javed Sheikh 4 days
General (Ret.) Pasha is a danger for Pakistan Atomic Assets 2 Norwegian 5 days
Thousands of Mercenaries Like Mumtaz Qadri Will Be Born If Justice Not Dispensed 9 Hussain Farooqui 5 days
Does Steroid shorten the natural life span? 12 Hussain Farooqui 5 days
An open letter to Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri 29 fear 5 days
Altaf Hussain applies for Pakistani passport, says can come back anytime 14 bsobaid 5 days
اگر بجلی مہنگی اور انصاف نہ ملے تو چوری کرنا ثواب ہے، جمشید دستی 4 Fahad89 5 days
بھارتی سپریم کورٹ کا خواجہ سراؤں کو تیسری جنس کا درجہ دینے کا حکم 4 Shirazi 5 days
Internet Access through Drones - increased Competition. 3 Qarar 5 days
WHO declares Peshawar world’s ‘largest reservoir’ of polio 26 Qarar 5 days
برطانیہ میں دنبے کے نام پر دوسرے جانوروں کے گوشت کے استعمال کا انکشاف 2 Qarar 5 days
بلیاں بلیاں جھاک دیاں راجے راجے کھاندے 27 adnak 5 days
Deserted Forum 81 Hussain Farooqui 6 days
Message from Pakistan Army 39 Hussain Farooqui 1 week
Election in NA-89 rescheduled; petition filed against PML-N MNA 7 sipahi 1 week
Facts vs Perceptions 13 Shirazi 1 week
Edward Snowden Prize? 2 Shirazi 1 week
Bhakkar cannibals return to eating human flesh 24 fear 1 week
نواز شریف کی مقبولیت میں اضافہ اور عمران خان کی مقبولیت میں کمی آئی، گیلپ سروے 17 Hussain Farooqui 1 week
Don't miss! Watch Total Lunar Eclipse on the night between 14th & 15th April. 1 sipahi 1 week
'Double dealing': How Pakistan hid Osama 1 expakistani 1 week
ايک اور امريکی تحفہ 3 Javed Sheikh 1 week
Musharraf - a coward hiding behind nine sicknesses 44 Javed Sheikh 1 week
Religious Tolerence in Oman 5 Qarar 1 week
Get ready to pay more tax, while getting more insecure - gift of PML N 2 fear 1 week
Corps Commander Conference: Displeasure expressed over Kh. Asif's statements 36 Hussain Farooqui 1 week

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