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Response to Imran Khan's Letter for Aleem Khan Support 4 imtiazahmed 7 hours
should balochi rebels who murdered civilians be forgiven? 9 inggil 12 hours
only 3 ruppees decrease in petrol rate and increase in gas rates by govt.cruel 1 rambler313 16 hours
کس کس کی اینٹ سے اینٹ بجتی دکھائی دے رہی ہے؟۔ 5 expakistani 18 hours
Gibraltar, Grand Slam and war 11 Anjaan 19 hours
NA 122 35 adnak 2 days
اپنے لوگوں اور بچوں کو مارنے کی کسی کو اجازت نہیں دیں گے 5 Anjaan 3 days
ايک اور امريکی منصوبہ 58 Anjaan 3 days
A sound foreign policy 3 S.R.H. Hashmi 3 days
Lt. Gen. (R) Hameed Gul Passed Away 23 adnak 4 days
ISIS Enshrines a Theology of Rape 17 Anjaan 4 days
Prime suspect in Imran Farooq murder arrested in Karachi: Nisar 50 curiousity 5 days
دہشت گردی کے انمنٹ نقوش 100 rambler313 5 days
modi signs 75 billion $ deals in landmark arab visit.pakistan punished 31 Shirazi 6 days
Mere saamne wali sarhad pe .... 3 azizi 6 days
In 28 years what MQM gave to people of Karachi? 123 Sharwan Nath Sidh 6 days
Karachi Cleanup News - The Final Round 27 wazirabadi 1 week
What does China Cutting mean? 27 wazirabadi 1 week
Time to talk to Israel? 14 Anjaan 1 week
Prize bond results 3 adnak 1 week
Foolish Foreign Policy of Pakistan with India. 6 Javed Sheikh 1 week
So who is reluctant to have a civilian oversight committee for Karachi operation 10 curiousity 1 week
شجاع خانزادہ پرحملہ: 4 ملزمان کی ڈرامائی گرفتاری 3 yahya 1 week
چینی شہریوں کی گرفتاری پر پولیس کی معذرت 3 hypocrite 1 week
Malala aces her O-levels 4 Javed Sheikh 1 week
Stop child abuse and save children. 13 شیطان 1 week
Ghosts in NBP 1 imtiazahmed 1 week
General Hameed Gul : Mujahideen-Taliban and Victory of his Vision 1 Aay Khokar 1 week
Optimism on the Iran Deal, Whichever Way Congress Decides 1 geelemitti 1 week
Upsetting the civil-military balance 1 S.R.H. Hashmi 1 week
So who wants MQM out of Assembly ? 7 Shirazi 1 week
Allah Don’t Like to Mention Women in Quran - Junaid Jamshed 22 fear 2 weeks
Seven terrorists sentenced to death 22 Javed Sheikh 2 weeks
14th August 34 Shirazi 2 weeks
Isn't this a case that our person can conspire but yours can't even say anything 12 imtiazahmed 2 weeks
The MQM's latest gamble 1 S.R.H. Hashmi 2 weeks
MQM lawmakers tender resignations from NA, Senate and Sindh Assembly 28 AdnanAhmer 2 weeks
A message of Solidarity 2 Anjaan 2 weeks
Some people with power are above law in Pakistan. Is this democracy? 3 Anjaan 2 weeks
Who is more powerful in Pakistan? Govt, Army or this group? 45 Anjaan 2 weeks
MonoEthnic Politics By MQM and Need to Recoganize and accept this fact. 10 M.AKRAM 2 weeks
pkpolitics tweeted: Time for PMLN-JI alliance in Karachi 1 expakistani 2 weeks
Reasons and Solutions of risky sexual behaviour of Pakistani Youths. 40 Anjaan 2 weeks
High-ups play down child abust scandal 51 Anjaan 2 weeks
Is removal of MQM from politics part of SSI formula? 5 Anjaan 2 weeks
Army sentences two former generals in NLC corruption case 7 curiousity 2 weeks
Insult of Indian Muhajirs and Indian Muslims by Altaf 100 wazirabadi 2 weeks
New MQM 1 wazirabadi 3 weeks
Pakistan's MQM 'received Indian funding' -- BBC 142 wazirabadi 3 weeks
Jaali Degree of Murad Saeed (PTI) and the Poor VC 4 xtra 3 weeks
A challenge from inside to IK vis-a-vis his hypocrisy. 27 pakistan_21 3 weeks
Reasons for Pakistan's failures 50 wazirabadi 3 weeks
Reknowned TV channel anchor Mueed Peerzada has been arrested 5 wazirabadi 3 weeks
Constituional petition against amendment18 & 21 dismissed 15 rambler313 3 weeks
Tarek Fatah 1 Ghost Protocol 3 weeks
From Dharna to Judicial Commission Report 10 pakistan_21 3 weeks
Tehrik-e-Istaqlal decides to merge into PTI 6 rambler313 3 weeks
Kalabagh Dam: A Symbol of Victimization of Punjab By Other Provinces 30 Khalidm55 3 weeks
DHARNA CONSPIRACY EXPOSED 8 pakistan_21 3 weeks

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