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Why capital was shifted from Karachi to Islamabad??? 27 BitterTruth 10 hours
Interesting report on Pak dramas in cs monitor 3 bsobaid 10 hours
جیو نیوز کا نیا ستارہ 8 EasyGo 11 hours
ISIS jihadists open 'marriage bureau' 11 Hussain Farooqui 12 hours
GAZA - The Political Problem 326 adnak 12 hours
جہاں سورج غروب نہ ہو وہاں روزہ کیسے ممکن ہے؟ 126 J.A.Khan 14 hours
Eid mubrak 36 Anjaan 17 hours
Countdown begins(email from PTI) 14 J.A.Khan 19 hours
Imran Khan is having Eid Lunch, while most of Pakistan is observing 29th fast. 7 sipahi 21 hours
Islamic State of Iraq and Syria - ISIS 76 Shirazi 1 day
PM celebrates Eid on Monday, while most of Pakistanis will celebrate on Tuesday 13 BitterTruth 2 days
Three Ahmadis, including two minors, killed in Gujranwala 16 Anjaan 2 days
دہشت گردی کے انمنٹ نقوش 32 sipahi 2 days
Street cricket in Pakistan: A personal history 1 Shirazi 2 days
Imran Vs. Arslan 79 Anjaan 2 days
Malala Must Raise A Voice of Protest Against Atrocities Over Palestinian Childre 79 Anjaan 2 days
A touchy 'Good Bye' from Geo News by Kamran Khan 13 Hussain Farooqui 3 days
276 School Girls Kidnaped In Nigeria 42 adnak 4 days
Why God's gender is masculine??? 32 Anjaan 4 days
Yet another Malaysian plane or yet another false flag? 16 سلیمان ڈار 5 days
First Pakistan team of climbers scale K2 summit 2 سلیمان ڈار 5 days
700+ killed in 2 days in Syria as ISIS tightens grip on east 30 Anjaan 5 days
ISIS terrorists blow up Hazrat Yunus Shrine in Iraq 28 Anjaan 5 days
KHILAFAT - Finally Established 12 adnak 5 days
Pakistan-launches-zarb-e-azb-military-operation 60 Sweettruth 5 days
10-year-old boy's arms chopped off in Gujarat over electricity dispute 12 Sweettruth 5 days
No Dharna for poor Ghaza victims??? 24 J.A.Khan 5 days
Admin can't controle Anjaan. Bye everybody 44 Sweettruth 6 days
Rape Hamas Militants' Mothers and Sisters to Deter Terrorist: Israeli Professor 5 Hussain Farooqui 1 week
Hindutva fanatic forcing fasting Muslim to eat caught on video 30 Hussain Farooqui 1 week
مرزا شاہین سیالکوٹی سے ملیں 1 omair.mahmood 1 week
مرزا شاہین سیالکوٹی سے ملیں 1 omair.mahmood 1 week
مرزا شاہین سیالکوٹی سے ملیں 1 omair.mahmood 1 week
19 members of MQM Rabita Committee suspended indefinitely 17 gulraiz55 1 week
لڑائی سے بے گھر ہونے والے پاکستانیوں کیلئے مزید ۸۰ لاکھ ڈالرکی امریکی امداد 23 Sweettruth 1 week
Help the I.D.P's 49 Sweettruth 1 week
البغدادی منظرِعام پر، اطاعت کرنے کی اپیل 20 Sweettruth 1 week
یہ گلو دہشتگرد نہیں ہیں 7 Sweettruth 1 week
What a proud and great Muslim of KPK!!! 14 J.A.Khan 1 week
The musical chair game for BCCP Chairman 36 Anjaan 1 week
Nawaz Sharif is most Papular Leador in Pakistan according Latest PEW survey .. 30 Ghost Protocol 1 week
Najam Sethi exposed the reality of 14th August march 40 BitterTruth 1 week
Geopolitical Situation and impact on Pakistan 3 hypocrite 1 week
وہ جیو سے شرمندہ ہے 4 Javed Sheikh 1 week
A Rs200 million photo op 2 BitterTruth 1 week
Only Muslim Unity Can Rescue The Muslims of Palestine, Kashmir, Burma, Etc.. 31 Sweettruth 1 week
What kind of mentality is this? 5 Sweettruth 1 week
Raiwind Palaces Vacinity Under Attack 8 J.A.Khan 2 weeks
Govt, opposition agree on procedure to form electoral reforms body 3 EasyGo 2 weeks
’استعفے کا مطالبہ بے جا ہے، مسائل حل کر وں گا‘ 8 J.A.Khan 2 weeks exclusive news scoops 2 J.A.Khan 2 weeks
وائٹ ہاؤس ميں افطار ڈنر 2 Sweettruth 2 weeks
Jurm e Zaeefi Ki Methi Goliyan 6 Javed Sheikh 2 weeks
صحافی کرے تو کیا کرے 3 allahbanda 2 weeks
Brave, ethical, dutiful and diligent European Army and European governments !!!! 1 sipahi 2 weeks
حلیمہ کو میڈیا نے مارا 1 omair.mahmood 2 weeks
میراثی کا پوت 4 Javed Sheikh 2 weeks
Just in 30 Days: Modi's Decisions 19 Anjaan 2 weeks
Altaf bhai's soul mate ... 3 azizi 2 weeks
Dear Admin 27 Anjaan 2 weeks

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