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The problems of polygamy 179 Shirazi 1 minute
Altaf baizzat bury??? 8 Hussain Farooqui 10 minutes
What Is Pasha London Conspiracy? 213 Hussain Farooqui 1 hour
Imran Must Dissolve His Dharna And Pay Attention To KPK Development 1 Hussain Farooqui 1 hour
Is China on verge of economic crisis? 10 Hussain Farooqui 1 hour
Qadri Ended His Dharna? 16 xtra 3 hours
Lahore metror bus project at loss 3 adnak 3 hours
ARY TV Channel Banned for 15 Days 34 xtra 7 hours
بی لاولد کی زندگی اجیرن ھوگئ 2 bsobaid 9 hours
Happy Diwali 1 expakistani 9 hours
A few 'jewels' coming out of Council of Islamic Ideology 8 Javed Sheikh 11 hours
PTI Smuggles Diesel to Dharna 5 imtiazahmed 15 hours
New Opposition Leader? 11 jaw123 15 hours
New tactics of Altaf 13 alltrue12 1 day
Who are the real Heirs of Bhutto Family 26 gulraiz55 1 day
ستاروں کا دور - عمران خان ، بلاول ، مریم نواز 18 gulraiz55 1 day
Badge of honour: KP's female cops break new ground 7 mkhan1 1 day
Isn't this bigger achievement in healthcare by a Pakistani compared to IK's SKMH 19 sipahi 1 day
Well Done Bilawal Zardari 83 Qarar 1 day
Million March for Kashmir in England 1 bsobaid 1 day
Misbah ul Haq's Accounts frozen for tax evasion; 750k/180M pay Income Tax - FBR 14 Qarar 1 day
My reply to Malala Attackers 38 Afshan 1 day
دہشت گردی کے انمنٹ نقوش 58 Afshan 1 day
MQM quits government with PPP in SINDH 12 Anjaan 2 days
سرمایہ دارانہ نظام اور پاکستان 2 zindadil! 2 days
پیپلز پارٹی ، ایسٹبلشمنٹ اور عوام 14 Javed Sheikh 2 days
Haider 13 lota6177 3 days
Hajj- Akbar Mubarak 74 BitterTruth 3 days
Lafz Mahajir 37 bsobaid 3 days
Scriptwriter is Pakistan Army - A Must See Video 4 Shirazi 3 days
BHUTOOS ARE THEY SHAHEED.-? 11 Anjaan 3 days
MQM QUITES SINDH GOVT. 2 Anjaan 3 days
What is called it ------Conspiracy of democrats???? 1 tahirnaseem 4 days
Imran Khan getting married again - Jemima Khan 7 expert 4 days
Is Javed Hashmi losing Multan bye election? 107 tahirnaseem 4 days
عمران خان کی بونگیاں 21 sam45 5 days
Where is Form XIV and XV for NA-149 By election 1 tahirnaseem 5 days
توہین رسالت کی مسیحی ملزمہ کی سزائے موت برقرار 14 Anjaan 5 days
طالبان کی ایم کیو ایم سے بھتے کی درخواست 25 BitterTruth 5 days
Petition against nuclear reactor near Karachi 5 bsobaid 5 days
Nobel Peace Prize - 2014 44 bsobaid 5 days
38 years 1st epidemic, no vaccine,no drugs,no cure why? Failure of Science OR .. 28 Qarar 5 days
پاکستان کیوں خالی ہو رہا ہے؟ 7 Anjaan 5 days
Pakistani artist wins prestigious ArtPrize award 4 Anjaan 6 days
SHC stops PAEC from starting work on N-plants 1 mkhan1 6 days
Market might put the lady luck in Nawaz Sharif’s lap 3 azizi 6 days
کاش ملالہ جہادی بن جائے 3 Anjaan 6 days
سادہ لوح عمران خان سے کوئی نا مناسب ، غلط یا غیر منطقی کام کیوں ہو جاتا ہے ؟ 54 Anjaan 6 days
Who's who list of parliamentarians failing to submit their assets to ECP by 9/30 11 Anjaan 6 days
Kyani and Pasha congratulated Amreeka on Abbotabad operation 3 bsobaid 1 week
Will SC CJ order help PML n and PPP to appoint CEC without PTI input? 2 BitterTruth 1 week
Dharna moved to PM house! 274 sipahi 1 week
WHO imposes travel restrictions on Pakistan 22 sipahi 1 week
خبر اور خواہش 1 Javed Sheikh 1 week
PTI to resign from NA, Punjab & Sindh assemblies 18 sipahi 1 week
Dharna Generation! Pollination of impressionable kids by IK and TuQ! 1 sipahi 1 week
The end of VIP culture - Abdul Qadir Gillani's guard shot motorcyclist 68 Qarar 1 week
Kerry-Lugar Act: US unlikely to extend civilian aid package beyond 2015 1 Shirazi 1 week
peaceful protest: GO Nawaz Go 51 adnak 1 week
Interview with a Karachi Target Killer 1 alltrue12 1 week

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