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طالبان کے ساتھ مذاکرات جاری 21 adnak 3 days
Religious Tolerence in Oman 5 Qarar 6 days
Pakistan's own BlackWater - Fauji/Bahria Foundation,USA arm fire-sale and $1.5 B 47 J.A.Khan 1 week
Can Pakistan recover without deweaponization of licensed and unlicensed weapons? 72 sipahi 1 week
Deviant & Digressed People Use Blasphemy As Their Weapon 22 lota6177 1 week
منکرین مذہب اور صاحبان عقیدہ سے کچھ گزارشات 29 fear 1 week
لاہور:توہینِ رسالت کے عیسائی ملزم کے لیے موت کی سزا 50 adnak 2 weeks
پی کے پالیٹکس کے ایک بلاگر کو خطرناک نتائج کی دھمکی 40 Hussain Farooqui 2 weeks
’پاکستانی معاشی شرح نمو، نیپال اور افغانستان سے کم‘ 1 adnak 2 weeks
Six Signs You May be a Pakistani “Liberal” 8 imtiazahmed 3 weeks
America's Best Interest Is In Placating Pakistanis Rather Than Suppressing Them 101 Hussain Farooqui 3 weeks
What's going to happen on April 1st? State will be firm or melt like jello 4 sipahi 3 weeks
T20: Bangladeshis banned from flying rivals' flags 62 فارغ جذباتی 3 weeks
Security System of VIP's and VVIP's Is The Only Perfect System 6 Hussain Farooqui 3 weeks
CII chief opposes laws against polygamy 268 sipahi 3 weeks
لبرل حضرات اور مذہبی بحث 95 gulraiz55 4 weeks
کیا بلاول کی باری آئے گی ؟ 9 zindadil! 4 weeks
ایک سے زیادہ قومی زبانیں 18 Hussain Farooqui 1 month
مذہبی شخصیات اور دیسی لبرل گرو 46 Javed Sheikh 1 month
On who's behest 2nd Amendment to the 1973 Constitution of Pakistan was made? 4 J.A.Khan 1 month
Pakistan’s changing ideological profile 1 zindadil! 1 month
Pakistan Hangu soldiers killed as talks due to resume 2 Qarar 1 month
Some Suggestions For The KPK Government Towards Economic Uplift Of The Province 22 Anjaan 1 month
واپسی 2 qadirm 1 month
Iran Gas Project Off The Table 2 ahsanamin 1 month
[Poll] "Solution of terrorism must be within Constitution of Pakistan" - Pakistanis 28 sipahi 1 month
The caliphate cometh! Newsweek --Pakistanis be ready to do bait or head chopped! 16 Norwegian 2 months
پاکستانیوں کے سات تضادات 52 zindadil! 2 months
کیا اب بھی کوئی شک باقی ہے؟ 3 Javed Sheikh 2 months
Video: US Congressman Gohmert backs an Independent Balochistan 31 Hussain Farooqui 2 months
Video: UNMANNED: America's Drone Wars 1 hariskhan 2 months
Happy New Year 2014 20 Sweettruth 3 months
Dr Israr Ahmad - Jawab Deh 2 bsobaid 3 months
The cost of rent-a-war on Pakistan's economy 55 Afshan 4 months
تندولکر کی تعریف نہ کریں: تحریکِ طالبان پاکستان 14 Fahad89 4 months
Pakistan's place in the Islamic world 105 hariskhan 4 months
Nawaz Sharif easing Visa restrictions between India, Pakistan 88 سلیمان ڈار 4 months
After youtube IMDB blocked, Welcome to Blockistan 30 سلیمان ڈار 4 months
What's new for JOBS in Pakistan ? 5 Anjaan 4 months
انصار عباسی اور پی تی ای کا اصل چہرہ 2 Sweettruth 5 months
Pakistani Army per aik Tanzia Video- banned in Pakistan by PTA 2 3D_fanboy 5 months
Was Hakeemullah a friend or enemy of Pakistan? 66 Hussain Farooqui 5 months
Unholy Speech and Holy Laws 16 پپو جی 5 months
The Beautiful Tragedy of the Bhutto Dynasty 14 Bawa 5 months
[Poll] Sharif reiterated that Pakistan needed to put its house in order first. 26 junaid 5 months
Media Must Now Follow Sirat E Mustaqeem After TTP's Threat 10 Hussain Farooqui 6 months
Z A Bhutto - a political thinker 58 Bawa 6 months
Deflecting blame: ‘Anti-peace elements behind bomb blasts in K-P not TTP’ 4 imtiazahmed 6 months
Waar - Pakistani movie 3 fear 6 months
"Union of Afghanistan and Pakistan." 103 Sweettruth 6 months
A new social , regional , political contract with NRO for All 9 Bay Khabar 6 months
اسلام آباد کے نزدیک ایک اور اسلام آباد بنانے کا منصوبہ 33 Bay Khabar 6 months
Why do Imran, JI and JUI have soft corners for terrorists? 136 Hussain Farooqui 6 months
Why Can't Our Statesmen Be Intelligent & Honest Like The Iranian Leaders? 7 Hussain Farooqui 7 months
آل پارٹیز کانفرنس تنازعات کی زد میں 10 sipahi 7 months
ملالہ یوسفزئی ایمنسٹی کی ’ضمیر کی سفیر‘ 2 Sweettruth 7 months
حکومت کا پی آئی اے کے 26 فیصد حصص کی نج کاری کا فیصلہ 19 pkpolitician 7 months
Can We Write Anti-Religion Or Anti-Ideology Things On Indian and Israeli Forums? 1 Hussain Farooqui 7 months
Pak vs Zim 3rd ODI Live Match Scorecard 31st Aug 2013 1 Musa_Jutt 7 months
There Can't Be Any Positive Outcome of Talks With Terrorist Groups 1 Hussain Farooqui 7 months

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