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گالیوں سے گولیوں تک الزامی انقلاب کا ایک اور شاہکار

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  1. Posted 3 years ago on 26 Feb 2012 23:24 #
  2. انقلابی بچے گالیوں سے گولیوں تک آ پونچے ہیں اب ان بچوں کو لگام ڈالنی پڑے گی

    Posted 3 years ago on 26 Feb 2012 23:26 #
  3. siddiqi73

    @Ali Bhai,

    Please be fair...after all this was bound to happen when you are in alliance lock, stock and barrel with a Karachi based party and trying hard to adopt their ideology.

    Posted 3 years ago on 27 Feb 2012 4:45 #
  4. Bawa

    کیا یہ گولی کسی ممی ڈیڈی انقلابی نے چلائی ہے؟

    یہ سراسر الزام ہے - ایسا ممکن ہی نہیں ہے - یہ ہو سکتا ہے کہ کوئی انقلابی گولی دھوپ میں رکھکر خود کہیں چھپ گیا ہو اور کہا ہو کہ

    آپے تپسی تے آپے ٹھس ہوسی

    اور ایسا ہی ہوا ہوگا کہ گولی دھوپ میں گرم ہو کر خود ہی چل گئی ہوگی


    Posted 3 years ago on 27 Feb 2012 5:28 #
  5. khanamer

    What is new in this, IK have already warned Pakistanies about it, as he says there will be blood bath in Pakistan if there is no free and fair elections i.e. if his party doesn't win... above is just marketing commercial, there is more to come.

    All this when they have boycotted the elections,imagine what will happen when they will take part in it and loose and then accuse everyone of the rigging and start killing people of other parties???

    Posted 3 years ago on 27 Feb 2012 6:00 #
  6. zingaro

    In my opinion, the matter should be investigated fairly. The very first news came on air was that in the rally of Musa Gilani, heavy firing was made in celebration and during the course of firing, a man was shot dead. In Today's newspapers, I saw that PTI workers have been arrested under accusation. I have doubts that how some intruders can do so in the rally of son of Prime Minister Gilani. We all know the protocols of Gilanies these days. But again, the matter should be fairly investigated and whoever is culprit, should be punished.

    Posted 3 years ago on 27 Feb 2012 6:29 #
  7. anasyounus

    Posted 3 years ago on 27 Feb 2012 6:45 #

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