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3 # Attock NA-57 to NA-59 (3 NAT Assemb) & PP-15 TO PP-19 (5 Punjb Assemb)

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  1. National Assembly Constituencies:
    Please now we need fair analysis.
    With the name of candidates in a decent language.
    Hope so we make this effort count.

    please every body from these constituencies and those having good knowledge about current situation should throw light in constructive and mathematical manner. thanks

    NA-57 Attock-i Attock Tehsil (Ex. Sanjwal Cantt. Burhan Q.H)

    NA-58 Attock-ii Pindi Gheb Tehsil, Jand Tehsil.

    NA-59 Attock-iii Hassan Abdal Tehsil, Fateh Jhang Tehsil, Sanjwal Cantt. Burhan Q.H

    Notable Politicians:

    Posted 3 years ago on 16 Sep 2012 10:43 #
  2. just write according to you how will be the candidate of which party and how vote he get. and who will be the winner


    Ali PTI 1xxxx
    Usman PML N 1xxxx
    Omer PPPP+PMLQ 1xxxx
    xyz JI 1xxxx
    abc ind 1xxxx

    winner XXXXX

    thanks please remain in decent language limit. and do not comments just figure.

    Posted 3 years ago on 16 Sep 2012 10:58 #
  3. faisal Nawaz

    At All three seats of attock a tough competition is likely to happen.
    NA 57 it is a three way contest. Sheikh aftab won last time but he forgets constituency after winning.if Malik Ameen aslam remains in pti they have a good chance
    1and 2 Ameen aslam or sheikh aftab depending ipon who visits here imran khan or nawaz sharif
    at no. 3 will be q plus ppp canidade

    NA 58 competition will be between malik sohail and pppplus q league. malik sohail has more chances of winning if pti have no major breakdown until then.
    so 1. malik sohail khan
    2. ppp plus q
    NA 59 depends a lot on pmln slection. Malik Asif there last time canidade has no personal sadar saleem haider of ppp is relative of chaudary Nisar.
    malik sohail from pti will also contest from here as his father use to contetst.
    both pp seats now to pmln so
    1. pmln canidade but more chance will be if they file some good name
    2. sardar saleem haider
    3. malik sohail

    Posted 3 years ago on 17 Sep 2012 2:19 #

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