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Aisha Ahad Malik.Hamza Shahbaz repeating Dad's history..Un-disclosed marriage..

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  1. saladin89

    PML N are coming to an end slowly but surely it will happen. There bull will not help them anymore, the majority of public have seen through them now, chappals will be thrown at them and they will have no where to hide, not even there slave masters US will be able to help them. Get out of your homes and take these snakes out, they are a bigger enemy to u then India itself. THis zulm has to stop now, enough is enough.

    Posted 4 years ago on 11 Oct 2011 15:00 #
  2. siddiqi73


    Yawnnnnn...take a number and get in line pal. I don't know why we always tend to forget the Punjab University Chitrol.

    Posted 4 years ago on 11 Oct 2011 15:02 #
  3. saladin89

    We will stand behind the sister, watch yourselves PML N, don't u dare do anything to her, otherwise the awam will give them more than just chappals.

    Injustice is being done and where are the people of Pakistan. Torturing a woman, these buzdil people have no shame, first they released RD to please there US masters and now this. These dirty nooners have to come to an end, otherwise they will drown Pakistan

    Posted 4 years ago on 11 Oct 2011 15:07 #
  4. siddiqi73

    @Saladin 89,

    Sir yes Sir! and then the spell of that high quality charas would dilute and you would realize that you are eating naan pakora at Bhatti Chowk instead of levitating in Lala Land.

    Speaking of justice, it was no where to be seen when Mukhtaran Mai was gang raped and Imran Khan at the time was busy ingratiating the generals headed by a Bay-Zamir, voting for LFO and 17th Amendment. Not a word of condemnation by the champion of human rights? Shame shame shame. Lets move forward, Dr. Shazia raped by a serving Capt. of the Army and nothing, zilch not even a whimper by this phony Kaptaan who Mazhar Majeed has now claimed is a match fixer as well.

    Practice what your preach home boy instead of releasing hot gases in our direction. Apologize to the family of Sita White for screwing her, disowning her, impregnating her and then give birth to her child out of wedlock. Own Tyrian and give her the name and the love of the father that she has yearned for all these years..

    As far as chappals are concerned, y'all and your leader even remotely try to be heroes and the danda of SS and Rana Sanaullah would be doing the talking. Ciao!

    Don't ever forget the caption of this video:

    Posted 4 years ago on 11 Oct 2011 17:38 #
  5. Talash

    Mr.Siddiqi u need some urgent mental treatment.

    Posted 4 years ago on 11 Oct 2011 17:57 #
  6. siddiqi73


    Thank you sir, you are not the only one of the opinion. Concurrently, I might take the liberty to add that you are in some serious "Talash" of a real life. Better get some before you also turn into a 58 year old aspiring to live in a Banigala Mansion.

    Posted 4 years ago on 11 Oct 2011 18:04 #
  7. Zoab Khan

    Siddiqi how does Imran Khan fit in to this?
    The topic here was Hamza Sharif and his jackazz behavior.

    this should be the of PML-N and MQM. Zardari is already killing PPP the more he stays in power.

    Posted 4 years ago on 11 Oct 2011 18:36 #
  8. Scandinavian


    This is because S73, Adonis and the other hang around nooners have been given the task to defame IK/PTI by all UNFAIR means.

    They do belong to Pakistan "Muslim" League - Nawaz, butt there is more Nawaz in them than Muslim. They are willing to use ANY mean to hang on to power. Last time they did get after IK, they had success, but this time they will fail, inshallah. They will fail because people know ALL of the DIRTY tactics. They stand naked and exposed!

    Posted 4 years ago on 11 Oct 2011 19:11 #
  9. siddiqi73

    Someone is still day dreaming.

    Posted 4 years ago on 11 Oct 2011 19:12 #
  10. @siddiqui73 do you have anything against IK other then his sita white and early life (before he came into politics)???

    Posted 4 years ago on 12 Oct 2011 9:10 #
  11. siddiqi73


    I can if I start digging but the issue here is not Sita White or the man's early life; its the issue of credibility.

    Posted 4 years ago on 12 Oct 2011 9:40 #
  12. Then dig it please, start a thread and list all available allegations on IK, (which do not include sita white).

    Posted 4 years ago on 12 Oct 2011 11:43 #
  13. SufiSoul

    medical team find traces of minor injuries over Aisha body.What a cowardly act by hamza stupid,

    Posted 4 years ago on 12 Oct 2011 23:46 #
  14. ExPosed

    Ayesha Malik ‘slapped, punched and beaten’
    Published: October 15, 2011
    An anti-terrorism court on Friday directed a deputy inspector general (DIG) to take legal action against Defence-A police personnel after an inquiry found that they had ‘tortured’ Ayesha Malik, daughter of PML-Q leader Malik Ahad, in custody.

    A medical report was submitted in the court on Friday showing nine injury marks on her body “as a result of slapping, punching and beating with wooden rod”. The court had ordered a medical examination at the last hearing after Malik filed a petition for action against the police officials who had arrested her.

    The station house officer and investigation officer of the station have already been suspended after a police inquiry found they had gone out of their way to add kidnapping for ransom to the charges against her. A Lahore High Court bench hearing Malik’s bail application has also ordered an inquiry against an anti-terrorism court judge who remanded her in police custody for 10 days.

    Malik, who was arrested after being accused of kidnapping, says she is being victimised by the police on the directions of MNA Hamza Shahbaz, son of Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif. She says the two had a secret marriage and the case against her materialised only after he learned that she had video evidence of their nikah ceremony.

    Posted 4 years ago on 15 Oct 2011 17:31 #
  15. ExPosed

    Posted 4 years ago on 15 Oct 2011 22:11 #
  16. zufi

    Just other side of story

    Posted 4 years ago on 16 Oct 2011 4:01 #
  17. ChangeIK

    What are crop of dirty b@stards Nooners are!

    Now they claim "personal matters", but when they launched ugly personal attachs against Imran KHan, these b@stards had no idea that personal attacks were wrong.

    For the record, THIS issue is NOT a personal issue. If the b@stards in Punjab government are subjecting the woman in question to torture and detention to save Hamaza's backside, this is absolutely not a personal matter. Misusing and abusing law, denying someone their legal rights, is not a personal matter.

    Posted 4 years ago on 16 Oct 2011 14:19 #
  18. siddiqi73


    Lol, hailing from Bannu..I bet that you'd know a thing or two about whatever you accused me to do....Not only did Imran Khan signed on LFO and 17th amendment but he was also responsible for the murder of Akbar Bugti, Dr. Shazia and Mukhtaran Mai's rape episodes and worst of all the Lal Masjid massacre.

    You should be ashamed of a leader who supported a dictator till the end while feigning fight for democracy and even till date not only he has responded positively to the "Puppy" love of Musharraf but secretly met him in London upon the advice of his baaps sitting at GHQ and ISI.

    Posted 4 years ago on 16 Oct 2011 19:18 #
  19. saladin89


    45% jaali votes........

    Posted 4 years ago on 16 Oct 2011 19:20 #
  20. ExPosed


    IK was doing the opposition of musharraf at the time when your ameer ul munafiqeen was having back therappy from sheikhs and later from london from his mai baaps.

    Imran Khan is doing all against the puppy of jillani to musharraf thats the reason nooners are also having pain in the back. They should follow there leader and go to sheikhs for back therappy ;)

    Posted 4 years ago on 16 Oct 2011 19:22 #
  21. siddiqi73

    Don't worry son, come next elections and these 45% jaali votes will turn into 45% legit votes and still your leader and his tanga party would score the same number of votes y'all managed recently in Sahiwal.

    Posted 4 years ago on 16 Oct 2011 19:23 #
  22. ExPosed


    There was no PTI candidate in Sahiwal election but you will keep lying like your leaders Rana Sana who claimed that there was a PTI candidate in the Sahiwala and your mian ji who lied about his 10 years deal running in burqah

    Posted 4 years ago on 16 Oct 2011 19:25 #
  23. saladin89

    what candidate in sahiwal, bro wakey wakey there was no PTI representative in sahiwal. However like your hukumran u like making things up.

    Posted 4 years ago on 16 Oct 2011 19:27 #
  24. safshan

    @ siddiqi73

    don't worry my bro... theze internet kiddies have no morality just like their leader, who supports talibans in pakistan whereas he travel abroad every two months and can be seen in pubs with prostitutes, their mentality is same, their leader has long history of theze activities from zeenat aman to sita white, even theze days he is going steady with 1 of model girl in islamabad but to hide his nefarious activities theze kiddies use internet for their frustration, their guru is altaf kalia theze days...

    Posted 4 years ago on 16 Oct 2011 19:28 #
  25. siddiqi73

    Going steady with a model in Islamabad....Word?! He has too many gurus these days...Altaf Bobby, Zardari, Tabla Master, Kiyani, Pasha etc. etc.

    Posted 4 years ago on 16 Oct 2011 19:33 #
  26. ExPosed


    So Jati Umrah Prositutes are in london these days to see IK. This is really worrying news for PTI because these Jati Umrah prostites took heavy price from prince makran and hariri and those royals had to become guarantors of those prostitute' father aka ameer ul munafiqeen.

    Posted 4 years ago on 16 Oct 2011 19:33 #
  27. siddiqi73


    Tum ko bohat daffa bola hai kay apnay ghar kay qissay yaha ajnabioon kay beech mein discuss nahi kiya karo....but you'd never liste.

    Posted 4 years ago on 16 Oct 2011 19:35 #
  28. safshan

    @ Exposed...


    u have perfect name dear:
    expooooosed, nangaa nangaa shame shame,

    now i know why u kiddies r so big fan of dharna khan?, u suppppply him with thooze guddies and u were expoooosed in the processs...


    but what happened dear in the meantime, why jemima is dating hugh grant not youuuur play boy any more, hahahaha...

    nanga nanga shame shame...

    Posted 4 years ago on 16 Oct 2011 20:47 #
  29. msyedh

    Noon league kee leadership kitani ghatia ha, yeh sab kuch karany ke baad bee, Aisha ke mamala ko personal issue keh rahay hain.
    Aur sab se bara begairat Pakistan ka media ha, jo zardari ko toa raat din using as punching pad but yaahan un kee bolti bund ho gai ha, zati mafaadat ke waja se.

    Posted 4 years ago on 18 Oct 2011 4:11 #
  30. siddiqi73


    Lol, you have finally admitted your love for Mr. Dentonic...we had suspected this a long time ago but you as always wanted to play neutral....

    All heil to mysedh, we have a jiyala on board as well....a rare commodity indeed.

    Posted 4 years ago on 18 Oct 2011 5:11 #
  31. saladin89

    What happened to our poor sister was wrong, and the media should be paying a lot of attention to this particular case. There may be hundreds of sisters suffering in Punjab as a result of there incompetent and zulm.

    Posted 4 years ago on 18 Oct 2011 5:46 #
  32. zufi

    Last few minutes might be helpful for biased brains of Zardari Company and their sponsored Dharna Tehreek.

    Posted 4 years ago on 18 Oct 2011 5:48 #
  33. siddiqi73


    Lol, and we are equally concerned as to how a lonely and unfair death Sita had as well Tyrian growing up without the support of her father who has practically disowned her.

    Your leader condoned Mukhtaran Mai and Dr. Shazia's rape. Before going about expressing concern at the plight of women in our stone age society (which you should), being Dharna Khan's disciple it is your duty to question your leaders muteness on the two aforementioned ladies.

    Posted 4 years ago on 18 Oct 2011 8:39 #
  34. msyedh

    Most current and urgent issue is Aisha Malik who is suffering in the hand of Budmaash-e-Ahlah Punjab and his son. Tyrian and sitawhite is old story.
    I don't care you claiming me or blaming me as jyallah. I have full right to speak against anybody, including Sharif budmaashs, Zardari or anybody else. However, it is my personal thinking and feeling that Zardari is less evil than these sharif budmaashs and Imran Khan is better than boths.

    Posted 4 years ago on 19 Oct 2011 16:06 #
  35. siddiqi73


    Bro, its an extremely sombre and a poignant moment for you to show such concern for this chick Aisha Ahad. However, unbeknownst to you; you had a leader named Benazir Bhutto who was ruthlessly and mercilessly assasinated at the hands of certain unscrupulous elements of which your current leader Asif Zardari was a major pawn. My advice, instead of crying horace on Aisha; you might want to compel your current leader to catch the killers of BB Shaheed.

    Posted 4 years ago on 19 Oct 2011 19:07 #
  36. safshan

    @ msyedh...

    only a jiala can defend zardari like u....
    less evil, hahahhaa....

    dear corruption starts with zardari and ends at zardari, he can kill his wife and brother in law for money, and imran is b-team of zardari, he is partition is crime, only brought by agencies to divert the attention of people from zardari's corruption....

    Posted 4 years ago on 19 Oct 2011 20:32 #
  37. can any one tell me 3 top leaders of PTI ?

    don't be ashamed on your intelligence, its alright.

    they need a miracle, but its not gonna happen, because Allah do not help LIARS and hypocrites.

    Posted 4 years ago on 19 Oct 2011 21:59 #
  38. saladin89

    @asrar hassan

    could u please stick to the title of thread.

    When is sister aisha going to get justice?

    Posted 4 years ago on 19 Oct 2011 22:18 #
  39. saladin89

    Liars and hypocrites?

    Are u speaking of N$ and Mr10%?

    Posted 4 years ago on 19 Oct 2011 22:18 #
  40. siddiqi73

    @brother Asrar,

    Oh....the internet posse is already ashamed of their intelligence...we just need to put the stamp of obituary on their shame and this will happen very soon. As for your question about their three top leaders, there are as under:

    * Imran Khan Niazi
    * Imran Khan Zardari
    * Imran Khan Kiyani


    Posted 4 years ago on 20 Oct 2011 5:00 #
  41. msyedh

    well, every pakistani including me, want justice for Benazir Bhutto murder, because she was only true national pakistani leader who could lead Pakistan in current situation.

    But you and your Noon league have no right to show bogus love for Benazir. Most of her miseries in her political life were given by Nawaz Sharif.

    To help and to protect Aisha Malik from these Sharif badmaashs will give peace to spirit of Benazir.

    Posted 4 years ago on 21 Oct 2011 16:20 #
  42. msyedh

    No doubt Zardari is corrupt but nobody can beat Nawaz Sahrif in corruption, He is the real king of of mega billion corruptions. He is who shart this mega billion corruption in Pakistan. Befor Nawaz Sharif, never this level corruption in Pakistan.
    His corruption start in mid eighties till now. Nawaz Sharif is founder of loan Mafia, bank looting, sugar mafia, money laundering, lotaism, merit killer and illegal appointment in police and other administrations, illegal admission in medical and engineering college from chief minister and prime minister house during his governments, illegal government fund use for his party and family.

    Zardari just follow Nawaz Sharif but he is too behind Nawaz Sharif in corruption.

    Posted 4 years ago on 21 Oct 2011 16:37 #
  43. saladin89

    will aisha ahad get justice?

    Posted 4 years ago on 21 Oct 2011 16:43 #
  44. siddiqi73

    Not before you get one from me pal ;)

    Posted 4 years ago on 22 Oct 2011 4:32 #
  45. zufi

    PAA SALADIN, Ehad malik was holder of two titles in lahore.
    1.President of Kanjar association
    2.Don of land Mafia
    So lahoris are not much **** off by this issue as yu internet babies are imagining.
    Also, check out this link and never make false claims again.
    Watch last 10 minutes so yu can know it has nothing to do with SS.

    Posted 4 years ago on 22 Oct 2011 5:38 #
  46. iamsowise

    Posted 4 years ago on 22 Oct 2011 7:36 #
  47. msyedh

    Shareefoon ke badmaashiyan

    Posted 4 years ago on 22 Oct 2011 16:17 #
  48. msyedh
    Shabaz Sharif order police to torture Aisha Malik to keep her Quiet

    Posted 4 years ago on 22 Oct 2011 16:34 #
  49. saladin89

    This dirty little rat Shabaz Showman sharif leave her alone, We will shut u up come October 30th! period

    Posted 4 years ago on 22 Oct 2011 17:10 #
  50. msyedh

    personal matter

    Posted 4 years ago on 26 Oct 2011 6:22 #
  51. siddiqi73


    Seriously for real bro, you are one helluva candidate to be a lone sitter outside CM Punjab House demanding justice for this chick. I would advise you consider this benevolent act.

    Posted 4 years ago on 26 Oct 2011 6:48 #
  52. Rizwan Qaimkhani

    So how many chicks Hamza has? All of them he married to are chicks:) So as his father married to or have illegitimate affairs with are also chicks? Definitely you people know how to respect woman! For you they are your slaves and sex symbols, once done put them on the sidewalk. You guys have no values, probably you are not at fault it is your upbringing indeed.Typical landlord, it is like those filmi scenes where wadera/chaudhary on the horse in the field and lonely women in the field consider it a fair game to satisfy his urges by hooks and crooks. Animal mentality indeed!

    Posted 4 years ago on 26 Oct 2011 12:43 #
  53. siddiqi73

    Critical health advisory folks...due to heavy density of stray BOGS, it is highly advisable to get rabies inoculation administered forthwith.

    Posted 4 years ago on 26 Oct 2011 12:46 #
  54. Rizwan Qaimkhani

    Be originals, you recycled my material, that is what you are at the best, eating my filth, typical POG!

    Posted 4 years ago on 26 Oct 2011 12:46 #
  55. siddiqi73

    Watch this and you would understand the new meaning of the word filth, my little cane corso mastiff:

    Posted 4 years ago on 26 Oct 2011 12:50 #
  56. Rizwan Qaimkhani

    Well next time, lick my washroom wall too, I want my it spiic span clean, now chop chop. ANd stop oinking and squealing at the same time, you little confused POG:) You have to live with it, it is your biological problem:)

    Posted 4 years ago on 26 Oct 2011 12:52 #
  57. Rizwan Qaimkhani

    Now back to the Ayesha Ahad:
    Ayesha plea for vehicle dismissed

    Khosa accuses govt of torturing Ayesha Malik

    Posted 4 years ago on 26 Oct 2011 12:56 #
  58. Rizwan Qaimkhani

    Torture of Ayesha ATC orders legal action against policemen

    ‘State machinery is being used to victimise Ayesha Malik’‘state-machinery-is-being-used-to-victimise-ayesha-malik’/

    Posted 4 years ago on 26 Oct 2011 12:57 #
  59. siddiqi73

    hehehehehe...little boggies and their infatuation with wagging tails at the sight of a bare bone....just like Zardari throwing one to Altaf Bobby.

    Posted 4 years ago on 26 Oct 2011 12:59 #
  60. Rizwan Qaimkhani

    Ayesha says she was tortured by police

    Important person’s daughter-in-law was tortured: governor’s-daughter-in-law-was-tortured-governor/

    A judge with tainted career comes under scrutiny once again

    Posted 4 years ago on 26 Oct 2011 13:00 #

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