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Benazir Bhutto - Truth Is Bitter (Classical Scene)-----Clip from the Jawab Deyh

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  1. Justapakistani

    Benazir Bhutto - Truth Is Bitter (Classical Scene)

    She throw away and quit from the show

    See the complete show here

    We love u Ifti bhai

    Posted 7 years ago on 05 Mar 2008 21:54 #
  2. adeel

    bhaiyya BB marr gai hai ab to jaan chor do. aakhirat mein pakr lena usko!!!!!!!!

    Posted 7 years ago on 06 Mar 2008 5:27 #
  3. Beenai

    @Adeel sahib,
    if someone s death can be cashed out ,then why not after death ,he or she cud be discussed?
    PPP has got the votes out of her deceased soul....
    so if the ppl had voted for a deceased person...they have a right to comment on same ...

    Posted 7 years ago on 06 Mar 2008 7:45 #
  4. Riz

    lmao,,,,,,,miss benai few words touch your heart,,,,,,,,,,,,,,how about 16 million pakistani,,,

    god bless benazir,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,one simple question makes her cry and force to leave interview,

    she was double crossing pakistani nation ,,,,,, it was clear by that interview,,,,,,,all she said she was innocent never invovled on any corruption,,,,,,,,,,,,or she is some sort of angel,,,

    all she was saying how benazir or her father build this regime,,,,,,,,which i called gangsters,

    not even one blame she had taken on her own shoulder,,,,,,,than she claim she is leading ppp,,,,,,,,,whose been leading ppp from the day first,,,,,,,,,only bhutto family,,,

    in her interview she was giving,,,,,,,,,,life sentence to everybody who ever rufuse her regime,,,

    she did abuse ,,,,,,pakistani intalligence,,,,pakistan army,,,,,,,,,and my man,,,,,,,,after all,,

    lol,,,,,,she was thinking she gonna have warm wellcome once she arrives in pakistan,,,,,,

    prime example for pakistan intalligence,,,,,,,,,,,,,and pakistan army,,,,,national intrest,,,

    my man didnt born to beat by politicians,,,,,,,,,,thats why he still president of pakistan,,,

    Posted 7 years ago on 06 Mar 2008 13:11 #
  5. adeel

    oh sure U can keep on discussing or blogging i should say but whos gonna read u .
    PPP voters belong to lower middle class who dont know anything but just a rhetoric.(GA bhutto).
    I\'m also ideologically against PPP but thing is People here blindly follow their ideology.

    Posted 7 years ago on 06 Mar 2008 13:46 #
  6. adeel

    ce sont vous un imbécile?
    Plz get ur disarticulation shunted .
    Its just a word salad.

    Posted 7 years ago on 06 Mar 2008 13:51 #
  7. Justapakistani

    Well people are surprised why she portrayed as an angel....amazing.....she talked alot about tolerance.....but didn\'t has any tolerance........even she didn\'t tolerate simple questions.....even his own bro.....God bless blind followers of PPP

    Posted 7 years ago on 06 Mar 2008 18:37 #
  8. Anonymous

    @ justapakistani,
    You mean that people should quit PPP just beacause, BB was not tolerant, ignoring all other good qualities?
    What an argument and Logic?
    Don\\\'t force some one to open the pandora box about the level of tolerance, exposed by some of the most popular leaders of the World including Pakistan, starting from the Qauid-i-Azam.
    Such mean picks, without reference to a particular situation, don\\\'t work to minimize the greatness of such great leaders.

    Posted 7 years ago on 06 Mar 2008 19:21 #
  9. Riz

    simple answer if we looking at pakistan,,,,,,,and politician since 1973,,,,,,,,,

    bhutto him self implement so many selfish ruled in the party,,,,,,,which was against politics and army,,,,,,,and ppl who join the party,,,,,,,,,,,

    benazir her self how proundly she is talking about,,,,,,,like bhutto family is only the royal family in pakistan,,,,,,i mean u cannt even take one blame ,,,,,,and u blame the whole nation,,,,,,,front of world media,,,,,coz all those ppl she work with,,,,,,,still sitting on diplomat seats,,,,,,,,

    my man every 6 mounths on tv,,,,,,,,,, touch the heart of pakistani nation,,,,,,,,first pakistan than me and my team,,,,,,,,,,that gives me answer for so many things,,,,,,,,

    beauty about army u always see new face with new vision,,,,,,,,,,,where u cannt go wrong in public,,,,,,,,,,,,and they always produce better than ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,lovely politicians,,,,

    Posted 7 years ago on 07 Mar 2008 2:33 #
  10. Beenai

    @Adeel bhai ,
    blind following is dangerous...thats why i have chosen my ID as Beenai ....
    (thanks to my parents who has given me a name like Beena )
    i am dead aganist all blind followings....
    blind followings lead the person to hell hole....
    its good to know that u r not one of them....
    and u dont follow blindly any person,policy or party....

    Posted 7 years ago on 07 Mar 2008 5:21 #
  11. adeel

    ma\\\'am Ur and mine ideas R not gonna make any difference.
    Neither U nor I casted our votes.
    V R not prepared to go into streets.
    V just keep on praising IK, condone NS, Bash PPP and Call names to mush and his allies.
    What difference does it make???????????

    Posted 7 years ago on 07 Mar 2008 7:50 #
  12. Beenai

    dear bhai,
    from where did u get the feeling that i have never casted my vote ?
    i have casted my vote a Karachiti ...i was brave enough to vote the party ,about which i knew ,they are not Allowed to win...but still i voted to the call of my conscious ....
    do u think u and me cant make a difference ????
    actually we can ....
    if Iftikhar chudhri and lawyers and media anchors can cahnge the perceptions and mindsets.
    why not we ?
    it always starts with a first step,taken into a right direction...beieve me bhai!
    Ham Parwaresh e loh o qalam karty rehein ****
    jo dil pe guzarti hay ,raqam karty rahien **** .........

    Posted 7 years ago on 07 Mar 2008 8:34 #
  13. adeel

    Atlast something optimistic on this forum! thnx God
    “You can never have a revolution in order to establish a democracy. You must have a democracy in order to have a revolution.”

    asbaab e gham e ishq beham kartay rahain ****
    veeraani e dauraan peh karam kartay rahain ****
    haan talkhee e ayaam abhi aur barhay gee
    haan ehlay sittam mashq kartay rahain ****
    manzoor yeh talkhi, yeh sitam hum ko gawara
    daam hai to madawa e alam kartay rahain ****
    my khaan salamat hay to hum surkhiay may say
    tazeen e dar o baam kartay raahain ****
    baaki hai lahoo dill main to harr ask say payda
    rang e labo rukhsaar e sanam kartah rahain ****
    ikk tarzy tagaful hai so woh unn ko mubarik
    ikk tarzay tamanna hai hum kartay rahain ****

    Posted 7 years ago on 07 Mar 2008 12:23 #
  14. Anonymous

    A Blind opponent is more dangerous than a blind follower.
    A Blind follower is at least on a track, where blind opponent is a lost, homeless and confused color blind, heading towards black hole where everything is black.
    The blind opponents will make Pakistan a Failed State, Inshallah!
    A blind opponent is a creation of Jihalat, ignorance and hatred.

    Posted 7 years ago on 07 Mar 2008 12:53 #
  15. Riz

    adeel bhai salad is ready for u,,,,,,,,,lmao,,,,some how shikra takes the lead,,,,lol

    where as bhuttos or ppp concern,,,,,democracy turning another way around in the world,,,,,why i made this silly thoughts before even this happened,,,

    prime example in the world,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,removing tony blair which was big failure of democracy in the world,,,,,,,coz some how american blame tony blair,,,,war on iraq,,,lol

    ppl in riyadh they are really fast in their democracy,,,,,,,,,,,,,lol

    my man going to riyadh every 6 mounths,,,,,,,so he fast in democracy,,,,lol

    army takes lead coz riyadh always wellcome educated ppl spacially like ,,,,my man 43 years service of pakistan,,,lol

    Posted 7 years ago on 08 Mar 2008 4:07 #
  16. Beenai

    @Shikra ,
    by showing how upset u r at my post ?u have proved that u r might be the one i was actaully talking about ...although it might be right or wrong ...
    but one thing u himself has admitted ..that u r a blind follower...
    my sympathise....
    as long as ur logic about being blind follower and blind opponent is concern....i simply agree with u ...
    since i am not a blind opponent ur logic is not applying on me ....
    i am Beenai ....Beena ...i can see ...whats happening around....
    i am neither a blind follower nor a blind opponent...
    i have got reasons to support someone and oppose someone....
    thanks a lot

    Posted 7 years ago on 10 Mar 2008 5:23 #
  17. Justapakistani

    @ Beenai....very nice

    Posted 7 years ago on 10 Mar 2008 7:08 #
  18. nazia

    She is pure feudal character of Pakistan history.She always thought herself a ruler of poor people who never dare to speak in front her.Iftikhar tried to highlight his wrost mangement skills that was not acceptable to her as she only accepted criticism from western media.Did she ever do this thing to western media that always asked her about her corruption details,but there she always used pearls of english words to impress the west by her oxford expression.
    welldone iftikhar you have done yours job,now its nation who has to decide between right and wrong.

    Posted 7 years ago on 10 Mar 2008 10:20 #
  19. Justapakistani

    @ Naziaa agreed with ur views......Inshallah we hope Ifti bhai will keep up his daring style

    Posted 7 years ago on 10 Mar 2008 11:01 #
  20. Anonymous

    @ nazia,
    On your advice:
    iftikhar you have done yours job,now its nation who has to decide between right and wrong.
    Nation decided on 18th February, what is right and what was wrong.
    Your advice came a little bit late.

    Posted 7 years ago on 10 Mar 2008 11:40 #
  21. nazia

    the nation who still hope from a corrupt feudal character that he will bring a democratic revolution ,still live in fools world.He is part of ruling mafia thats why he is roaming in Pakistan as high profile figure.That is the reason our establishment never emphasised on History in our educational institutions so that people would know the exact causes of downfall of our nation.Histroy is live and it tells that all corrupt and feudal characters are back into Pakistan politics as army mafia wants face change formula.People still need awareness campagin to differentiate between right and wrong.

    Posted 7 years ago on 10 Mar 2008 12:26 #
  22. @ My dear nazia,
    The nation will stay in fool\'s world, where the scholars and intellectual are confused.
    Some scholars at Pkpolitics pay tribute by pulling Hats Off to the Pakistani nation, on the verdict after the recent elections.
    You declare them fools.
    As an illiterate and uneducated person where from could I get the guidance to differentiate between right and wrong?

    Posted 7 years ago on 10 Mar 2008 13:02 #
  23. Fahim23

    @Ms. nazia

    you wrote:

    \"Iftikhar tried to highlight his wrost mangement skills that was not acceptable to her as she only accepted criticism from western media.\"

    Are you trying to say BB removed CJ?

    Posted 7 years ago on 10 Mar 2008 13:20 #
  24. Justapakistani

    @ Fahim23
    well she is talking about the anchor Iftikhar Amed @ GEO not the CJ Iftikhar ;)

    Posted 7 years ago on 10 Mar 2008 13:25 #
  25. Fahim23


    thanks for clearification.

    Posted 7 years ago on 10 Mar 2008 18:31 #
  26. Riz

    lmao,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,plz help coz its very hard for me ,,,,,,find out who takes the lead,,,,,?

    thanks for clarification,,,,,,,lol,,,,,,,those 4 lines,,,,,pointed on 4000 question,,lol

    lets find those answers,,,,,,,,,we wait for clarification,,,,

    latest about bb assasination,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,why its so hard for zardari to choose prime minister,?

    so party did face same problem before,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,assasination,,,,,,?

    why i am happy,,,,,,if zardari becomes prime minister even in 6 mounths,,,,,lol

    than my man,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,start politics,,,lol,,,,,,how hard is for my man remove idiot zardari,,,?

    they all know country facing alot of problems,,,,,,,,so ahmed muqtar takes the lead,,,,,?

    finance wise they runing the 2 most profitable business in pakistan,,,,,export aswell,,,?

    Posted 7 years ago on 10 Mar 2008 19:41 #

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