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Does Pakistan have largest coal reserves in World?

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  1. sipahi

    Does Pakistan have largest coal reserves in World?

    Recently I have heard that Pakistan has largest coal reserves in the world. This was repeated in a speech by IK in Mundi Bahauddin.

    Is that true or false?

    If false, what is its ranking?

    Is coal use for electricity generation a good value proposition with insignificant environment consequence?

    Posted 2 years ago on 02 May 2013 20:39 #
  2. Bawa

    جی ہاں - بالکل درست ہے

    لیکن یہ کوئلوں کے ذخائر صرف جھوٹوں کا منہ کالا کرنے کے لیے ہیں جو جھوٹ بولتے وقت ذرا سی بھی شرم محسوس نہیں کرتے ہیں

    :) :)






    Posted 2 years ago on 02 May 2013 20:45 #
  3. mawan1971

    Thanks for opening a very good thread. I would also like to be educated rather than share my knowledge. Following media last few weeks, I am confused, is our coal be utilized to generate electricity? There are both side argument about yes or no? I have not done any search and wondering if any one knows exactly about this with technical knowledge.

    Posted 2 years ago on 02 May 2013 20:47 #
  4. Raza Hassan

    Pakistan have 2nd largest Coal reserve in world : but that is not that quality to use in production of electricity, 2nd option is we have one of the best option Solar energy in pakistan we have 300+ sunny day , Why not we should go for clean energy

    I means Ozone layer is badly damage because of pollution and economic unfriendly projects , and electrcity from Coal will certinely damage more. which is not good for health.

    we have wind , Solar , Water , why our scientis do not do much study on it. and we have deal with Iran gas pipeline , that will also green energy project.

    Posted 2 years ago on 02 May 2013 22:20 #
  5. mawan1971

    I don't have technical knowledge to comment on coal generated electricity but being a Civil Engineer I worked on some hydro-power projects in Canada. Hydro-Power is the cheapest, efficient and cleanest form of electricity generation. I worked on few small projects where no operation and maintenance required, once you design and construct intake, penstock and generation power house, connect it with your national grid, it is self controlled. One visit per month is required per plant for a person for maintenance. Almost no operation costs, a small plant of 5-10 mega-watt give back its initial cost in about 5 years.
    Solar power is a small scale energy generation which could help individually but as a whole it does not contribute big time keeping in view our 24,000 MW electricity requirement.
    Wind power is also small scaled but huge number of wind mills if connected with national grid can produce good quantity of electricity.
    In summary we need to pay attention to hydro power where we have thousands of mega-watt electricity potential in KPK and Azad Kashmir.

    Posted 2 years ago on 02 May 2013 22:38 #
  6. sipahi

    There is one graph of proven coal reserves, Pakistan is 18th.

    I still don't understand on what basis both PPP and IK are painting rosy picture about coal reserves.

    Posted 2 years ago on 02 May 2013 23:17 #
  7. mawan1971

    There are coal reserves for sure but question is quality of coal. Samar Mubarik Mand is claiming coal is good quality whereas I heard a test was done and coal did not proved to be sufficient quality to generate electricity. I will support hydro-power, if security conditions improves in Pakistan I myself want to move to Pakistan and use my international experience in hydro-power development in Pakistan.

    Posted 2 years ago on 03 May 2013 0:40 #
  8. sipahi

    This source lists Pakistan as 19th in the list of recoverable coal countries of the world.

    I think politicians are fooling Pakistanis about recoverable coal.

    Just think, if Pakistan was top in recoverable coal, why for last 20 years mining companies of world are not jumping to make money.

    Posted 2 years ago on 03 May 2013 0:44 #
  9. Gujjar Talwar

    I think the major problem with Thar coal is that its quality is not that good.

    Posted 2 years ago on 03 May 2013 0:50 #
  10. sipahi

    Good article, why Pakistani coal with high water content with low energy content is not economically feasible.

    Pakistan to tap coal riches to avert energy crisis

    * Pakistan has one of world's biggest untapped coal reserves

    * Coal seen at over 10 pct of energy mix in five years

    By Jacqueline Cowhig and Qasim Nauman

    LONDON/ISLAMABAD, April 13 (Reuters) - Pakistan must turn to coal - both from its own large untapped reserves and from imports - to fuel power generation beyond the next decade if it is to ease the energy crisis which is capping economic growth, trade and industry sources said on Friday.

    The sixth most heavily-populated country globally with 180 million people, it has been plagued for years by power cuts and, unless new sources of generation can be developed, will see power demand outstrip supply for years to come.

    Yet it has one of the biggest, barely-touched, single coal reserves on the planet - the massive Thar coalfield in the northern Sindh province with 175 billion tonnes of extremely high water-content, low energy coal.

    This kind of low-grade, watery coal is found in abundance in other countries, such as Indonesia, the world's biggest exporter, but it has not been economic to exploit in the past.

    But high oil and gas prices, rising coal prices and new technology to dry out watery, gaseous coal or leave it in the ground but extract the gas from it instead, has prompted projects around the world.

    The Pakistan government this year declared the Thar coal fields as a Special Economic Zone, with tax breaks and incentives to lure investors to develop coal gasification and mining as part of its strategy to fill the energy gulf.

    "In five years, coal's contribution to the energy mix will reach 10 to 12 percent. It's minor at the moment," said Najib Balagamwala, Chief Executive Officer of Karachi-based trader Seatrade.

    "The private sector is considering coal-fired plants very seriously, as there's margin there," he added.

    Pakistan's energy mix has changed in recent years from mostly hydro to thermal, consisting of domestic gas and imported fuel oil, according to a report by the Asia Development Bank this month.

    The supply-demand power gap at peak hours reached over 5,000 MW in financial year 2011, the ADB report said.

    "The need for coal to fuel the rising demand for energy in Pakistan is well understood," said Shahrukh Khan, Chief Executive Officer of Oracle Coalfields PLC, which is developing mines in Sindh.

    Of the 10 coal blocks in Thar, four have been drilled and explored by Oracle, Cougar Energy, SECMC and another un-named gasification project company, according to the Sindh province website on Thar.

    Two Chinese firms are also looking to build gasification and coal mining projects in Thar, industry sources said. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    GRAPHIC: Pakistan's power supply-demand gap:

    FACTBOX: Political risks in Pakistan: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Oracle was granted a 30 year mining lease for 66 square km of Block VI of the Thar coalfield on Wednesday.

    The high water content of Pakistan's domestic coal makes it tricky to mine and transport long distances economically but mine-mouth power plants and coal gassification projects to capture and extract gas trapped in coal seams without mining it are much more viable, industry sources said.


    Pakistan has been a relatively small but steady importer of thermal coal for several years which, like India, shifted to South African and Indonesian material after China slashed exports in 2007, but imports will start rising next year, traders said.

    A Pakistani buyer bought the country's first cargo of high-sulphur U.S. coal last week, a move which reflects growing import needs and the desire to diversify sourcing, they said .

    Thermal coal imports are likely to increase by 1 million tonnes to 4.5 million tonnes in 2013 and 6-7 million by 2017, most of which will be consumed by the cement industry but a rising portion by independent power producers, Balagamwala said.

    There are several large coal-fired power plants under construction and more being converted from fuel oil, such as Karachi Electric Supply Company's (KESC) joint venture with Hong Kong-based Bright Eagle Enterprises (BEE).

    "Conversion to coal is the only sustainable option," a KESC official said on Thursday.

    Imports of low-grade coal are likely to be part of the near-term solution with the development of Thar a longer-term prospect, one industry source said.

    "Pakistan has a pressing need for energy and low grade coal will do in place of higher price furnace oil, but who may import this and at what price, also on what terms will be interesting to watch," one industry source said.

    Some converted plants are co-firing coal with biomass from rice husks or waste car tyres and blending imports with local coal but the need for more imports will remain as more independent power plants spring up and sugar, textile and steel mills switch to coal at their captive plants.

    There are also a handful of private, coal power plants under construction which will increase the country's need for imports and, once Karachi and Gwadar ports are expanded, larger vessels can be berthed which will make importing more economic.

    "Gwadar port in Balochistan province is more suitable. Karachi port is also possible but it is fully used," the industry source said. (Additional reporting by Jonathan Saul in London, editing by William Hardy)

    Posted 2 years ago on 03 May 2013 1:03 #
  11. Adonis

    The so called largest reserves of coal is just a hoax. The confirmed reserves at Thar are only 3 billion tons as mentioned by Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan as well. The 180 billion tons story is just wishful thinking initially proposed by Geological Survey of Pakistan. This ridiculous claim has not been accepted by anyone in the world, except for some of our gullible politicians.

    The whole issue has been debated in detail on pkpolitics a few years back.

    Posted 2 years ago on 03 May 2013 7:42 #
  12. hariskhan

    Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    At this point in time, I'm not sure if Pakistan's coal reserves are largest or not. I think this question is irrelevant in itself.

    We already know we have more than what we need to generate electricity for ourselves. We have far more natural resources, than the amount needed.

    That knowledge is sufficient for us to have riots in our nation when there's power outage. We should come together, hold the people responsible, accountable for not doing their job.

    Posted 2 years ago on 03 May 2013 12:09 #
  13. hariskhan

    Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    Pakistan has 7 different means to generate electricity.

    Foreigners have come in, held press conference(s) mentioning we can generate far more than our existing and future needs.

    If even after that, we don't do it for ourselves.

    Well then, the people of Pakistan, each and everyone of us, we deserve to;

    (1) live our lives in darkness
    (2) have a dead local economy
    (3) have a dead job market
    (4) live a miserable life we are doing right now. :@

    Posted 2 years ago on 03 May 2013 12:14 #
  14. imtiazahmed

    Haris Khan! You are relying on foreign experts report and rejecting our own experts on one hand, while on other issues you have been observed rejecting foreign reports. This is bigoty. Why do you feel shy to advocate construction of Kalabagh Dam in so many words - another M. Akram (or perhaps the same person in different garbs).

    Thar coal is certainly not the highest quality of coal but is not the lowest quality of coal either. The problem lies with huge amount of continuous water supplies for its open pit excavation. What happened to Block one tiny project of direct gasification project by Dr. Samand Mubarak is still a mystery (though its a merely 200 MW project). All we know is that Dr. saheb claimed it required still some million of dollars for its completion and commercially commissioning. Something is wrong somewhere down the line.

    China is using coal for its 70% energy production. Chinese engineers were serious to commission Thar Coal project but they were kicked back on demand of "kick back" during Musharraf regime. They went back never to look back. "Environmental pollution" is the luxury of developed countries, Pakistan fighting for survival can not afford this luxury. If China is using coal energy en masse, why can't Pakistan. Even Koyote Protocol could not impose Carbon Tax and Carbon Credit on China.

    Posted 2 years ago on 03 May 2013 13:29 #
  15. sipahi

    Why these politicians continue to fool Pakistanis about so called coal reserves?

    All those you believe in this contention, just need to ask themselves a question , if these so called reserves were discovered over twenty years ago why there are no multi national mining companies coming like vultures to obtain mining licenses?

    Posted 2 years ago on 03 May 2013 22:46 #

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