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Iran shoots down U.S. Drone - Unmanned Spy Plane

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  1. azizi

    "Iran's military has downed an intruding RQ-170 American drone in eastern Iran," Iran's Arabic-language Al Alam state television network quoted the unnamed source as saying."

    Posted 4 years ago on 04 Dec 2011 16:59 #
  2. Imran Qadri

    Our spineless military too should at-least shot down a drone,if not a nato helicopter to avenge the killing of those soldiers

    Posted 4 years ago on 04 Dec 2011 17:05 #
  3. expakistani

    Drones are low flying, slow speed, unarmed/unman objects... Iran should be celebrating this if they brought down drone by hacking Network system attached with this object... or by some lazer gun or by electronic device..but if they brought it down by AK 47, F 16 or by rock... then they need to be worried,
    how many such objects are getting in Iranian's boarder without trace???

    Posted 4 years ago on 04 Dec 2011 17:45 #
  4. Abdul Rahman

    This is drama. Iran, US and Israel are have same interests and are together whether it is Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria or Pakistan or anywhere.

    This is just to show that Iran is against Americaa. Has America ever bombed or assasinated Iranian leaders since the hostage Crisis in 1975 to present? How many Palestinian and Iraqi, Afghan resistance leaders were killed in drone attacks? Hundreds.

    Why did drones like this did not kill any Iranian leader?

    Posted 4 years ago on 04 Dec 2011 20:25 #
  5. Imran Qadri

    Iran says oil would go over $250 if exports banned

    This could be the reason..

    Posted 4 years ago on 04 Dec 2011 20:48 #
  6. Imran Qadri

    Unlike Pakistan Iran might not just be a sitting duck,they might become suicidal and might hit US interests in Iraq/Afghanistan and US's most treasured interest i.e. Israel

    Posted 4 years ago on 04 Dec 2011 20:51 #
  7. Imran Qadri

    Iran is the world’s third-largest crude oil exporter.

    Posted 4 years ago on 04 Dec 2011 20:53 #
  8. Imran Qadri

    U.S. Senate Passes Iran Oil Sanctions as EU Blacklist Grows

    Posted 4 years ago on 04 Dec 2011 21:00 #
  9. asif65

    Posted 4 years ago on 04 Dec 2011 23:59 #
  10. aftab

    Now officials within the US government are admitting that the craft was actually an unmanned, robotic spy drone equipped with some of the country’s finest technologies and kept under wraps for years.

    Furthermore, the craft was flying in an intelligence-gathering operation for the CIA, and if its cutting edge technology is examined by enemy forces, some of America’s top secrets could be exposed.

    "It's bad — they'll have everything,” an official speaking under condition of anonymity tells the Los Angeles Times.

    The craft, a RQ-170 Sentinel drone, has been in America’s arsenal for years and first publically acknowledged by the Pentagon in 2009. Since then, the US has gone to great lengths to keep its actual capabilities hidden. The Times adds that insiders have said that the drone has the capability not just to conduct photographic and video surveillance from miles in the sky while remaining undetected, but it can also monitor cell phone conversations and can sniff out chemicals in the air, helping identify factories that could be using dangerous ingredients for complex warheads.

    Earlier this year, Iranian lawmaker Ali Aqazadeh Dafsari told Press TV that the Iranian military had downed another American spy plane on the lookout for nuclear plants.

    Back in May, the Sentinel was used by the CIA to conduct clandestine surveillance over Osama bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan as officials plotted the raid and execution of the former al-Qaeda leader.

    "It carries a variety of systems,” author Peter W. Singer tells the Times, “to its allies . . . it's a potential gold mine.”

    Other insiders say that a threat is minimal, with defense policy analyst Loren Thompson telling the Times that "A lot of information about this aircraft was already known by foreign military intelligence officials."

    “The cat's already out of the bag with stealth technology," adds John Pike, director of a website that deals with military policy research.

    Since the DoD has gone to great lengths to keep the craft a secret from Americans, however, it comes surprising that, despite these efforts, America’s own enemies have been privy to the plane’s powers. Earlier this year, China revealed that it had finished a stealth fighter jet believed to have been developed with the aid of American technology onboard a F-117 downed over Serbia in 1999. With China at odds with America yet favored by Tehran, the information obtained from the wreckage of the RQ-170 Sentinel could be detrimental to America’s defense as the rivals work to one-up the US.

    While a normal aircraft would spiral and crash uncontrollably by being downed by attacks, this craft in particular is believed to have simply lose contact with its handlers and, given its sophistication, safely glide to the ground and landed unscathed. “The way these things are built, they are very stable; they are very predictable,” Jennifer Griffin of Fox News says a senior US military official with knowledge of the incident revealed to her.

    Perhaps the biggest blow to America, however, is that Iran has caught the US red-handed in a mission to sneak through the skies overseas as tensions between nations grow. To CNN, an unnamed military official from Iran calls the whole thing a "clear example of aggression" and says that Iran is "fully ready to counter any aggression.”

    Posted 4 years ago on 06 Dec 2011 19:44 #
  11. azizi

    Iran TV shows the video of an intact drone. Only the landing gears are hidden. Iran claims they have done it thourgh hacking the control signals.

    Where are Pakistan Army Jurnails at electronic war-fare?

    Posted 4 years ago on 08 Dec 2011 17:26 #
  12. Ghost Protocol

    USA should block Iran supply routes over this act of war by Iranians.....

    Posted 4 years ago on 08 Dec 2011 17:56 #
  13. sipahi


    It seems that your hate of Iran has completely blinded you.

    Posted 4 years ago on 09 Dec 2011 5:00 #
  14. aftab

    Two years ago the Wall Street Journal reported Iran-funded militants in Iraq were able to hack into drones' live-video feeds with "$26 off-the-shelf software". In another unnerving incident, Wired reported in October that a fleet of the Air Force's drones was infected with a computer virus that captured all of drones' key strokes. Technicians continually deleted the virus to no avail. How did the drones get infected? The military is "not quite sure". Worse, the Air Force's cyber security team didn't even know about the virus until they read about it in Wired.

    Wired reported in a separate story that an upcoming Congressional report will detail how hackers broke into the US satellite system. With one satellite, hackers "achieved all steps required to command" it, "but never actually exercised control".

    Last summer, a drone caused a scene in the nation's capital, when, as New York Times wrote, "fighter jets were almost scrambled after a rogue Fire Scout drone, the size of a small helicopter, wandered into Washington's restricted airspace". A similar incident took place in Afghanistan where military planes had to shoot down a "runaway drone" when pilots lost control.

    The US, of course, leads the world in drone use for both surveillance and combat missions. Attacks are carried out in Pakistan every four days on average. Many times, the US isn't even sure exactly who they are killing. Despite the fact that the location of vast majority of drone bases are classified, journalist Nick Turse pieced together a startling picture of the massive US fleet. He determined that the US has at least 60 drone bases operated by either the US military or the CIA around the world, and "most of these facilities have remained unnoted, uncounted, and remarkably anonymous - until now".

    But drone use is not just relegated to US military. Drone manufacturers already command a $94bn market, according to some estimates, and the drone arms race is in full swing. As the Washington Post reported, the constant buzz of drones and threats of attack now dominates the lives of civilians in Gaza. And Turkey plans to have Predator drones in operation by June 2012.

    Meanwhile, Chinese contractors unveiled 25 types of unmanned aircraft last year. In all, at least 50 countries now have some sort of unmanned aerial vehicles, and the New York Times reports that "the number is rising every month". That number also includes Iran, which is seeking to upgrade its fleet. Even the Libyan rebels had their own surveillance drone - provided to them by Canadian defence contractors - before they were in full control of their own country.

    The technology itself is also developing at an alarmingly rapid pace. The New York Times reports that researchers in the US are working on "shrinking unmanned drones, the kind that fire missiles into Pakistan and spy on insurgents in Afghanistan, to the size of insects", along with oversized drones that can capture video of an entire city. There are birdlike drones, underwater drones, drones within drones, facial recognition drones, and perhaps most terrifying, completely autonomous drones - currently being tested in Georgia - which will require no human control at all.

    Posted 4 years ago on 09 Dec 2011 10:20 #
  15. azizi

    Posted 4 years ago on 09 Dec 2011 15:40 #
  16. jabalultariq

    Totally agree with AR , does anyone remeber Iran-Contra affair , that was really an un explainable and bizarre series of events , ......

    Posted 4 years ago on 09 Dec 2011 17:42 #
  17. Abdul Rahman


    Thanks. We don't have to go that far back to Contra, please see the role of Iran in supporting the Baathist Alawite thug Assad in Syria. They cooperated with US in bringing down the same Baath party in Iraq but now support the same Baathists of Syria. The Baathist represent extreme Arab nationalism. It was founded by a Christian Arab Michael Aflaq based in France. They refer to Prophet Mohammad SAS as an "Arab" first and do not care about his Prophethood. They have taken out Salauddin Ayoubi from School text books becuase according to them " He was not an Arab but a Kurd". This is their Baathist ideology but when it comes to their beliefs they are Alawites who consdier Ali RA as God and according to majority of Ulema -both Shia and Sunni are putside the pale of islam like Qadianis. They do not pray, fast or do Haj and drink alcohol and can fool others saying they are Sunnis. This is part of their "religion" to lie. Also they are not much different that others who only see their "interests" and does not care for Ummah. They have ben supporting the Indian occupatuon of Kashmir for long time and only do lip serrvice to the Palestinian cause.

    Last but not least the most important point is that Alawites ( under umbrella of Baath party) grabbed power due to their patronage by French colonialists. French made sure that this devient group had all power for their own long term interests. It is the same French that also made sure that the power in Lebanon will always be with maronite Christians. The Lebanese constitution stipulates that the President who has abslute Power is always a Christian. When teh Muslims objected to this in 1970's saying the Christions are no longer majority, civil war ensued killing hundreds of thousands. They again went back to that rotten consitution dictated by French.

    At this stage, Israel has made it clear that it wants to see Assad in power as he indirectly supports their interests.

    Posted 4 years ago on 09 Dec 2011 19:27 #
  18. jabalultariq

    Without Iran's antics , Saudi Arab and other lame arabs would never have run to US for support , but its hard to believe Iran plays a double game, they alsmost bled to death in the 8 year war with Iraq , nobody shoots itself on the foot ?

    Posted 4 years ago on 09 Dec 2011 20:53 #
  19. jabalultariq

    Azizi - Pakistan doesnt fare badly in reverse engineering , when Presseler Amendment was in full swing - we reverse engineered our french supplied air defence systems and fixed them

    Posted 4 years ago on 09 Dec 2011 20:57 #
  20. sipahi


    It seems that your hate of Iran has blinded you.

    But at least you you are not completely blinded as you raise a question
    "but its hard to believe Iran plays a double game, they alsmost bled to death in the 8 year war with Iraq , nobody shoots itself on the foot ?"

    Also, you don't have complete story about socalled Iran-Contra.

    Posted 4 years ago on 10 Dec 2011 3:30 #
  21. Hussain Farooqui

    One thing is indisputable about Iranis. They are very patriotic to their country. They can't let America insult them by drone attacks. Being patriotic, they would prefer to die rather than being insulted.

    Drone attacks, Abbotabad like attacks or check-post like attacks are out of questions over Iran.

    We need to develop similar degree of patriotism. May Allah bless us with a similar degree of patriotism, aameen!

    Posted 4 years ago on 10 Dec 2011 5:41 #
  22. Abdul Rahman


    Nationalistic patriotism is not good. Wataniyat is an idol in latest temple human being have erected . Were the Sahaba Karaam patriotic?

    Iran is not our example but Sahaba Karaam. Unfortunately the Iranian leadership is against those Sahaba Karaam. They will rather side with America as they did in Afghanistan and Iraq. Please forget Iran. Iran will never be any ones inspiration. They need to change themselves first.

    Posted 4 years ago on 11 Dec 2011 19:15 #
  23. Abdul Rahman

    One drone supposedly crashed in Iran in last 13 years and so much hue and cry. What is the truth? No one knows. The media is blowing it out of proportion to prove that Iran is against US. How many drones attacks in last 13 years in Pakistan and how many innocents killed and there is dead silence.

    Please ponder and open your eyes. They are all together in the game. Please remember how Iran helped in the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq and now dictating Shite doctrine to the Iraqi puppet Shite Government. That was all part of Plan by US/Israel to give power to Shias. They are all busy trying tp prop up Alawitre Baathist thug Assad in Syria. Has anyone NOT heard of Shia crescent?

    Posted 4 years ago on 11 Dec 2011 20:12 #
  24. sipahi

    Who can name at least one thing that is common between AR and majority of americans?

    Posted 4 years ago on 12 Dec 2011 6:50 #
  25. Abdul Rahman

    sipahi, Nice try to shield the Iran drone attack drama.

    Let me first answer it myself. Majority of Americans believe that 9/11 was inside job and so do I.

    Polls Show Widespread Doubt About Official Explanations

    The results of polls on peoples’ beliefs about 9/11 around the world might surprise you:

    ■In its January 2011 issue, the popular German magazine “Welt der Wunder” published the results of a poll conducted by the Emnid institute on 1005 respondents. The poll indicated that nearly 90% percent of Germans are convinced that the government of the United States is not telling the whole truth about the September 11 attacks

    ■A new poll conducted in England by ICM shows that more UK residents agree than disagree that the official account of what happened on 9/11 might turn out to be wrong in important respects. Only 8% strongly agree that they have been told the full story of the 9/11 attacks

    ■A new poll conducted in France by HEC Paris shows that 58% of French people doubt the official version of 9/11, and 49% believe the U.S. government might have intentionally allowed the attacks to happen

    ■A Zogby poll conducted in August 2007 found that 71% of Americans want Congress to probe Bush/Cheney regarding the 9/11 attacks, two-thirds (67%) of Americans say the 9/11 Commission should have investigated the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7

    However Iran helped and keeps heloing in the war on terror.

    Posted 4 years ago on 12 Dec 2011 12:44 #
  26. sipahi


    Can you please share me actual poll which draws the conclusion as you noted:

    "Majority of Americans believe that 9/11 was inside job and so do I."

    Just like your other assertions, this is not true.

    Posted 4 years ago on 13 Dec 2011 1:03 #
  27. Abdul Rahman

    Also this one from leading Architects and Engineers of America. Richard Page is an AIA-American Institute of Architect License which is very difficult to get. That means a licensed Architect. Page's bread and butter was designing high rise buildings like World Trade Center skyscrapers and he left his job and formed a organisation with web site

    Posted 4 years ago on 13 Dec 2011 13:21 #
  28. sipahi


    If you read the CBS poll result,

    Majority (16 + 53 = 69 )% believe the USA government report with 53% having a caveat of possibly hiding some info.

    This is different than your spin:
    "Majority of Americans believe that 9/11 was inside job and so do I."

    Posted 4 years ago on 14 Dec 2011 0:03 #
  29. KHAN_Sahib

    اندھا بانٹے ریو رڑیاں ، وہ بھی اپنے اپنوں کو ... تو کیا غلط کیا ؟

    Posted 4 years ago on 14 Dec 2011 0:13 #
  30. aftab

    With America still scrambling to explain why and how they lost a drone aircraft over Iran last week, the Pentagon is trying to make sense of how another high-tech unmanned spy craft crashed Tuesday morning in the Seychelles.

    For the second time in two weeks, American authorities lost contact with a drone aircraft, this time resulting in a fiery crash in the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean.

    The loss of the second drone within days raises questions about security within the US military and the unmanned crafts themselves. It was reported earlier this year that drones dispatched from Creech Air Force Base in Nevada were plagued with a computer virus that made its way into the cockpits of the crafts without American authorities able to quickly identify it. Even though US military officials claimed that the virus didn’t harm the security of US aircraft, it is suspicious that now two American drones have been downed in only such a short amount of time, raising questions whether it is possible retaliation from Iran for an alleged cyber attack the year prior. Stuxnet, a 2010 computer warm that targeted Iranian nuclear facilities, was suspected to be perpetrated by American intelligence agencies, much to their dismissal.

    In the case of the down drone over Seychelles, authorities say that government officials of the island nation were “immediately notified” and are coordinating an effort with the United States to arrange for “the removal of debris,” says the US Air Force. Pending further investigation, the US Air Force released a statement on Tuesday saying that “It has been confirmed that this drone was unarmed and its failure was due to mechanical reasons.”

    Editor Gervais Henrie of the local Le Seychellois Hebdo tells the Washington Post that the craft burst into blames upon crashing, describing the wreckage in a phone interview as charred and “totally destroyed.”

    Posted 4 years ago on 14 Dec 2011 11:39 #
  31. Abdul Rahman

    They said their act of non-violent civil disobedience aimed to visualize the indiscriminate killing of civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan by drones operated by personnel sitting in front of computers thousands of miles away. The group calls themselves the Hancock 38 Drone Resisters

    Posted 4 years ago on 14 Dec 2011 13:20 #
  32. Abdul Rahman

    Posted 4 years ago on 14 Dec 2011 13:22 #
  33. msohail83

    It doesn't look "shot down" from any angle.

    Posted 4 years ago on 14 Dec 2011 17:51 #
  34. hariskhan

    Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    Iran has already released video of the US drone they "captured safely, without a scratch to it".

    Why is there talk of it having been destroyed, when it is common knowledge;

    (1) this drone wasn't destroyed
    (2) Its systems were taken over by Iranians
    (3) They landed it safely in their possession without physical damage to it

    Posted 4 years ago on 14 Dec 2011 19:14 #
  35. junaid

    iran ki noora khusti bhi aisay hi hai jaisay humaree maujoda hakomat

    Posted 4 years ago on 15 Dec 2011 6:41 #
  36. NNL

    the largest community of Jews outside Israel in Iran and they largest technology markets domination by Jews and then you expect them not to be friends

    Naive arent you ?

    Posted 4 years ago on 15 Dec 2011 8:50 #
  37. sipahi


    "the largest community of Jews outside Israel in Iran"

    This is because, as a true Islamic State, non-muslim rights are well protected in Iran.

    Posted 4 years ago on 16 Dec 2011 0:38 #
  38. azizi

    Allow me to continue deviating from the topic. The largest community of Jews outside Israel in NOT Iran but the U.S.A. There are only ten thousand Yahoodi in Iran.

    Posted 4 years ago on 16 Dec 2011 2:11 #
  39. Respect


    I would not go as far as to say a true islamic estate which u are referring to Iran

    Posted 4 years ago on 16 Dec 2011 2:14 #
  40. Abdul Rahman

    This is because, as a true Islamic State, non-muslim rights are well protected in Iran.

    Really? That's correct though for Non- Muslims but Muslim rights are not protected.

    My brother was a doctor ( sar parast ) in Iran and could not pray Jumah prayer in Teheran, a city of 15 million. There was not a single Sunni masjid in there except one in diplomatic quarter. Even he wanted to pray in Shia masjid but came out after seeing "idol worship". There were photos of Ali RA, Hussain RA and Ayatollah everywhere.
    They celebrate Nowruz more than Eid al Fitr and Eid al Adha. They need another army of Muslims to crush them like Iqbal said about pagan Iranians.

    Aa dabaya mehr Iran ko ajal ki shaam ne
    Phir kisne zinda kya tazkera Yazdan ko

    Posted 4 years ago on 16 Dec 2011 2:43 #
  41. junaid

    "I would not go as far as to say a true islamic estate which u are referring to Iran "

    and i would second you on that.

    Posted 4 years ago on 16 Dec 2011 4:36 #
  42. Hussain Farooqui

    Negative aspects of Iranis are undeniable. Their racism and sectarianism are not hidden from the general view. Let us view their positive aspects.

    They are very patriotic to their country.
    They are an integrated and united nation.
    They are a very disciplined nation.
    They are very honest with their nation.

    We Pakistanis badly lack all the above qualities.

    Posted 4 years ago on 16 Dec 2011 6:15 #
  43. Abdul Rahman

    HF, We are not missing any qualities. Nationalism and patriotism are not qualities of a good Muslim. Our first allegience is to Ummah then to a nation. I think Pakistan has more such people than Iran. When the Khilafa was abolished in Turkey there was a widespread Khilafat movement in barre Sagheer but it went unnoticed in Iran as they consider themselves outside of Ummah.

    Posted 4 years ago on 16 Dec 2011 6:31 #
  44. Hussain Farooqui

    Abdul Rehman

    I agree with you that we have the concept of Ummaah based on our faith. The problem is that we are not sincere with our ideology these days, so we are living in humiliation.

    Irani ideology is based on their regionalism, but they are very loyal to their ideology, so it is not easy for America to attack or suppress Iranis.

    Posted 4 years ago on 16 Dec 2011 7:31 #
  45. expakistani

    Now this is what i call score 1 - 0; (if this is true )
    Not a fan of war between American and any other country but techies make me feel good.

    Exclusive: Iran hijacked US drone, says Iranian engineer

    Posted 4 years ago on 17 Dec 2011 1:49 #
  46. sipahi


    I intended to include "in" between as & a.
    True Islamic State is only by our Prophet (pbuh) or his appointed.

    My intention was to write as follows:

    This is because, as in a true Islamic State, non-muslim rights are well protected in Iran.

    Posted 4 years ago on 17 Dec 2011 2:13 #
  47. Abdul Rahman

    Iran is far far from being anything Islamic. More like a banana republic.

    Another point to ponder. Iran has Azeri Shias who inhabit the province of Azerbaijan in NW Iran bordering the country of Azerbaijan, the only Shia majority country in former Soviet Republics which is now independant.

    When Armenia and Azerbaijan went to war over Nagarno Karabakh, Iran sided with Armenians in its war. Why?

    Because Iran feared that the Azeris in Iran and Azeris of Azerbaijan may somehow unite and ask for separate country. This fear led them to side with Christian Armenians in their war with Azerbaijan. So why on earth someone can call it a "Islamic" Republic. Another reason may be outright nationalistic because Azeris speak a Turkish dialect and do not speak Farsi.

    Folks commenting here better learn about Iranian history especially its treachery against the Ummah in general before making flawed comments.

    Posted 4 years ago on 17 Dec 2011 2:25 #
  48. Hussain Farooqui

    ABdul Rehman

    Good input of some information about Azeris and the American attack over them. Iranis are basically racist type of people. They just do what is the best in the interest of the Irani nation. Religion is a matter of secondary importance in their viewpoints.

    Posted 4 years ago on 17 Dec 2011 5:47 #
  49. Pakistan needs not to reinvent a wheel to acquire the drone technology. This can simply be done by hacking the Drone control system and making them land in your own territory safely, the way recently Iran has done. Pakistan too may do the same and increase its military hardware inventory of Drones in Dozens.

    Russian TV; RT gives out certain details as recently how Iranian hacked the top Surveillance US drone.

    TR says: More damage is being dished out to the US intelligence community as sources in Iran admit to hacking the CIA’s lost drone and bringing it down with not much more than computer navigating know-how.

    Engineers with the Iranian military are admitting to the Christian Science Monitor that the dramatic disappearance of a multi-million dollar stealth drone aircraft suffered by the United States two weeks ago was indeed a result of their own doing, claiming now that they managed to hijack the system inside the craft with ease and bring it to a safe landing without incident.

    Posted 4 years ago on 17 Dec 2011 12:56 #
  50. sipahi


    "They just do what is the best in the interest of the Irani nation. Religion is a matter of secondary importance in their viewpoints."

    As far as your first statement, I am pretty sure you do what is in best interest of your family. Also, I am sure you identify "best interest" based on your understanding of your religion.
    Unfortunately, as Pakistanis we do not do things, what is in best interest of Pakistan.

    As far as nation of Iran, you agree that they do things what is in best interest of Iran. The difference is what you understand to be in best interest of Islam is different than what is understood by the leadership of Islam. Their best interests for Irani nation are define by their understanding of Islam. Religion of Islam is still primary.

    At least, they apply a criteria similar to Article 62 & 63, before any person can become either part of the assembly or government. They are protecting their society by enforcing Islamic society laws to protect weak at a cost of western condemnation.

    There is lot to learn from them for Pakistanis, instead of just rejecting it because of difference in understanding of Islam.

    Posted 4 years ago on 17 Dec 2011 17:57 #
  51. junaid

    thanks for the information.

    Posted 4 years ago on 18 Dec 2011 0:52 #

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