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Latest Video of Col. Imam - Fake OR Authentic

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  1. rashidsaleem

    Respected contributors,

    Recently, there has been news about a new video of Col. Imam. In the video he has made some allegations and appeals. The reason I am posting this topic is to get feedback about the authenticity of this video. At first the video appears to be genuine but if you have a keen eye, you can point out the following:

    1. If you compare the latest video with any of the previous videos of Col. Imam, you can easily point out the difference in the jaw bone structure.
    2. The color of the beard is different. In captivity he gets time or gets provided with a chemical dye.
    3. Although there is a logo of a channel but the area of the face is blurred using some technique.
    4. The shoulder width or size also appears to be different or either he is getting fat.
    5. I spoke to some people who have seen Col. Imam in person and their opinion is that the person in the video is not Col. Imam based on their recollection.

    You can find the video link (Latest one) at the end. If there are any graphic or video experts on this group, I need their expert opinion about this. All other contributors are also welcome to share their thoughts.

    Video Link:

    Posted 5 years ago on 28 Jul 2010 7:07 #
  2. To me it appears to be totally different person. Compare him to the real one:

    The person in the video is much healthier. Has the kidnapping be so good to him?

    Also note no tension in his voice. Too calm. And the contents of the speech are foolish. (Would he really say things like "Agar Pakisani govt ko meri fiqr nahin to mujhay bhi Pakistan ki fiqr nahiN"?)

    I posted one with Khalid Khawaja. Now compare this video to the one released of Khwaja: No doubt it is him. Also note the simple background. Why go so elaborate on this one?

    Posted 5 years ago on 28 Jul 2010 10:03 #
  3. looked the same to me as in some of the youtube videos of his interviews done some time before.

    Posted 5 years ago on 28 Jul 2010 11:14 #
  4. shirazi

    What are their demands? Release 160 or so militants in return. To begin with this Colonel himself should be along side those 160 militants. I 'd say he is at even better place in basement captured by his fellow jihadis. He deserves Khalid Khawaja like ending. The ultimate justice 'd be done by almighty if Hamid Gul also ends up same way. All these Jihadi mullahs and Generals need to swallow bitter pills that they sold for decades that brought Pakistan down to its knees.

    Posted 5 years ago on 28 Jul 2010 12:09 #
  5. junaid

    he looks different in the video although, his voice is similar. if he is with laskhkar then i think he is safe. i think na pak army trapped him there so that the documentary cannot be release to public. musharaf kuttay nai pori fauj ka satiya naas kardiya. can't believe how PAF have surrendered infront of musharaf kai bakiyaat

    Posted 5 years ago on 29 Jul 2010 8:30 #
  6. rashidsaleem

    @Nota: Good analysis. So in a way you agree that this video is probably fake..right??

    @Shirazi: It’s not about demands. It’s about unmasking the realities of these demented terrorists. The masses who saw this video, believed it right away that its Col. Imam. Our media also never paid attention to its authencity. We as responsible citizens in our limited capacities need to contribute as much as we can.

    Posted 5 years ago on 29 Jul 2010 8:53 #
  7. Sweettruth

    Lashkar Jhangvi is a terrorist organisation and Govt of Pakistan should take swift action against this organisation to release one of their ex officers. Govt should seriously consider demands of terrorists to get release of this Pakistani. These terrorists are biggest scumbags and they can even sell their mothers for $100. Unfortunately, organisations like Lashkar Jhangvi have flourished under the umbrella of ISI and now they are killing ex ISI officers and innocent ordinary citizens.
    An all-out operation against all these terrorist organisation is what the whole nations wants from their Govt and Army. This strategic depth topi drama has destroyed our nation and internally weakened Pakistan. We don't need anymore begharat characters like Gen Hameed Gul who is chiefly responsible for all this Fasad in our country.

    Posted 5 years ago on 29 Jul 2010 12:20 #
  8. @bitterlies
    Just two minutes ago you were shedding crocodile tears talking of national tragedy complaining "stop scoring political points" and now this foolish cr@p. Have some shame... :)

    Posted 5 years ago on 29 Jul 2010 12:29 #
  9. Sweettruth


    So you dont want release of this Pakistani man who is being held by a terrorist organisation. Why do you have so mcuh soft corner for terrorist organisations?

    Posted 5 years ago on 29 Jul 2010 12:33 #
  10. @bitterlies
    See the topic is "Is the video fake". I already said "I think it is". How do you manage to spin that into "ou have so mcuh soft corner for terrorist organisations"?

    BTW: You do get over your mourning real quick!!!

    Posted 5 years ago on 29 Jul 2010 12:38 #
  11. Sweettruth


    Now you are mocking at the terrible tragedy of air crash. Get a life. I am sure this video is real and Col. Imam is still in the custody of your Fasadi mates (Lashkar Jhangvi).

    Manhoos founder of Lashkar Jhangvi Haq Nawaz Jhangvi mardood sown seed of sectarianism in Pakistan and his legacy is being advanced and supported by Fasadis like you and others who are holding Col Imam.

    Posted 5 years ago on 29 Jul 2010 12:54 #
  12. @bitterlies
    "Fasadis like you and others who are holding Col Imam"

    Thanks for the laugh (and credit..."I'm not worthy!") ;-)

    Posted 5 years ago on 29 Jul 2010 12:58 #
  13. Sweettruth


    I guess you have run out of reason/argument that is why you are typing rubbish.

    Posted 5 years ago on 29 Jul 2010 13:14 #
  14. @bitterlies
    I must admit: You never EVER run out of rubbish. In fact that is all you write! :-P

    Posted 5 years ago on 29 Jul 2010 13:28 #
  15. Sweettruth

    yar nota you know truth is bitter that is why you do not want to read my comments. Well, have a nice day

    Posted 5 years ago on 29 Jul 2010 14:49 #
  16. Anwer Kamal

    Ask Hamid Mir
    He is always inside these plays.

    Posted 5 years ago on 29 Jul 2010 15:34 #

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