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  1. asif86

    Arshad Pappu set free

    By Our Correspondent

    KARACHI, Feb 17: The main character of the notorious Lyari Gang War Arshad Pappu was released from Gaddani Jail yesterday evening.

    He was released from the court ten months ago but was detained once again under the MPO, on the instruction of former home minister, at the Gaddani Jail, sources told Daily News this morning.

    They divulged that Arshad alias Pappu known as Arshad Pappu, the son of Haji Laloo who was running a cartel in Lyari Town in the late 70s till the 90s is the main figure in starting the infamous Lyari Gang War.

    Arshad kidnapped, tortured and killed Faizu alais Mama Faizu, the father of Sardar Uzair and since then the gang war between Arshad Pappu and Rehman Dakait started which gripped the concerned area in sheer fear and tension. Over a thousand persons so far have been killed since the start of clash between the said groups. However, Arshad Pappu left the Lyari Town and started his illegal activities from Jehanabad and Hub. During the gang war his father Haji Laloo was arrested.

    The gang war intensified and Rehman Dakait's men got the upper hand and took control of the town after driving Arshad's men from pillar to post. In a dramatic raid some years back, police allegedly nabbed Arshad Pappu from a hide out in Lyari. However, sources said that Arshad turned himself in. He was as in jail for the brutal murder of mama Faizu and cold blooded killing of three policemen and many other case.

    About ten months ago, he was released from the court. In some cases he went on parole while in some other cases he was released because the cases were weak.

    After his release his father Haji Laloo made it very evident that his son would be killed and using his old connections made sure that his son Arshad Pappu was detained at the Gaddani Jail, Balochistan under the MPO, sources confided to Daily News.

    Yesterday evening he was released and is at an undisclosed place, said the source. Haji Laloo is presently in Dubai; they added and is expected any time back in the country.

    Posted 3 years ago on 17 Feb 2012 19:28 #
  2. Anwer Kamal

    "He was released from the court ten months ago but was detained once again under the MPO"
    Anything wrong there ?

    Posted 3 years ago on 17 Feb 2012 19:52 #

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