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  1. Posted 8 years ago on 18 Dec 2007 3:25 #
  2. cheema2008

    In 2008 elections the contest in NA 101 will be very close between the PMLQ caqndidate Mr Hamid Nasir Chattha and the PML(N) candidate Justice (R) Iftikhar Ahmad Cheema.The predictions are so far in favour of Justice Iftikhar Cheema as he has the support of both chattha and cheema tribes and also double shah factor is playing a negative role on the sitting MNA Mr Hamid Nasir Chattha who is alleged to have been behind the arrest of The double shah charachter.

    Dawn/ Jang / Express all have predicted that The new comer Justice Iftikhar Cheema may win these elections by a heavy margin.

    PPP candaidate is lacking far behind and she is not even contesting the elections whole heartedly as both her provincial candidates are also performing very poorly. Thus according to express gujranwala, the favourable candidate is Justice Iftikhar Cheema and the runner up will be Mr Hamid Nasir Chattha.

    Posted 8 years ago on 22 Jan 2008 23:41 #
  3. Adonis

    In 2002 elections,

    Hamid Nasir Chatta PML(J) 69171
    Shoukat Hayat Chatha (Ind) 7169
    Asma Shah Nawaz PPP 64355
    Muhammad Saleem Aujalvi (PAT) 2711

    Posted 8 years ago on 23 Jan 2008 4:11 #
  4. Adonis

    I agree that the position of Hamid Nasir Chattha is pretty weak. But the PPP candidate Asma Shahnawaz got good votes last time. If she manages to divide the cheema votes, hamid nasir chattha may get an oustide chance, though it seems unlikely at the moment.

    Posted 8 years ago on 23 Jan 2008 4:27 #
  5. badar

    there used to be on Col(r) Ghulam sarwar cheema. where is he in this election?

    Posted 8 years ago on 23 Jan 2008 8:22 #
  6. Adonis

    I believe he or his son/daughter applied for PML(N) ticket but did not get it.

    Posted 8 years ago on 23 Jan 2008 8:24 #
  7. cheema2008

    Col(r) Ghulam Sarwar Cheema common known as \\\"Lota e Azam\\\" in the constituency was the one who after the musharaff take over on oct 12,99 branded Mian Nawaz Sharif as \\\" Ullu Ka patha\\\" in all national newspapers again went to ask for ticket but this time he was disgraced and denied PPP and then PML(N) ticket. Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Marhuma Rated him as \\\"personna non Gratta\\\" and PML(N) flatly refused to entertain his application.

    Now after having no option he is openly siding with Hamid Nasir Chattha and have placed hs daughter to oppose PML(N) candidate. On the other side when Mian shahbaz sharif and Nawaz Sharif visited the constituency his banner were also there to greet them. What A charachter to earn such a name \\\"lota e Azam\\\". :)

    As far as Asma is concerned she is not getting enough support from her provincial candidates as in PP103 her candidate is a new comer Usman Talib Chattha a very weak one. Ijaz Samman the candidate from pp104 was a good candidate but PML(N) has brought a very tough conteder and he is cheema. Thus majority of the cheema tribe is siding with pml(n)so she has moved to the third position.

    Main battle will be fought in between PMLQ and PML(N) candidates where according to the media PML(N) has a visible edge over PMLQ candidate.

    But God knows better whats going to happen on the 18th of feb. I hope no rigging or no dhandla.

    Posted 8 years ago on 23 Jan 2008 14:43 #
  8. cheema2008

    sorry readers in paragraph 3 i meant Asma is not getting enough support........

    Posted 8 years ago on 23 Jan 2008 14:47 #
  9. badar

    Today the Haroon rashid\'s column has praised the candidate Justice Iftikhar and called him Waliullah. Irrespective of his affiliation I would realy be ecstatic if someone defeats that Chatta. Is there any chance?

    Posted 8 years ago on 23 Jan 2008 20:59 #
  10. cheema2008

    Dear KhizerKyz,

    Well God knows better what will happen on the 18th of feb but let me assure you if there is no massive rigging (dhandla)then Mr Hamid Nasir Chattha\'s reign will be over and forgood.

    No doubt Justice Cheema is a foreign qualified person.(a Barrister)A man of character and priciples and he had served in punjab as sessions judge and then as judge of the Lahore High Court and he is regarded as being one of the very strict and dead honest judges of his time but above all he is a true practicing muslim.While i Know Hamid Nasir personally he does not even know how to pray. What a difference?

    But bro, lets see what 18th feb.2008 holds for NA 101. Its better be Justice Cheema.

    Posted 8 years ago on 23 Jan 2008 22:28 #
  11. gm

    @ cheema

    can u plz give more valid points about his position in the constituency than personal attributes.

    How justice cheema can counter chatha in his own area ( corresponding PP seat).

    how much factor of district nazim is important there?

    are there any main groups leaving or joing different parties?

    what abt PPP vs PMLN contest in wazirabad city?

    Posted 8 years ago on 23 Jan 2008 22:33 #
  12. zufi

    A cheema friend of mine from same constituency once told me Tehsil
    Wazirabad is birthplace of cheema clan and whereever cheemas are
    settled in pakistan or abroad, they have a relative there, is it
    He also told me though wazirabad tehsil is dominated by cheemas but
    in wazirabad city their numbers are insignificant, that is why cheemas always go for a political party ticket instead of counting
    on their baraderi vote only. Any comments.

    Posted 8 years ago on 24 Jan 2008 7:11 #
  13. cheema2008

    Dear Moderator/GM,

    Let me give you some real picture on the ground.Y Justice Cheema? apart from his personal attributes( which i think you didn\\\'t like) he has the support of main chattha groups belonging to PP 103. There are 13/14 union councils in this PP seat out of which are three are dominated by Mr Hamid Nasir Chattha including his own Ahmad Nagar where he belongs to.The main Supporters of Justice cheema are the main Chattha clan of Hazrat Kailiawala union Council where his younger son is married in this clan and in ali pur chattha there are 2 UCs where PML(N)is spported by anti Hamid Nasir, Chattha clan, cheema clan and Rana bradri.( To set the record straight Hamid Nasir Chattha has never won in ali pur and Wazirabad towns.Then coming to Manchar Chattha UC where the PML(N)provincial candidate Mr Shaukat Hayat Chattha Belongs to.Let me give you an insight of Mr shaukat Hayat chattha, he ran for PP seat in 2002 and scored 22500 votes against Hamid Nasir who got 26500, so this will give you a picture that Shaukat Hayat has his own vote bank in this constituency. Bainka Cheema UC is a new joining in NA 101 and PP 103 includes major towns like Pir kot where the former President Mr Rafiq Tarar belongs is dominantly cheema UC and is supporting Justice as in full UC.Saroki UC is another union council where Justice cheema has full support of cheema clan then comes his own Mansur wali UC where he will defeat Hamid Nasir Chattha by a heavy margin.Basically let me divide for you in numbers.

    PP 103,

    UCs where chattha will win by a heavy margin.

    Ahmad Nagar
    Hardo Warpal

    Ucs where Justice cheema will win by a heavy margin.

    Saroki cheema
    Bainka Cheema
    Ali pur Chattha
    Manchar Chattha (Hamid Nasir Used to win but not now)
    Hazrat Kalianwala (Hamid Nasir Used to win but not now)

    main Ucs where there will be a close contest,

    Jamke Chattha
    Burj Ratta

    So now you can analyse that for the first time someone is giving chattha a tough time of his life in his own area.

    District Nazim\\\'s factor? Well thanx to geo and ary no one is bothering about him. As he could have changed the ground reality of this constituency but nothing happened and people are confronting him on two issues.
    1. Why did he come now why not five years early?and now for what their votes so that they could win and vanish?
    2. people ask him that you got your money dounbled by that double shah and then you got him arrested as he was posing your family a threat (may be a political threat?) and he does not have any answer.

    So its not bothering PML(N)any longer.

    Now PP 104.

    Well the PP candidate from PP 104 is Mr Shaukat Manzoor.Former city Nazim and a social worker.His father Mr Manzoor Cheema is very old but very well respected by all the cheema clan in Wazirabad. He with the support of Justice Cheema and another major clan which lives on the other side of the GT road Bagri Clan (a jatt clan)where Justice cheema\\\'s eldest son is married will have a visible lead over Opponent and so will Justice Cheema.Bagri clan has three ucs and they are a close nit family all of them are occupied by them and they have asked Hamid Nasir even not to come there as first they always opposed him and secondly this time they have to support Justice Cheema as they are very close relatives.Same is the case with Manzoor Cheema\\\'s two ucs.Then comes 2 UCs of Dhonkal town where there will be a close contest between Justice Cheema and Chattha. Sodhra Uc is clearly siding with PML(N). By the side of Sodhra there are other 2 ucs where PP will win and in one PML(N) will compete and in the other Hamid Nasir will Compete the PPP candidate.

    Thus the over all in this PP 104 will be that there will be a contest but not a close one between PML(N) and PPP leaving again PML(N) in the front, PPP at number 2 and PMLQ at 3rd position.

    PML(N) has a great advantage as Justice cheema will face PMLQ on one side and PPP in the other leaving Hamid Nasir Chattha in number 3 in one end and PPP at 3rd position on the otherside.

    I hope that i have given you a good insight of the NA 101 and its both PP constituencies. Now please check the ground situation and correct me if i am wrong somewhere.


    Posted 8 years ago on 25 Jan 2008 1:25 #
  14. cheema2008

    ATTN (ZUFI).

    Now comes Wazirabad city. 25000 votes. Hamid Nasir never won.Never in history. PPP candidate last time gave Hamid Nasir tough time just on the basis of wazirabad city and belonging to cheema tribe because apart from Wazirabad, sodhra and dhonkal, rest of the PP 104 is all cheema and also there is hell of lot of Butt,Raja and Malik Baradri in Wazirabad city who in the absence of PML(N) candidate in 2002 supported her. But this time the ground reality has changed. Justice cheema being from the rural area and an elder fellow has attracted most of the cheemas behind him as the PP candidate from PP 104 Mr shaukat Manzoor was given ticket of PML(N) on the strong recommendation od Justice cheema at the last moment so that shows that major cheema players are siding with PML(N).At the same time former PP candidate of Hamid Nasir from Raja Baradri in 2002 elections has joined PML(N) similarly majority of Butt clan is supporting PML(N) because of the Kashmiri/butt factor and Nawaz Sharif.Thirdly the Malik bradri had its chairman Baldia last time and he had along with the other elders of Malik bradri decided to vote for Justice Cheema. Thus there will be a contest between Asma cheema of PPP being based in the city and Justice Cheema being another cheema and having support of all the major clans residing in Wazirabad.Hamid Nasir will surely be number 3 in the race in Wazirabad.

    Posted 8 years ago on 25 Jan 2008 1:27 #
  15. Adonis

    @ cheema2008

    Thanks for this very nice and detailed analysis.

    Posted 8 years ago on 25 Jan 2008 5:36 #
  16. badar

    @ cheema2008
    Very good analysis. BTW where is Naeem chatta these days?

    Posted 8 years ago on 25 Jan 2008 13:15 #
  17. cheema2008

    Attn: khizarKyz

    Naeem Chattha? If i am not wrong you are asking about Naeem Hussain Chattha? If yes then he is not from Wazirabad. He belongs to Sheikhupura. If any other Naeem then i am not getting the name with refernce to NA 101.

    Has anyone seen GM lately. cause he did not like my personal attributes for Justice Cheema. Please ask him to read my detailed analysis and thank you guys for reading it.

    Posted 8 years ago on 25 Jan 2008 16:23 #
  18. cheema2008

    @ GM/Moderator,

    Sorry buddy to disturb you again. Saw your prediction table and saw PML(N) at number 2 in NA 101. Good Lord Dont know where you people gather this data from on which you have based this analysis of yours.

    Plz read above and you are more than ever welcome to check the analysis by me on NA 101 and also consult newspapers on NA 101 and then predict.

    your prediction table will put many people off your website if you will post such inaccurate and untrue predictions.

    Anyhow wont comment on other constituencies but for NA 101, being a voter here and having lived all my life in the area and above all being your regular visitor, i think i have every right to correct your analysis and predictions.

    Required your comments on NA 101, specially with retgards to prediction table???

    Posted 8 years ago on 25 Jan 2008 16:57 #
  19. badar

    @ cheema2008
    my mistake. I always get his & mian zaman constituency not right.

    Posted 8 years ago on 25 Jan 2008 17:07 #
  20. cheema2008

    @ KhizayKyz,

    NP. Naeem Hussain Chattha. Sheikhupura.
    Mian Zaman Okara.

    Am i right? :) if not then accept my apologies in advance.

    Any latest news on NA 101.

    Posted 8 years ago on 25 Jan 2008 20:58 #
  21. zufi

    Cheema sahib,
    Thanks for wonderful analysis.
    it is amazing Wazirabad city has only 25000 votes bc when
    you pass the city through GT road or train it appears to be
    fairly midsize city. I remember at least four five bus stops,
    couple of train stations and a junction too.

    Posted 8 years ago on 25 Jan 2008 21:12 #
  22. cheema2008


    Thank You Sir,

    Well Wazirabad has developed a lot and now have 48000 registered voters. But its always 50% is the total turnout.

    Thanx for appreciating my analysis which the moderator has not even got a chance to look at. As it was him who forced me to write so much in depth and detail. But recently if you had a look at their prediction table still they are rating Hamid Nasir Chattha as number one.

    So i guess they are all Die Hard Q league supporters. Hahaha. :)

    Posted 8 years ago on 25 Jan 2008 21:50 #
  23. gm

    @ cheema2008

    First of all i appreciate ur efforts for a detailed and appropriate analysis for NA-101.

    I did see it immediately after u posted, but cud not reply ( had been busy to \\\'welcome\\\' mush today in london).

    u do have right to correct our anaylysis n predictions.
    i m not sure if u had seen the previous guestimates. if u had, u shud have observed that how ranking of candidates in this constituecny has changed ( as shown in previous revisions), specially for iftikhar cheema, right from his day of application as candidate till today.

    u noticed the ranking number, but u did not notice that currently iftikhar cheema is shows as having weightage of 95 vs 100 for chatha. that itself explains how close iftikhar cheema is getting and i m also of the same opinion that he is going to beat chatha and it will v obvious in next coming days.

    plzz dont rush to label as pro Q etc. I do have considred rigging factor , although for favor f PMLQ ( for example abt 3000 postal ballt votes).

    As the situation changes in the area, i will update the guestimate accordingly.

    And when i asked u abt explaing details of constituency and not the personal traits f a person, it did not mean that i like or dislike some one, rahter my point was to expect from u what u did after that by giving detailed analysis.

    i hope u can understand this and also that the purpose is s healthy debate.

    Thanks again

    Posted 8 years ago on 26 Jan 2008 0:03 #
  24. gm

    @ khizarkyz

    Naeem Hussain chatha is senator of PMLQ.

    Posted 8 years ago on 26 Jan 2008 16:32 #
  25. cheema2008

    @ GM,

    Thank you for appreciating my analysis. Yes i have noticed from previous charts the rating for Justice Iftikhar Cheema has improved. But tell you the truth it wont be as neck to neck as you have given in your chart.

    It would be

    Justice Iftikhar Cheema. 100%
    Hamid Nasir Chattha. 90%
    Asma Shahnawaz. 80%

    Any how if you will not amend your prediction table for NA 101 then i will be proven right on the 18th of Feb. But if you agree with me and change your prediction based on the ground reality then me and you will be on the same boat celebrating our right prediction.I leave it to you.

    yes i agree and appreciate your effort for a healthy debate.

    Posted 8 years ago on 26 Jan 2008 18:18 #
  26. cheema2008

    Hello Everyone,

    Seems like everybody has lost interest in my constituency NA 101?

    Posted 8 years ago on 28 Jan 2008 14:52 #
  27. badar

    u have already wrapped it up. the only person who\'d definitely have a say is javed.
    BTW why don\'t u go next door, means the neighboring NA\'s.

    Posted 8 years ago on 28 Jan 2008 16:27 #
  28. cheema2008

    @ KhizarKyz

    Yea i guess so its time to move on but i was hoping and expecting a reply from GM and also all of the member\'s own research and comments on NA 101.

    Posted 8 years ago on 28 Jan 2008 20:38 #
  29. zufi

    Little unrelated, but it is awkward to see a women in rural areas
    to see contest elections even cities are not that much liberal.
    So what is going on, some kind of education thing. What is the
    effect on voters or no impact at all.
    Moreover, you are close to halqa where chaudry shujaat is contesting
    any news on that.

    Posted 8 years ago on 28 Jan 2008 20:55 #
  30. cheema2008

    @ Zufi,

    Yes absolutely it is education thing. The women asma Shahnawaz is the only graduate in the family so they dont have a choice in the family as far as the candidature is concerned.

    Well last time no one bothered much as there were only two main candidates so people had to side with one but this time they have got a choice and clearly her being a female is considered to be a drawback specially when people do have a choice and that too from the same tribe.

    Now shujaat being from the next constituency. Arent these guys Ch bros. have gone beyond their true worth and streched themselves. yes if we are considering the sialkot constituency then i would tell you that it wont be easy for ch to win as PPP candidate Col (r)iskander Ghumman is the younger brother of a three star serving General Israr Ghumman and above all the guy has its good base in the area. But it would be an interesting contest to watch.

    Posted 8 years ago on 28 Jan 2008 22:09 #
  31. zufi

    Shukriyaa,cheema sahib.

    Posted 8 years ago on 28 Jan 2008 22:15 #
  32. Mohammed

    My dear friend or friends, Jhamwala, Mancher, and Pandoke are a part of the same UC called Pandori klan, so, I guess my friend you need to get your facts correct. Respectfully, you aren\'t even getting the villages in the UC\'s correct, so how do you expect us to believe your analysis.

    Posted 8 years ago on 29 Jan 2008 20:55 #
  33. cheema2008

    @ MOChattha

    Well at last someone from the chattha clan to defend Hamid Nasir Chattha. I am so happy and excited.

    Dear at the same time the mistakes you have pointed out are correct to some degree as jhamwala and Pandoke are part of Pandori UC. I do accept and am sorry for the mistake as instead of Pandori i wrote Pandoke UC.
    But my dear according to the voters list Manchar has been a separate UC and will always be.Here you need to correct your facts.

    Some mistakes with the UC names out of many i mentioned and you have questioned the whole analysis based on hard core facts. Thats the spirit... great.

    But if you dont agree with me then please give your own analysis so that the other readers can compare yours with mine. Come on lets do it. and if not then at least answer my few questions?

    1. Will Hamid Nasir Chattha win in these areas?( if yes then please highlight on what grounds and factors)

    1) Alipur Chattha.
    2) Manchar.
    3) RasulNagar.
    4) Kaka Kalo.
    5) Mansurwali.
    6) Hazrat Kailayanwala.
    7) Burj Ratta.
    8) said Nagar.
    9) Ladhewala Cheema.
    10) Dilawar Cheema.

    2. Do you hosnestly believe that Chattha has done enough in the past 20 years for the people and the constituency.when he was literally deputy Prime minister with benazir Marhuma. Speaker, twice Federal Minister and so on.and now while his son was Nazim for 5 years.. keeping in mind that he lost by more than 20,000 votes in the other constituency and lost here to Asma Shahnawaz but results were changed.(Talk of the Town)

    3. Why dint Hamid Nasir chattha raised any concern in the assembly over Double shah issue while it was his constituency where he was running his operations?

    People say they were waiting for Fayaz Chatthas 12 crores to be doubled? and Chatthas got involved only when they thought thatthey have their money back doubled and that at any stage he can pose them a threat in politics.

    4. How many speeches did Hamid Nasir Chattha made in the assembly in his last 5 years and raised issues concerning his constituency? ( here i advise you to consult National Assembly record and then comment).

    Dont you think that its the duty of a member at leastttt to raise few (few) questions concerning his constituents.

    Plz start answering these questions and i will have few more for you and then let the other readers be the judge. whatever they decide i will accept as to me people are the best judges.

    Posted 8 years ago on 30 Jan 2008 15:28 #
  34. zufi

    Cheema gee
    A saying goes about cheemas and chathas
    \'Khaan peen akatho akath
    laran maran wakho wakh\'
    Any truth in it, just a joke.

    Posted 8 years ago on 30 Jan 2008 17:29 #
  35. cheema2008

    @ zufi


    Plz correct the saying: its very famous,

    cheemay tey chathaey
    khan peen nu wakho wakh
    tey laran maren nu kathey

    well as far as mine corrected version of the saying is concerned there is a war between Chathas and Cheemas in NA 101. :)

    On a personal note i am married in chatha tribe so for me the saying is as true as the world itself.

    and did you see at last a respected member of the chatha clan has come forward to defend Hamid Nasir. So let it be a healthy and interesting debate. What do you say?
    Any comments??

    Posted 8 years ago on 30 Jan 2008 19:31 #
  36. gm

    @ cheema2008

    u have ignored to comment on position of Asma Shahnawaz in ur analysis. specially in PP-104 area, dont u think she will b having better position?

    u focued more on iftikhar cheema vs hamid nasir chatha.

    Posted 8 years ago on 30 Jan 2008 19:38 #
  37. zufi

    old memories sorry, yes debate should always be decent and healthy
    wish you well.

    Posted 8 years ago on 30 Jan 2008 19:43 #
  38. cheema2008

    @ Zufi

    Thanx Sir. NP. I hope so as i believe that in no circumstance one must leave decency.

    Posted 8 years ago on 30 Jan 2008 21:22 #
  39. cheema2008

    @ GM

    Please refer to this post which i wrote 5 days ago and is appearing in the last page. It was for another worthy member @ zufi. See for yourself.

    Now comes Wazirabad city. 25000 votes. Hamid Nasir never won.Never in history. PPP (Asma Shahnawaz) candidate last time gave Hamid Nasir tough time just on the basis of wazirabad city and belonging to cheema tribe because apart from Wazirabad, sodhra and dhonkal, rest of the PP 104 is all cheema area and also there is hell of lot of Butt,Raja and Malik Baradri residing in Wazirabad city who in the absence of PML(N) candidate in 2002 supported her (Asma Shahnawaz).

    But this time the ground reality has changed. Justice cheema being from the rural area and an elder fellow has attracted most of the cheemas behind him as the PML(N)candidate from PP 104 Mr shaukat Manzoor was given ticket of PML(N) on the strong recommendation of Justice cheema at the last moment so that shows that major cheema players are siding with PML(N).At the same time former PML(J) candidate of Hamid Nasir from Raja Baradri in 2002 elections has joined PML(N) similarly majority of Butt clan is supporting PML(N) because of the Kashmiri/butt factor and Nawaz Sharif.Thirdly the Malik bradri had its chairman Baldia last time and he had along with the other elders of Malik bradri decided to vote for Justice Cheema.

    Thus there will be a contest between Asma cheema of PPP being based in the city and Justice Cheema being another cheema and having support of the major clans residing in Wazirabad.

    Hamid Nasir will surely be number 3 in the race in Wazirabad.

    Now let me add here for the GM.

    Apart from Wazirabad there are two union councils namely Wadala UC and Vinjowali where PPP has clear edge over its main rivals but at the same time just two UCs will not make any major difference in the overall picture.

    As in Dhonkal town (2 UCs) the main contest is in between Justice Cheema and Hamid Nasir.

    Thus overall i will still stand for the same opinion which i have
    posted earlier that in PP 104 the major rivals will be PPP and PML(N) and PML(Q) will be in the third position.

    If you wana know more please be precise and ask me particular situation in any particular area.

    With Thanx.

    Posted 8 years ago on 30 Jan 2008 21:42 #
  40. Mohammed

    Hi! How are you doing? I’ll try and answer your questions one by one. I hope you will be satisfied.

    1. Alipur Chattha (Yes! Chattha should win)
    Reasons being the support of Saif Ali Chattha, the Mirza’s, 75% of Kashmiri’s, the Sheikh biradari, Mochi Biradari, the Rehmani biradari, the Malik biradari, and minorities. Also, the biggest reason being the whopping Rs. 1.8 billion sui gas project given by Hamid Nasir Chattha (This should also cover a portion of the development question).

    2. Mancher (Tough match between Chattha and Haji Shaukat)
    Over 45 lac Rs. worth of development has taken place in Mancher. Plus, Haji Shaukats cousins are also siding with Hamid Nasir now.

    3. Rasul Nagar (Tough match between all three parties)
    However, Hamid Nasir may get the edge over here as the sui gas project has also been approved for Rasul Nagar and work is currently in progress. Other extensive development projects have also taken place.

    4. Kakka Kolo (Split between PML N and PPP gives Chattha the edge)
    Chattha, enjoys the support of the Rajputs, the Malik, and Mochi biradaries along with certain Chattha and Cheema Families.

    5. Mansoorwali (Chattha should win)
    Chattha enjoys the support of his original group alongside the support of Irshad Cheema the previous PPP’s MPA candidate.

    6. Hazrat Kaylianwala (Tough match between PML N and Chattha)
    PML N may have the edge in the village Hazrat Kaliyan Wala, However, Chattha dominates in the other villages of the UC.

    7. Said Nagar ( Tough match between PPP and Chattha)
    Chattha has the support of the Syed’s, and most of the Bhinder clan.

    8. Ladhay Wala Cheema (Chattha Should win)
    Ladhay wala’s circular road was built this year. Plus he enjoys support of about 3/4th of the Cheema clan, the entire Malik clan, and the entire Rajput clan. Plus other Clans.
    9. Dilawar Cheema (Chattha should win)
    There are two villages Khurd and Klan, Chattha enjoys support of the whole Dilawar Cheema Khurd. Plus, he should get a healthy lead in Dilawar Cheema Klan as well.

    80 % (approx) of all the development that has ever taken place in the constituency has been done in his or his son’s tenure. So, the answer is yes! There is no comparison. For example, all major roads, the Rs, 1.8 billion sui gas project, the whopping Rs.1.5 billion cardiology center being built in Wazirabad (we all know Nasir Chattha is the reason why that hospital is being built in Wazirabad rather than Gujrat or Gujranwala). Over 300 school’s built in the district (these are just a few examples).

    Double Shah.
    I’m a resident of this constituency, and I got to hear about double shah for the first time about a month and a half before he was arrested. People, kept the secret that they had given money to DS so close to their hearts that even most wives had not told their husbands.
    Yes! Nasir Chattha does not make many speeches because he is a man who speaks less and delivers more. He has met with the President and Prime minister on numerous occasions regarding this issue. Even in these hectic days he is constantly pressurizing NAB to recover the money as soon as possible, so that it may be returned. His only concern with this issue is that as much money as possible should be recovered and delivered to the People of Tehsil Wazirabad.
    My dear friend, also make a note that Shaukat Manzoor Cheema’s brother is a Nazim. He certainly didn’t raise any concerns over this issue in the district assembly. Ijaz Samma was the MPA and lived a few hundred meters from where double shah was operating. Why didn’t he raise this issue in the Punjab assembly. Had the cat got his tongue or were his feet tied?
    Other than this my friend, everyone knows that Hamid Nasir and his Son are not corrupt and they will never have anything to do with any sort of a corrupt practice. “Evidence: No Government whether against or for has ever put up any corruption charges against Chattha or his son in the last 38 years. Everyone knows that Hamid Nasir’s Assets have decreased in the last 38 years contrary to some other politicians in the country and this constituency. Therefore, my friend HNC or his son first of all don’t have 12 crores to give to double shah, secondly, if they were hungry for money which they are not, they could have gotten it by being corrupt (“Think about it”). All that has been said clearly suggests that HNC is the only one who has ever done well for this constituency. Hence, I believe that he is the only one who will and can help people with the double shah issue as well.

    Posted 8 years ago on 31 Jan 2008 6:01 #
  41. Adonis

    From the constituencies that I have observed, I find this common perception hard to believe that in rural areas voting patterns will be determined primarily by biradri allegiances without any significant influence of the policies of mush regime.

    Though biradri factor may play a part but it appears that the actions of the incumbent regime will still be the deciding factor for voters even in rural areas.....

    Posted 8 years ago on 31 Jan 2008 6:28 #
  42. badar

    Bravo. This is the only constituency which is discussed objectively. there is a war of wits going on over NA21. BTW GM must stack the posts for a given constituency sio tht the last mil appears first.

    Posted 8 years ago on 31 Jan 2008 8:50 #
  43. Mohammed

    Hey! Biradaries represent votes, and people in biradaries tend to stick together as they are each others moral support in a village.

    Posted 8 years ago on 31 Jan 2008 20:02 #
  44. Mohammed

    PP 104

    Ghakameter Union: Chattha should beat both PMLN and PPP

    Vinjowali Union: Chattha should beat PPP as he has the support of Cheema\'s and Ehle Tashih voters (PML N almost does\'nt exist here).

    Sohdra: Chattha should beat both PPP and PML N

    Dhronkal: Chattha should beat PMLN and PPP

    Bharoke Union: Chattha should beat both PML N and PPP has support of Cheema\'s and Sahibzada\'s

    Wadala Union: Chattha should beat PPP and PML N barely exists here. PPP and PML N don\'t have almost any support in Dhonike and Phaloke.

    Nat Klan Union: Tough match between all three candidates

    Kot Anyat Khan: Tough match between PML N and HNC

    Jaura Chaura: PML N has the edge over HNC, PPP almost doesn\'t exist.

    Mardike Union: PML N has the edge over HNC, PPP almost doesn\'t exist.

    Wazirabad: 73000 votes, however, only abt 25000 may be casted. Here biradaries don\'t count. Tough match between PML N and Chattha, however, it seems PPP may have the edge over the other two. One thing can be said that no one should have a big lead from the city because of the three way fight. May b, someone may get a 2 or 3 thousand vote lead from the city.

    Posted 8 years ago on 31 Jan 2008 20:26 #
  45. cheema2008

    @ MOChattha

    Dear brother,

    You are not facing the facts yet.

    I have read your analysis and you have based Rajputs, Maliks, Mochis everywhere.

    before i even discuss the issues highlighted in your response i have every reason to challenge your analysis on the basis that i asked [ will chattha win in these areas?] but you answered chattha [should] win. Aren\\\'t you people sure yet???????????????

    Now Alipur chattha.

    What happened in 2002, 1997,1993,1990 and if you want me to go back further then include 1988. Why chattha lost in all these elections from here. You talk about Saif Ali Chattha, his son who later became our MPA lost to Mirzas of Alipur in the nazmi elections. Now Mirzas. have you seen them with chattha? specially on the workers convention in Gujranwala. Have you ever seen a poster of HNC being put by them and if not then trust me they are siding with someone else.

    what about the other clans living in alipur chattha? you talk of kashmiris? You must be day dreaming mate if kashmiris are to support HNC and not Mian Bradran.Now how come Haji Shaukat Hayat candidate of PML(n) from this constituency got 22500 votes if chattha was so strong in alipur and adjacent areas. Face the facts and ground realities.

    So your notion of chattha should win is absolutely wrong. He will lose it again.Have you been to the gathering of Mian shahbaz sharif. 15000 people attended it and where did all that crowd come from?????

    Now you talk of Rasul Nagar and you hope that a project which is still to materialise and was announced by Shahbaz Sharif originally (yes i admit on the instigation of HNC at that time) will affect the vote bank.YOu must be joking. People who have sui gas for the last 50 odd years even they dont have a supply these days and you think that the voter will tilt? People need atta my dear.

    Let me give you a true picture of Mansurwali UC as you must have heard stories and i reside in this. Chattha has got support of which original group?? Kathore Kalan has gone as Justice Cheema belongs to it, with him gone Hasan Kathore, and Gorali. Chattha will get half votes with the help of Irshad cheema, Javed Cheema from Mansurwali village as Rana (Muhajir Bradri)at least 150 casting votes along with the help of second set of chaudhris of Mansurwali in the form of Ch waqar Cheema and his father ex president of PML(N) tehsil Wazirabad and ex Nazim will share the rest for PML(N). Now come to Khanki. All parties will get equal votes and Khanki has got 300 voters who will cast their ballot. The only village where he will win will be Ranike cheema where Chattha will get 500 votes and Justice Cheema will get 100.
    Overall situation will be that Justice Cheema will his own UC by 500+ votes margin.


    CHattha should win? How?? are angels coming this time to vote for him? He does not much supportin any of the villages of this UC.
    Name villages and name personalities supporting Chattha?? You cant name even one major key player in this UC. Plz dont mention the names of those who doesn\\\'t matter. like you did for the cousins of Shaukat Hayat. Is anyone of them a UC Nazim? okk let alone a UC member??? So stop being naive.

    well as far as Ladhey Wala, dilawar cheema are concerned i totally rebuk your analysis which is solely based on three bradris malik, mochi and rajput. Dear there are others too living there for centuries and please dont deny them the right to abode. Chattha will never win in these two. As you talk about Dilawar Khud and you must be aware of the Butt bradri under the leadership of Master Mohammad Shafi, forms at least 75% of votes are with Justice Iftikhar cheema. So Chattha is badly losing in one and gaining 50 % back from the other leaving the overall result as Uc going to PML(N).

    Now let me tackle your development issue. How wide is the road going from saroki to Ahgmad Nagar?????

    why is so that a double road starts from Wazirabad and goes up to Saroki and then a single road starts and goes everywhere?????
    Do you know why? Because this double road was ordered by Nawaz Sharif on the request of Zulfiqar Cheema, younger brother of Justice Iftikhar Cheema while he was serving with PM Nawaz Sharif as his principle Staff officer but then Chattha sb had to interfere as it was undermining his authority and presence and he got this project cancelled. But again Zulfiqar Cheema had it going till his village and saroki and thats why its doubled. Now if so many millions and billions have been spent why is so that the road linking alipur via Hazrat Kaylianwala to Gujranwala has been in the worst shape. Why is the road entering from Dhokal side into Wazirabad city is all broken and being rebuilt for the last 2 years. why is so that none of the schools in ahmad nagar Uc has been updated so far??? and why is that the MNA from the ruling party along with his son The District Nazim had their own road leading to their village rebuilt????? what about the road leading to Mansurwali village, an important village and the very next railway station from Wazirabad to Faisalabad line. Dear its still a brick made . let me remeber the exact word what people call these roads, oh yea soling.What about the roads inside Alipur Chattha town????

    You are talking about the hospital. has the work started on it??? now tell me if people cant reach this most sophisticated hospital of yours then what is the purpose of having it here??? And tell me please during the last five years how many BHC(Basic Health Centres)are made in PP103????Shall i tell you.During the last 20 years there were only 19 and 23 new BHC are being built and inaugrated by who the EDO health who is again the younger brother of Justice Iftikhar Cheema of PML(N) and your EX MNA or Nazim.

    Now let me have you here on corruption issue. Who says that Chattha\\\'s yearly income is 32 LAKHS Which was declared in the NA.? HE OWNS 60 (Murrabas) of agricultural land Has it reduced in the last 38 years??? you are the first person to say so.In 2005 HNC had a very bad fire which destroyed 23 acres of his wheat crop, me and my father went in the evening to sympathise with HNC and he himself told us that the estimate is that he has lost 13 lakhs RS worth of wheat crop in fire. So you are telling us here that he earns only 32 lakhs from 1500 acres of his agricultural lands. sounds fair.......

    Come on dear face the facts. Corruption has many ways and sides. lying about your actual yearly income just to avoid tax liability is the worst form of corruption.
    and what would you call this Fayaz Nasir Chattha (district Nazim) running around with all the UC nazims to campaign for his father in the state given car burning state\\\'s fuel??? Please check with PPP candidate or her office as they have filed two complaints against Fayaz Nasir and had provided the ECP with photographic proof.
    and at the same time What would you call it when the EDO health Gujranwala (younger brother of Justice Iftikhar Cheema)had gone on 2 months leave just to stay neutral in his brother\\\'s elections while your Zila Nazim is using all the state machinery to support his father including the police, teachers and other govt employees????

    Now let me come to DS scandal. Though i personally belive that neither HNC nor his son has got their money doubled but at the same time i being a constituent has every right to ask HNC what has he done so far to resolve the issue?? Dear people dnt need inactive representatives in the NA rather they need someone who could represent them with full voice.NAB do you think chattha has gone to NAB?? Please give me one news clip of the Media, electronic and non electronic where its been reported that he is trying to do something about the issue which has ruined his constituents.plz quote the date and the media medium he used.If there is not a single speech in the house, not a single news clip how do you want the residents of NA 101 belive that HNC did try??????

    What could district assembly do when the scandal is such a large that according to NAB it involves at least 50+ billion Rs. The right forum for it was Punjab Assembly and above all National Assembly. Ijaz Samman, i dont have any reason to believe that his voice would have made any difference as being a PPP MPA (opposition MPA) but HNC being a national Level leader would have made a difference?

    And finally tell me the scandal ran for 2 years approx. why did NHC stopped it the first quarter??? Had he done something about it in the early days things would not have gone to this stage????

    Now lets see what the ground reality holds on the 18th of FEB. But the time for chattha dynasty seems to be over. Read Analysis of express GUjranwala, Daily Dawn and Nawai Waqt.

    Yes we all agree that he has not done any monetory corruption even when he had the chances but at the same time neither Justice Cheema Has any corruption charges against him.

    Okk i gotta go now as i have to take my daughter to the Doctor coz she is not well. But my last message for you is to analyse the ground realities again and then comment. Plus you are more than ever welcome to comment on the issues i raised. But in the end you being chattha and me being a cheema. Lets settle it emicably as \" lets agree to disagree\".

    Posted 8 years ago on 31 Jan 2008 21:01 #
  46. cheema2008

    @ MO Chattha

    Dear Bro,

    Dont you think GEO and ARY has made any difference and people should start thinking now instead of sticking together even on the wrong choice???

    Posted 8 years ago on 31 Jan 2008 21:27 #
  47. cheema2008



    Baradri factor is the strongest of all in wazirabad. Tough Match between PML(N) and PPP. PML(Q) is nowhere in wazirabad. Plz name any one key player who is siding with chattha in wazirabad.

    Sodhra. Plz name just two individuals in sodhra twon commitee supporting CHattha??? Plz dont be so naiveeeeeeee to rate everything for CHattha. If the situation is so then chattha doesn\'t need to be in the constituency as he has already won???

    Besides i think you must be from any of the intellegency organisation that you are giving Chattha such a land slide victory.

    BUt i am happy that your analysis is based on UCs is so dramatic that the other two contenders should have your services for them too so that you might give them some chance in one or two more UCs.

    By the way who is supporting chattha in ghakkameter and karam abad UCS and also who is the main supporter of chattha in Kot anayat Khan and jaura chaura???

    plz ch sb kuj hath hola rakho.... warna doosrey doven candidates da bara nuksan ho jaye ga.

    Posted 8 years ago on 31 Jan 2008 21:39 #
  48. cheema2008

    @ MOChattha,

    Plz check The progress of your Nazim. Its today\'s express newpaper.

    Posted 8 years ago on 31 Jan 2008 23:46 #
  49. zufi

    Cheema saab,
    tusi chaa gae o, your analysis is not only informative but also
    enjoying to read.
    Just something, there is a lot of Arian braderi in almost all
    cities on GT road FROM lahore to Gujrat. In lahore,Gujranwala,sialkot Gujrat it is Kashmiri vs Arian,there are other baraderis too in cities but these too are more active or influential, so there is Arian baraderi in wazirabad city how they are aligned.
    Do you know any cheema from gakka meter, i used to have a friend
    from there. Do you know bau ramzan a kashmiri family on road from wazirabad to
    karamabad i think they call it islamabad more,their sons used to be my acquaintance. bau ramzan used to be chairman uc in 80s.This family had one of the bloodiest fued with gondal group in district gujranwala history in 80s and dont know they still there.

    Posted 8 years ago on 01 Feb 2008 7:57 #
  50. cheema2008

    @ Zufi

    Sir i am pleased to hear that.

    There is arain bradri in NA 101 but it is scattered all around so i would not name any area when they have concentration. But wherever they are they have aligned themselves according to their needs and commitments. Thus majority will be supporting all three main candidates.

    As far as in wazirabad they are divided into two main groups. One main group is siding with PPP as they are die hard supporters of PPP and the other group is split between PML(N) and PML(Q).But as they are not one of the main bradris in wazirabad their contribution towards any candidate is less likely to be highlighted which is to me personally very wrong as even one vote matters and all the candidates should be grateful to that individual. But alas there are no such traditions in our country.

    I personally dont know anyone from this area in particular but will definitely find out for you. And if the Bau Family is still there then It would be my honour to let you all meet up again irrespective of Bau Family\'s political affiliation.[I am saying so coz normally people from one party tend to go to their own supporters].Gondals are there and the only Gondal family (political and businesswise) I know in the area have a Gas station on the Main Sialkot road and his name is Imtiaz and he has a younger brother is mumtaz. God knows if they are the same family? But lets pray that better sense should prevail now and there should be no more bloodshed in any area and let alone in our most sacred motherland.

    Posted 8 years ago on 01 Feb 2008 15:50 #
  51. Mohammed

    Hey guys! By shall I meant InshAllah Chattha shall win.

    First of all sir for God\'s sake check your facts. HNC\'s family owns under 30 squares of land. I know about this becuse the guy who usually buys his crop also buys mine. Plus, I have been to his farm a few times with a relative of mine. I can arrange a visit for anyone here who wishes to visit.

    Thankyou for admitting that Cattha is not corrupt in the monetary sense. This suggests that he is not hungry for money, so it shows that he doesn\'t need to deviate from taxes.

    Kindly also check the taxation laws in Pakistan. i.e. There is no \"income tax\" on agricultural income (it\'s a provision for all farmers in the country). There are flat rate taxes which are applicable. They are based on land holding and are not avoidable.

    No NAB case has ever been initiated against the Dist Nazim or his Father. Your welcome to call up NAB or check NAB records.

    EDO Health cannot allocate funds for any project or upgradation. Funds are allocated by the dist assembly. In others words the projects you mentioned are Dist governments projects, not EDO healths projects.

    EDO health Nisar Cheema has not taken leave by choice. Infact, he has been sent on a forced leave by the Punjab government for interfering with the elctions. Once agian neutral observers are welcome to check with the sec heath punjab.

    The cardiology center project has been initiated at the behest of and with the efforts of HNC in Wazirabad. One has to be blind to miss the fast upcoming building on the right while coming from Gujranwala to Wazirabad. I wish I could upload pictures here.

    Sui Northern has announced that it will double its quota of GAS, so hopefully for everyones sake that problem will be over soon inshAllah. Other than this GAS matters as Balan (wood) is expensive these days. GAS can help people cook food at a cheaper cost. During summers there is less pressure on gas consuption so atleast one can say for sure that people shall have the benefit of saving money during the summers.

    BTW the NAzims of all the UC\'s that you have mentioned above are with HNC other tha Jaura Chaura. Imtiaz Bagri won Jaura Chaura by 350 votes this time around, the Rana\'s and Manj\'s who contested against him are now allies of Hamid Nasir.

    Ghakameter: To name a few Mian Iqbal, Allah Ditta |Cheema ,and M. Shareef are with HNC.

    Wazirabad: Just to point out a few peopl,, 4 out of 5 Nazims are from the Chattha group. Nazims have a certain degree of vote bank thats how have they have been elected as Nazims. Mian Yaqub, Shabaz Mughal, Saeed Kahn, Shabbir J, Haji Younus, Naddem Raza, Sheikh Biradari, Aslam Bhutta, Akram Pehalwan, The list of imp people goes on and on but I guess these names should be enough to make a point. So please don\'t make generalizations like \" Chattha doesn\'t have any important people with him in Wazirabad\".

    The Mirzas are siding with chattha, as along with other people they have asked my relatives to vote for Chattha. Plus they have gone to every shop keeper in Alipur, along with Chattha\'s younger son and have asked them to vote for Chattha. So bro I an trust my eyes.

    Well, one thing youv\'e said seems to be correct that we can pretty much agree to disagree with each other. However, we are both presenting arguments and I guess we\'ll both find out on the 18th who actually turns out to be correct. GTG TC.

    Posted 8 years ago on 01 Feb 2008 21:53 #
  52. Mohammed

    Oh! and there were only about 1500 to 2000 people at Mian Shahbaz sharifs jalsa in Alipur, Perhaps thats y GEO did\'t show the Alipur Jalso clip on TV. They only showed the dingi Jalsa clip where he went to after Alipur.

    Hazrat Kalian wala \" To Name a few Ali Bahadar Chattha, Ali Ahmad, His uncles, Liaqat Chattha, Arif Chattha, M. Shareef. Nasir Jaran, Dr, Amanullah, Zakaullah Chattha, These people are just a few examples from amongst an entire gang of people who support chattha in that UC.

    Posted 8 years ago on 01 Feb 2008 22:02 #
  53. cheema2008

    @ MOChattha

    Nice to hear from you once again fiddling with the facts and trying hard not to belive or realise the ground position.

    Seems like you are one of the Chatthas who blindly support HNC without realising the fact that he had failed to deliver what he could have for the people of NA 101.

    Now coming to His land. Chattha\'s Grand father got 100 murraba\'s from the English.See the record of Land registry if you dont know it. So how come in two generation it has reduced to 30 when his father Salahu din and HNC were the only two male decendents. Please dont give people such a false misinformation that readers should start laughing at it. Tell me does chattha supply his crop to just one person? If you don\'t know the fact then please dont talk of it.
    Do you know whom he supplies his rice crop?? let me tell you To Zil-e Husnain a rice broker of Lahore, who is the younger brother of Syed Azhar Hassan Nadeem, Additional IG of Police.Punjab. Ask him how much does he pay HNC on annual basis. You would be amazed??

    You might claim to know Chattha better but my family knows his family for the last 100 years too and he and his Nazim son were present at my walima amongst other guests. Thus you can imagine how close the ties could be. OH yes i am not boasting myself or my family so dont get carried away. Its just to let you know that someone else might know him more than you. Thus talk about those facts which one can accept as reality and dont beat about the bush.

    Please check it for yourself. what would you call this? check this out for your knowledge and this is being given here in order to force you to come out of extreme naivity.


    This was not introduced excluding chatthas??? This is for the whole punjab.

    Now the question arises that 32 Lakhs, was it a true figure or not? declared by your mentor HNC? even at your 30 squares of land figure. Is it true? let the other readers assess for themselves, what could be the true income of 750 acres of agricultural land?

    Dear like your knowledge of Agricultural tax, i am amazed to see how one can have so limited knowledge? The BHC are recommended by EDO to the Director general of health Punjab and then orders are approved by Secretary Health Punjab. So you are not prepared to accept that apart from chattha clan one can do something for the people where he is been serving or posted. Tell me why it has to be Chattha to instigate everything. You made me laugh man.

    And EDO health Dr Nisar Cheema was not forced by anyone as election commission of Pakistan does not have any powers to send someone on leave.Rather it can only recommend to the Punjab Govt.So commenting on your version, its absolutely rubbish that he went because he was forced. Dear he has voluntarily gone on leave and check the Dawn news on the issue when Secretary Health was asked and he categorically said that Dr Cheema has requested for two months leave and i have done so on his request.Besides if you are so well aware than you must be knowing the fact that the Sec Health is a very close friend of Dr Nisar Cheema\'s younger brother Zulfiqar cheema who is a csp officer.So according to you a close friend would oblige another by sending his brother on forced leave.sounds fair to me if i was to be a chattha... but i am not...

    Tell me is it fair for the Nazim or HNC (your so called angels) to put allegations on Dr Nisar Cheema of interfering in the elections of his brother in NA 101, when He (Nazim)is Corrupting the whole election process with his most unwanted presence in the NA 101 begging for his father while he is Nazim and representative of the whole district???????????? Why was it that the SHO\'s of Ali pur chattha, wazirabad, and ahmad nagar were being reprimanded by DRO Mr Gajjana who has been replaced by Arshad Mahmood Cheema now for their intervention in the election process on behlf of your HNC and co??? So still there is no corruption??????? well you cant see anything as you are chattha..... Sorry i forgot.

    Read my earlier response to you and then respond to it. You have come up with another notion which was never a subject in this discussion and that was NAB has anything against HNC or Dist. Nazim? who said so? MY point was HNC and NAB on the issue of DS.Read my comment and then respond. and secondly such a marvel charachter is your Dist. Nazim that you completely forgot to comment on the development side of roads and other stuff in the NA 101 which i mentioned in detail.And did you check yesterday\'s daily Express\'s half page on the condition of Gunjranwala city?? Trust me neither I nor anyone of PML(N) wrote that.I have given the whole link for your knowledge.....

    (for the other readers and GM) please read that attachment i did give in my last response.

    Please keep on dreaming for the day when sui northern will double its quota for your project when the supply to 80% of the industry and 50% of the Household has been cut now a days. NO CNG for every 72 hours even in your capital. That is the true picture of your sui Northern and its gas reserves. I am afraid that not only people in NA 101 but also rest of the country has to rely on wood(Balan) for sometimes to come. so WHOPPING 1.8 Billion mubarak ho Chattha sb ko.Dont you think it came too late????

    Sure cardiology centre is his effort but in 20 years of power. great justification for 20 years... but if the raods are not worthy of carrying someone then what difference would it make??? please say that it is for Wazirabad city and this would make more sense but even with this HNC will never win in Wazirabad.

    You forgot to comment on the Situation of HNC in all the previous elections in Alipur Chattha when he was supported by his chief supporter Saif Ali Chattha who was later obliged by MPA ship.let the readers know the reasons for losing in Alipur Chattha???And just a quick query HNc has this policy that he never obliges someone twice? NO MPA twice? what will happen this time if he....Big if he manages to win the provicial seat????? and why is soo that not wtice?? I am asking you as i might see you to be a great aspirant for this coz i have hardly met such a die hard supporter of Chattha sb...

    Now coming to Your Wazirabad Support. Have you heard these names, Yaseen Malik, Mir waiz Umar, Yaqub butt, Anjum Arain,mian nawaz,yes thats great...look these are all supporters of other candidates in wazirabad..... what would you say now???? this shows that the other candidates have support too and in great numbers...

    please dont be tense as like the names you mentioned for chattha let me ease your tension as the names i mentioned Mir waiz, yasin malik are the heroes of Makbooza Kashmir. Mian nawaz is Mian Nawaz Sharif and the rest who are they God Knows.... You got my point now?? please once again take my advice and stop giving me names which are every tom **** and harry\'s names one hears on either daily basis or never heard of them.If you could have mentioned azam clair i would have accepted by giving you an edge of margin.

    I asked you not to write names who dont exist or does not have support in their own homes.... Trust me it wont make any difference.

    Besides just to give your so called big names some weight i would agree with you that the names you have mentioned are parts of the gangs supporting a lost cause.

    Lets see what your Nazim\'s bring for HNC on the 18th Feb.We will see and I will post the results of Wazirabad for you here the moment i got them. We will all see....

    Now let me bring you back to the issue of Jalsa at Alipur. Dear i dont know about you but i was personally there and we went there in a convoy of 300 vehicles, including cars, busses, vans etc after receiving Mian Shahbaz Sharif. Trust me there were no ghosts sitting inside these vehicles or driving them for us. And vehicles were not empty either.So let alone multiply 300x 3= 900 thats what you get if only three people were to be sitting in one bus or van having capacity of 30 to 70 people.

    Please do not distort the facts to such a state that your opinion should become the laughing stock of every reader. ARY and AJJ TV covered it and said it was attended by more than 15000 people. Besides daily express, nawai waqt, jang, dawn including ary and ajj tv these all mediums seems to be against HNC to be portraying such a bad picture of the gathering in front of the whole country that instead of 1500 they said and wrote more than 15000. Thats sounds interesting to me that such a great tilt towards PML(N).

    If it so then HNC is in big trouble?

    Well lets see what happens. days are too short to count and the clock is ticking. Let People be the deciding factor and see how do they decide on the day?

    Please do not burn your blood for HNC so much let all three candidates run the race....

    See ya soon with some great arguments.... You take care too..

    Posted 8 years ago on 02 Feb 2008 1:16 #
  54. jaffer

    I have reviewed your discussions and observed that the coming general election will held on non-party basis and only landlords and relations with the government official matters and Distt. Nazim and opportunist Nazims & Contractor Nazims!!!.

    This is not reality in this constituency. You should be more rational concerning this constituency.

    Previous Election 2002 was held between HNC (PML) and ASC (PPP). and the official results was HNC 69,000 votes and ASC 64,000 approximately. The whole constituency did not accept this result and consider that the election was rigged extensively , the actual result was that ASC won the election by 2400 which was changed with the help of establishment at that time.

    After this election. the candidature of HNC has been exposed and people consider ASC real MNA of this constituency, therefore, in the whole previous term HNC could not get the courage to take part in the proceedings of the National Assembly.

    In the previous Election HNC , Justice (R) Ifthar , Shoukat Manzoor , Talib Chattha are all in the same camp and utilized all the resourses, energies and funds against ASC (PPP) .

    Secondly, Election was held between Muslim League and PPP. And that election was held in 2002, when there is no energy crises, food lifeline shortage.

    Now, aforementioned camp has been devided with devision of PML into PML (Q) and PML(N).

    After the assissination of Benzir Bhutto, PPP workers alive and would like to cast vote in favour of Bhutto at any cast.

    By all means, all the reports , analyises of Private Channels and Printed media in favour of Asma Chahnawaz Cheema.

    If you get the opportunity to visit Wazirabad, Alipur , Rasool Nagar, Sodhara and vilages. You can see the flags of PPP, Posters of ASC.
    When will you ask to the masses, all are in favour of ASC.

    Posted 8 years ago on 02 Feb 2008 17:47 #
  55. cheema2008

    @ Jaffer

    I am pleased to have your comments on NA 101 and in favour of PPP. As we have PML(Q) and PML(N) and the only party which lacked representation was PPP. Great to have you here.

    Well as far as your point of ASC winning the last elections is concerned i agree with you.Everything was changed at the last moment.

    Now to defend my party and its stand of not involving the officials in the form of relatives in the process is concerned if you have noticed I am still of the view that there should be no interference and no one can blame my camp PML(N)of doing so.... except the die hard supporters of HNC who have every right to put allegations on PPP and PML(N)of every sort...

    As far as your asking for a rational approach towards NA 101, thats what I have done so and the analysis is based on the media reports, IRI reports,electronic media reports where they have shown that PML(N)is giving its opponents a very tough time and there is no harm in admitting so.

    As far as PPP voters are concerned, my dear they have every right to come out on the 18th and support their party but till now the ground reality is that ASC has not been to any village in PP 103 because her candidate is the weakest of all three contesting in PP103 and i never knew that he was supporting Chattha in the last elections before he became the PPP candidate. Thus ASC will lack support which a provincial candidate can provide to his MNA contestant. As far as flags are concerned dont worry they dont count as votes. There were many HNC camp members who right after the Murder of Mohtarma Benazir Marhuma, changed flags due to the fear of reprisal from PPP. So i think falgs wont bother any of the ASC opponents..Yes i have been in the area lately and see no difference or swing in the vote bank.People are sticking to their original candidates.

    As far as PP 104 is concerned i am still of the view that the main contest will be between two cheemas and HNC will be third.No doubt that PPP has its vote bank in Vinjowali UC,bela area, Wadala /Bharoki, nat klan and Wazirabad. But i totally disagree with you as far as sodhra or the other areas are concerned.

    You have mentioned crisis, shortages.. well ppp is not the only one to gain from this rather it will benefit PML(N) more as people have started saying that PML(N)leadership is the only hope now PPP has most unfortunately lost its last bhutto leader as yet. Bilawal might be good leader like his Nana and Mother but he will need another 10 years as according to ECP the leader of a party has to be 30 years of age..And Zardari sb can not replace bhutto dynasty by Zardari one.. People party workers are saying it..

    But On a personal note i think that Zardari sb has matured and is no more a zardari which people disliked... Anyhow this i leave it to PPP workers to decide who can lead them better..

    But again i welcome you here..for a healthy debate and lets settle on one golden rule that as being from three different factions we are all right and \"lets agree to disagree\" till the 18th of feb and we will all see what happens.

    Just a thought.. Dont you think that PPP and PML(N) should work together in order not to get HNC away this time with any form of Rigging...

    Posted 8 years ago on 02 Feb 2008 19:19 #
  56. cheguevara

    Folks thanks for your posts.

    I appreciate the in depth analysis of this constituency, which, for apparent reasons, is generating so much interest.As a political observer and a local resident of this area I would make following observations.

    One thing that goes against HNC is his image as a power of status quo who is always seen in power circles and has close ties with them.People of this constituency do want a face change but it won\'t be easy as HNC is a stallwart and carries a considerable no of personal votes. To me it seems difficult to predict what would be the reaction of the swing voters( Undecided so far, who decide on the very end) once PPP leaders start campaigning in Punjab.
    The fact that both PPP and N candidates belong to same clan will benefit chatta. On the other hand how much PPP and N mobilize their workers and would determine their final fate.
    But as I said earlier it would be a neck to neck fight and by no means an easy battle to win.
    Good luck to all.

    Posted 8 years ago on 05 Feb 2008 23:58 #
  57. badar

    @cheema & chatta:
    your take on this

    Posted 8 years ago on 06 Feb 2008 6:41 #
  58. cheema2008

    @ KhizarKyz

    Well i did read it yesterday. Dint get time to respond to it but today i have called them up and the guy Mr Iktidar was out but i have left him a message and also have spoken to the editor Nation to let him know that the guy has not done any ground work before writing this stuff and told him that the paper like Nation should not publish any such analysis without authenticating it with the local community and specially the media people based in and around wazirabad as the locals can best judge the situation then anyone who have God knows on whose hidden or malafide agenda have written such misleading stuff.

    I also told the editor that if the real contest would be in between PML(N) and PML(Q)on the 18th of feb, irrespective of the winner then he should sack this guy or write another apologetic article for misrepresentation.Otherwise we will take necessary legal action.

    Editor was kind enough to assure me that he will not wait till 18th and would look into the matter by calling few other media people from Wazirabad and if i was right then he will personally apologise to PML(N) camp and specially to the candidate.

    But still i am grateful to you for drawing my attention to this.

    Posted 8 years ago on 06 Feb 2008 12:40 #
  59. cheema2008

    Oh well, Day is approaching fast and all three candidates are now campaigning hard to get hold of the swinging votes......

    and yesterday there was a news of DRO calling the gujranwala Police chief and the RO of NA 101 to comment on the applications made by respective PML(N) and PPP candidates of PP 103 to declare certain parts of the PP 103 as sensitive area for polling purposes. As they have mentioned three causes for doing so..

    First there is an ongoing fued between two rival factions which have so far taken 27 lives and Hamid Nasir Chattha is sponsoring one party.

    secondly HNC\'s son Nazim has asked all the teaching staff who has been chosen to favour HNC and both candidates have also provided proof of this to the ecp.

    Thirdly Three polling stations have been shifted without notifying the respective parties contesting elections just to favour HNC.

    So I want to let any HNC supporter know that despite being their claims of honesty they have started the process of Rigging even before the elections.

    But thanx to ECP who at last paid any attention and marked it for DRO. Lets see what happens?

    Posted 8 years ago on 09 Feb 2008 0:47 #
  60. NadirCheema

    It was very informative to read your analysis. It seems you are following developments closely.
    Nadir Cheema

    Posted 7 years ago on 09 Feb 2008 14:16 #

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