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NA 64 - Sargodha-I

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  1. Posted 8 years ago on 18 Dec 2007 3:42 #
  2. engrzia

    2002 ELECTIONS:
    1 Mr.Inam-ul-Haq Paracha Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians 69815
    2 Pir Zada Muhammad Mohsan Shah Independent 1615
    3 Chaudhary Muhammad Ali Pakistan Muslim League(QA) 42781
    4 Mr.Hasan Inam Paracha Independent 1077
    5 Malik Hamid Zaman Bhirth Muttahidda Majlis-e-Amal Pakistan 2388
    6 Major ® Pirzada Muhammad Ibrahim Shah Pakistan Muslim League(N) 43396
    Valid Votes 161072
    Rejected Votes 4423
    Total Votes 165495
    Registered Voters 329423
    Percentage of Votes Polled to Registered Voters 50.24 %

    Posted 8 years ago on 21 Dec 2007 3:34 #
  3. engrzia

    As I know sargodha has huge vote bank for Muslim League. But as in 2002 , PPP candidate won in consequence of division of PML vote bank. I would like to know anlysis of someone who has first hand knowhow of the political situation in this area.

    Posted 8 years ago on 21 Dec 2007 3:37 #
  4. lali

    In NA-64, There are five major towns. Candidate of PML(N) have an upper hand. PML(Q) is relying on traditional polotics of "baradaries and Sofeed Posh" people. Also, uncle of PML(Q) candidate is district nazim who is using his influence. PPP candidate, although new in this constituency, is in good position in villages. Until now there is tough competition b/w three. Farooq Shah of PML(N) is leading in Jhawarian thana where totals votes polled votes normally remain around 40 thousands and I hope Farooq will take 25 thousands of that it. PPP is in the weakest position in this thana. In Phularwan, there is tough compition but PPP have an upper hand. In Bhalwal thana, there is a competition, but PML(N) will win with a little margin. In Bhera thana, there is a tough competition b/w PML(N) and PML(Q) but in rural areas, PPP is also sound. In Miani thana, there is an equal chance of winning for the three. Noon family is supporting Pirachas i.e. PML(Q).

    Posted 8 years ago on 21 Dec 2007 3:46 #
  5. engrzia

    Thanks for analysis. So again PPP is likely to get benefit of division of vote bank of Muslim League. How come one expect PPP to bycott in the current situation when BB is dreaming 20-30 seat in mufta (divide and rule)

    Posted 8 years ago on 21 Dec 2007 4:05 #
  6. lali

    From the latest reports from the different areas of the constituency, now the real competition is between PML(N) and PPP. PML(N) is coming in winning position on this seat. We have to wait n see as Mian Shahbaz Sharif is visiting on 27th and people hope that It will bring a big change in favour of PML(N) candidate.

    Posted 8 years ago on 26 Dec 2007 21:04 #
  7. badar

    I once personally visited bhalwal & that too during 2002 elections. People were very happy with PML(N) because the motorway had reduced there fatique by almost 80%. They ven said that they want nothing more from NS. But at the same time they said they were compelled to vote for one Ch Muhammad Ali, if I\'m not wrong, for various reasons. Still remember the oranges of August.

    Posted 8 years ago on 25 Jan 2008 13:21 #
  8. lali

    Yes, PML(N) have a huge vote bank in NA 64. You are right motorway blesses people a lot towards PML(N). Also, the help given by Nawaz Govt in 1992 flood is still remembered by the people. Pirachas are really is a bad position. It looks that the real contest is between Nadeem Afzal Gondal (chan) and Farooq Baha ul Haq Shah. Gondal is new this constituency but he is using trying to use \"Gondal Biradari card\". Farooq Shah is in good position to win yet. Furthermore, if Nawaz Sharif visits bhera as there are rumours for that, on Auras of Late Peer Karam Shah i.e. Farooq\'s father on 20th of Muharram (i guess), then it will add a lot to PML(N) vote bank.

    The only disadvantage to Farooq Shah is that he has not very strong provintional assembly candidates with him. In bhera and Miani, PML(N) is not asking for provinsional assembly vote, Pirachas have with drawn there application on the provinsional seat, making Dr Mukhtar Berth (of PML-Q) almost unopposed as only PPP candidate is contesting against him on the ground which is neither well known nor in any position. Dr. Mukhtar last time won on PML(N) ticket by the way, he is not supporting Parachas i.e. PML(Q) NA candidate due to former alliance with Peers and rivality with Parachas (in opinion). Shahzadi Umer Zadi Tiwana is PML(N) candidate for PP seat and is in a very comfortable position to win which fruther adds her vote bank to Farooq Shah.

    Posted 8 years ago on 25 Jan 2008 15:24 #
  9. lali

    Furthermore, in Bhalwal city, Noon family have influence along with their own villages,and according to my knowledge they are divided on their support, some are supporting Nadeem Chan and others to Pirachas. In Bhalwal city, PPP\'s candidate on pp seat is strong (only in those areas which comes in NA 64). Similiarly, in Phularwan, Salam side, PPP\'s candidate for pp seat is strong in those areas which come in NA-64 although otherwise this candidate for pp seat is not in winning position. This is adding a little bit confusion to make analysis. Also, the new candidate comes more in advertisements as he needs to get introduction. I hope thing will be more clear until next 10 days more so that I would be more clear to say some thing more.

    Posted 8 years ago on 25 Jan 2008 15:34 #
  10. Ahmad Zahir

    I have critically examined the comments. It looks that everbody is unilateral in commenting. Nobody acknowledged the services of Ihsan Piracha for the area. Nobody denies the role of Mr. Nawaz Sharif for the Motorway but it was he who shifted Salam Exit to Kotm Momen depriving Bhalwal area and there is no doubt that it was Piracha whose efforts made it possible to have two exits at Bhera and Salam. The problem with Pirachas is that there PR is so week that they dont publicize what they do good but the word against them spreads so rapidly. Nawaz Sharif has no vote bank in the area. The vote that goes to him is actually anti-Piracha vote.

    Posted 8 years ago on 03 Feb 2008 2:02 #
  11. badar

    Ihsan Paracha was in PPP which was strongly opposed to motorway. I fail to understand how he influenced motorway design?

    Posted 8 years ago on 03 Feb 2008 9:39 #
  12. lali

    Well, first of all let me clear that Parachas are quiet into the politics from atleast 3 generations including before partition, thus they are not kids that they donot know how to publicize.
    Secondly, the major disadvantage to them is the support of Q-League, which they did to be Nazim of Sargodha certainly to save their vested interests.

    Third, about motorway and Interchanges, Pindi Bhatian, Salam and Lilla Town interchanges were there in master plan. Nawaz Sharif contested from the Kotmoman area for National assembly seat and he added Kotmoman interchange. Later on, when motorway police stoped people from taking buses from Bhera service area, then a lot of people blocked the motorway in protest and as a result Govt. of that time accpeted their demand for Interchange at Bhera. By the way, it is the only Interchnage which is officially called on the name of some person i.e. Peer Muhammad Karam Shah Al-azri Interchange, Bhera. So if Ihsan Ul-Haq Piracha Sb made efforts then why it is on some one else\'s name.
    hsan Paracha was indeed in PPP at that time when these interchanges were sanctioned.
    Furthermore, if there is no vote bank of Nawaz Sharif, then from where have come anti-Pirachas vote.......I guess anti-Pirachas vote bank is due to the so called \"good deeds\" of Pirachas.

    Posted 8 years ago on 04 Feb 2008 9:04 #
  13. Adonis

    GM has given this seat to PML(N). I think that this may well turn out to be right in the end but apaprently the contest is still too close. Whoever wins is likely to do so with a couple of thousand votes.

    Posted 8 years ago on 06 Feb 2008 9:04 #
  14. Ahmad Zahir

    Well Mr. Piracha was in PPP and PPP oppsed the Motorway only when it was in opposition. As a member of Senate Committee for Communication, he was involved in safeguarding the interests of area.
    Apart from that, whether Pirachas did good or bad for the area, it is a bitter fact that the constituency suffered badly because of Mr. Nawaz Sharif\'s \"love\" for Pirachas and the docile role of Peers.

    Posted 8 years ago on 08 Feb 2008 15:59 #

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