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nawaz sharif's daughter is married to grandson of King Fahd?

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  1. ams

    US embassy cables: Pakistani relations with Saudis 'strained'

    Thursday, 16 October 2008, 10:16
    C O N F I D E N T I A L RIYADH 001541
    EO 12958 DECL: 10/15/2018
    REF: A. (A) ISLAMABAD 3249 B. (B) RIYADH 1510 C. (C) RIYADH 1175 D. (D) ISLAMABAD 2405
    Classified By: CDA David Rundell, reasons 1.4 b & d.
    1. (C) SAUDIS UNHAPPY WITH ZARDARI: Echoing Pakistani interlocutors in Washington and Islamabad, in an introductory call with PolCouns, Pakistani DCM Sarfraz Khanzada (protect) characterized Saudi-Pakistani relations as "under strain." This was due, he said, to a lack of Saudi confidence in the Zardari government. He cited a sharp reduction in Saudi financial assistance to Pakistan, and said that the Saudis had not provided "a single drop" of oil at the concessionary terms promised last year (refs c & d). Instead, during 2008, the Saudis had provided assistance in the form of a single $300 million check, considerably less than in previous years, but "beggars can't be choosers," he lamented. Khanzada opined that the Saudi government appeared to be "waiting for the Zardari government to fall."
    2. (C) NAWAS FAVORED: Khanzada said the Pakistanis are convinced that Saudi King Abdallah would prefer to see Pakistan run by former PM Nawas Sharif, and were cutting back assistance to Pakistan to hasten this eventuality. Nawas "practically lives" in Saudi Arabia, Khanzada declared, claiming that Nawas had even been favored with reserved prayer space in the Prophet's Mosque in Medina. Because Nawas' daughter is married to a grandson of King Fahd, he has "become a member of the Saudi royal family." (Comment: Embassy is not able to confirm whether this is true. End comment.)
    3. (C) AFGHAN MEDIATION: Khanzada claimed that the Pakistani government was not directly informed about the Saudi Afghan mediation effort, though they suspected that Nawas had been present, since he was in Mecca at the same time. While the Pakistani government did not oppose such talks in principle, they believe they have little chance of succeeding without U.S. and Pakistani participation.
    4. (C) COMMENT: Khanzada's remarks track with reporting from Islamabad and Washington regarding Pakistani concerns about deteriorating relations with the Saudis. While our Saudi interlocutors tend to be less forthcoming, they've made no secret of their reservations regarding Asif Zardari. Nevertheless, officials continue to insist that Saudi Arabia supports efforts to stabilize Pakistan, and we expect that Saudi officials will participate in the next round of meetings of the Friends of Pakistan. End comment. RUNDELL

    Posted 5 years ago on 04 Dec 2010 2:09 #
  2. Well Nawaz will deny it till the pictures of the wedding come out :-P

    Anyways it should not be too hard to figure out, should it? How many daughters does Nawaz have?

    BTW: That will explain a lot of things. Also remember one of Shujaat's daughters or something is married to the son of Imam-e-Kaaba and whenever they get in trouble i.e. about to get caught for a crime of theirs, the government gets a call from Saudia not to touch them (so when "Imam-e-Kaba was urging Pakistani people to support their leadership", in fact he was urging people to support the crooked Chaudhries of Gujrat -- his relatives -- in their corruption)

    Posted 5 years ago on 04 Dec 2010 4:30 #
  3. When are we going to come out of the ghetto of family relationships and corruption? We betray our faith at every turn by not doing so. So far we were plagued by Pakistani family tangles. Now the Saudis have also joined in, it seems. So good luck Pakistan and yes, for the first time, thank you, Assange. After this, the chances of NS coming to power again have practically reached the nil level.

    Posted 5 years ago on 04 Dec 2010 6:43 #
  4. shimatoree


    Quote- " We betray our faith at every turn ".

    What faith ?

    Does anyone have any Faith in anything ?

    You must be joking !

    Posted 5 years ago on 04 Dec 2010 16:52 #
  5. Irshad

    State Department cables: Saudis distrust Pakistan's Shia president Zardari
    Saudi-Pakistani relationship, Alisherzai admitted that it had been strained since Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari's election. Alisherzai blamed the problems on the Saudi perception that Zardari was pro-Iranian and pro-Shia, which made them apprehensive about working with him. "We have been punished by Saudi Arabia because our president talks to the Iranians," Alisherzai lamented. He claimed that his access to Saudi leadership was good, but that he would have to continue to work hard to rebuild Pakistan,s relationship with the SAG. Alisherzai opined

    RIYADH 00001415 002.2 OF 002

    that the Saudis were more concerned with their own internal problems than with the problems of Pakistan.

    Posted 5 years ago on 04 Dec 2010 17:24 #
  6. shimatoree bhai, the faith I mean is our faith in honesty, absolute and utter. I believe in it, don't you? I think many poor people believe in it as well. At least the ones I know. They'd rather die than tell a lie.

    Posted 5 years ago on 04 Dec 2010 17:53 #
  7. Let us leave NS's family matters aside and read what he says to please his masters.

    The great NS.

    Some excerpts :

    9. (C) Nawaz and Khan(Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan) both repeatedly said that the PML-N was pro-American. Nawaz recounted his decision to override his Chief of Army Staff and deploy Pakistani troops to Saudi Arabia in support of the U.S. coalition in the first Gulf War. Meanwhile, Khan noted, the PPP and its leaders were organizing street demonstrations against Pakistan joining with the U.S. coalition. Now, Nawaz said, he was hurt that the U.S. did not remember. Nawaz said he understood that 9/11 had changed things, but urged that the U.S. apply some balance to the relationship.

    Posted 5 years ago on 04 Dec 2010 18:34 #
  8. SAR

    saudia (america) is eyeing for pakistan's resources..... and they are breaking in via raiwind palace

    Posted 5 years ago on 04 Dec 2010 19:23 #
  9. Anwer Kamal

    N$ family is hiding under curtains. One of his sons is very sick perhaps and other is too someway away. One of his daughter has gifted him famous 'Damad Shareef' and other is wife of son of Ishaq Dar.
    Do someone know more ?

    Posted 5 years ago on 04 Dec 2010 20:38 #

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