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    Does anyone recall why we started a separate F&R section?

    The threads about Islam became a fighting forum between ["the progressive, secular, moderate, liberal, open minded, atheist, munafiq"] and [the religious, poise, jamati, mullah, taliban, conservative { … these name were given by one party to the parties with opposing point of views … }]. This followed a flurry of whining to delete posts and ban people?

    Some members had (and still have) the tendency to inject religion into every topic and then the reply to that religious jurisprudence hurt many people. That also caused a nuisance for many people

    Since we started F&R section, things look smooth. I do not recall when I deleted a post in F&R forum last time. Let’s keep this forum, “spiritually hygienic”.

    Posted 6 years ago on 04 Feb 2010 1:52 #
  2. azizi

    ارے بچہ- اگر آپ اس اشتہار پر اپنی دریا دلی کا چوہا پھیردیں تو سب کا بھلا ہو سکتا ہے

    ویسے میرے خیال میں یہ مخصوص مشہوری اس فورم کے نام کی وجہہ سے ہے. اس میں پکپولٹکس کے مہتمم کا کوئی قصور نہیں

    Posted 5 years ago on 15 Feb 2010 14:35 #

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