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PTI is suing Punjab government for bogus tax bill and office seal.

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  1. msyedh

    I think, move against PTI office was politically motivated with bad intention. After PTI Lahore Jalsa, leadership of Noon league was panic. Chief minister Punjab is responsible for that. He should come on media to apologize for political crime against PTI.

    Posted 4 years ago on 04 Dec 2011 0:10 #
  2. insaftak

    Good Stuff.

    So that's sunday times, Punjab government and Hanif Abbasi. Prove your allegations or Pay up.

    Posted 4 years ago on 04 Dec 2011 0:19 #
  3. SultanAliKhan

    This is intriguing development and remains to be seen who is going to blink first; PTI or PML-N.

    I wish to see this is not one of those hoaxes where political parties play for the gallery and then retreat on the first sign of a compromise.

    I wish PML-N stands its ground thinking it is a bluff by PTI whereas PTI goes ahead in courts and sues the Punjab Govt for the perceived or otherwise heavy handed tactics.

    Needless to say it will also be a litmus test for Lahore judiciary to hear the case on merit and deliver an impartial verdict; based on justice and not expediency!!!

    Posted 4 years ago on 04 Dec 2011 5:43 #
  4. khanamer

    Boy, Let PTI file the case... let see if the file and followup the case.. so-far it took them 2-3 weeks to comeup with the decision of filing where it should have been filed right away...

    anyway, let us see what is out-come of this

    Posted 4 years ago on 04 Dec 2011 7:31 #
  5. msyedh

    We knows, what kind of decision can come from this judiciary for Sharif brothers. But still it is good to bring them in court, to expose Sharif, Iftakhar political partnership.

    Posted 4 years ago on 04 Dec 2011 9:27 #
  6. SultanAliKhan

    @msyedh.......have some faith, in someone, somewhere, somehow, somewhat........

    Posted 4 years ago on 04 Dec 2011 10:33 #
  7. سلیمان ڈار

    I say bring it on. We will see you in the court.

    I hope this time IK and his inqilabis are serious in pursuing a case in the court of law unlike his half-hearted campaign to nab the londonwala target killer a few years ago ;-)

    Posted 4 years ago on 04 Dec 2011 12:38 #
  8. msyedh


    hahahahah Yes brother, we have faith in the peoples of Pakistan. But this partial, political motivated judiciary and Sharif brothers are least trust able in Pakistan. In political leadership, Imran khan is fresh and honest hope for peoples of Pakistan after Z.A Bhutto.

    Posted 4 years ago on 04 Dec 2011 18:36 #
  9. siddiqi73

    ^^^ hehehehehehehe.....don't know whether to laugh or feel bad on the frustration of Pipliyas! They can't openly support Zardari the wife killer and are content with saying a word or two in favour of Ilzam Khan just so they could vent their anger out on PML (N).....pathetic lot.

    Posted 4 years ago on 05 Dec 2011 9:04 #
  10. msyedh

    Noon league waloon ke paas ab nakami aurtoon kee tarah hansanay ke alawah aur kuch nein bacha.
    en kee saari siyasat Lahore aur shamali punjab mein thee. Imran Khan ne wahan se bee farag kar dia becharoon ko.

    Posted 4 years ago on 05 Dec 2011 13:09 #
  11. siddiqi73

    ^^^ Fiqar na kar Shah Ji....Garhi Khuda Buksh aur Larkana mein ab hamara alum charhay ga aur log PPP kay jhanday say log apnay jootay saaf karain gai.

    As for you being a fair weather fan of the internet would be lucky if he even aces that ONE seat from Mianwali.

    Posted 4 years ago on 05 Dec 2011 16:14 #

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